Sunday, December 30, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Hundreds of Americans kill their babies every year. SIDS or infanticide? I'm thinking Arby's.

Top of the morning gents,

If I ain't doing my chores, I'm making pipe bombs or
killing children. Chores will save yer life. Yer ugly
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"Karl! Make tea!" (Lolly Veinman). I never gettoo play
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I thought retirement would mean sleeping in late,
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Chores, hobbies and jerking off in yer inbox. That's
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And you thought I was aiming fer yer nugger children.

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My frosty booze breath crystallizing space and time
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Ever get the feeling yer surrounded by friends and
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Guess I need friends and enemas, cuz I sure enjoy the
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Our jobs and duties make us only sound luantic. Chores
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"Gorp big caulk and paintwerks, drive bacteria
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"Major crust scrapage dude."

You're clueless aren't ye? Since you Kikiktagruk
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Sadly enough, despite our advanced old age, I could
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Sick fuck Kikiktagruk infections are terminal, I'll
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Such deaf, dumb lame-fucks, we'd never see gray sniper
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We all got it coming, especially if we kilt a kid.

Growing up in Alaska T-minus 128 years, the holiday
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actually 'dead niff Au Jus', 'akka biscuits and
gravy', 'appa Slim's scrambled mud flaps', or
'grandma's chicken fried millooks'.

John Paul Sartre suggest baby butt roast, Velma Wallis
suggest wrinkled Kobe grandma meats.

I'm thinking Arby's.

Safe sex: git yer side pussy from the Group FAS Bench.
Who's got the fucking time to "put it in soft and
wait around for all the bones to break!" (Black Bird
aka Nigger Bill).

Besides, if yer doing yer fucking gorp duties and mud
chores chasing power tools baked like a clam, ye ain't
gonna git all post partum psycho bitch and shoot me
nor kill yer own children.

Cheers mates, grim is good. Do your chores till you
die, you won't feel a thing. Parents make the best

Appa Kye.


SIDS or infanticide?

Sloppy investigations blur the line

By Thomas Hargrove and John Hall Scripps Howard News

Hundreds of Americans kill their babies every year.

Depending on where they live, they may well get away
with it.

States that aggressively review infant death
investigations are finding twice as many homicides as
states with little or no such oversight, a Scripps
Howard News Service study of 40,000 infant deaths has

The Scripps findings are the first statistical
evidence that geography largely determines if a parent
or caregiver will get caught after suffocating or
smothering a baby - deaths that can appear so similar
to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that only a
thorough investigation and review can determine the

Child safety experts unanimously agree that correctly
diagnosing the cause of death is essential to saving
babies in the future. Yet there are no national
standards, or even incentives, for state and county
governments to conduct careful reviews of sudden and
unexpected infant deaths.

One tragic result is that some people are getting away
with the murder of infants in their care.

"I often tell people that if you want to commit murder
and get away with it, come see me," said Dallas-based
forensic pathologist Linda Norton, a nationally
prominent consultant in child murder cases. "I know
the best places to go."

Norton became famous when she convinced New York
authorities to seek a serial killer after reading a
1972 medical journal that concluded the deaths of
three children in the same family showed SIDS has a
genetic link. Police eventually confronted Oswego,
N.Y., housewife Waneta Hoyt, who confessed in 1995
that she had smothered all three to silence their
crying. She also admitted she'd killed an additional
daughter and son after the journal article had been

One place where killing a baby is most likely to be
discovered is Arizona, the Scripps study found.

Infant deaths in Arizona are investigated by
professional medical examiners who are also medical
doctors, a stark contrast to the more than two dozen
states that allow election of coroners who often don't
have college educations or formal medical training.

Arizona also has a network of local child death review
teams overseen by a statewide Child Fatality Review
Program with authority to order further investigations
if foul play is suspected, a standard most states
don't have.

As a result, Arizona leads the nation in the detection
of infant homicide. One out of every six sudden infant
deaths in that state was ruled a homicide during the
five-year period from 2000 to 2004, the Scripps study

"That's depressing. But, in a way, it's also very good
that we are picking up on these cases," said Mary
Ellen Rimsza, chairwoman of the Arizona Child Fatality
Review Program. "My experience, definitely, is that
sometimes child abuse deaths are misdiagnosed as

At the other end of the spectrum is the state of
Idaho, which is the only major jurisdiction in the
United States that has no formal review process for
the deaths of children.

Only one of every 14 cases of sudden and unexpected
infant death in Idaho was declared by the state's
all-elected coroners to be a homicide. (Coroners with
medical degrees are in the minority there.) Idaho is
reporting infant homicides at a rate at least 14
percent below the national average.

Idaho authorities said they are not proud of their
status as the only place not reviewing juvenile deaths
and they do not dispute Scripps' findings that the
state lags the national average in reporting cases of

"You don't have to convince me that not having a child
death review team is a bad thing," said Boise attorney
Kirtlan Naylor, chairman of the Idaho Children at Risk
Task Force. "This study will be very beneficial when
we contact our legislature. We don't want to be the
only state in the U.S. not to have a child death
review team."

Theresa Covington, director of the Child Death Review
Policy Center at the University of Michigan, said the
Scripps study is the first published proof that
oversight of death investigations will increase the
detection of murder.

"Absolutely, the process of review improves the
quality of death investigations. That's clearly what
these data show," she said.

Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., who chairs the House
Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, said the
Scripps data has convinced him to contact the national
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "to see how
we can improve the accuracy of the data and,
therefore, our response to the tragic problem of
infant deaths."

"This study clearly shows that a more accurate and
aggressive approach to children's death reviews is
needed," Pallone said.

Covington early next year will publish similar
findings in the American Journal of Public Health. She
found that death review teams are reporting
significantly more "child maltreatment fatalities"
than coroners and medical examiners are recording on
death certificates.

Covington and other experts warn that infant homicide
"is a very rare event" and should not tarnish the
overwhelming majority of grieving families who have
lost children because their babies spontaneously and
mysteriously stopped breathing.

Almost all of the parents touched by sudden infant
death are innocent of any crime, they say. But it is
also true that significant numbers of infanticides are
overlooked every year because of failures of the
medical investigation into their deaths.

The Scripps investigation found that, as a group,
states with both local and statewide child death
oversight boards detect 27 percent more infant
homicides than do states with little or no review.
Some individual states with aggressive review policies
detect infanticide at even greater rates.

Investigators have long suspected that most infant
homicides go undetected or, at least, unproven.
Instead, these deaths frequently are misdiagnosed as
the result of SIDS or, increasingly, by the medically
useless designation of death by unknown causes.

The U.S. Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect
warned in 1995 that its analysts believe the actual
number of homicides among very young children is
double the official reports. If so, then only a
fraction of infant homicides result in successful
prosecutions of the killers, although the exact number
of convictions for infanticide is not known.

"The problem is there is no hard and fast sign that a
child has suffocated," said Norton, the forensic

Veteran homicide investigators agreed that infant
killings are often overlooked.

"It certainly doesn't surprise me. Around here,
someone's uncle is the sheriff and so the nephew is
the coroner," said Danny R. Smith, a private
investigator in Boise, Idaho, who investigated many
infant deaths during his 21 years at the Los Angeles
Sheriff's Department.

"Cases that are misclassified as SIDS are the least
likely to be resolved, in my experience. I had one
case of a woman who suffocated her child while
sleeping. It was ruled accidental. But she's also had
another so-called SIDS case earlier with another of
her children. We just couldn't prove anything," Smith

If the entire nation detected infant homicides at the
rate in Arizona, nearly 700 baby killings would be
reported each year. But if the nation detected infant
murders as infrequently as Idaho, the annual homicide
figure would drop below 300.

In 2004, the most recent year for which complete
information is available, medical authorities reported
only 379 infant homicides. The figure has been closer
to 300 in other recent years. Many of these were not
prosecuted for lack of evidence that would convince a

Medical authorities consistently report much larger
numbers of infant homicides to the CDC than local
police departments are reporting to the FBI, since
coroners do not have to identify a suspect or
determine criminal intent. Police documented only 201
infanticides in 2004, for example, according to the
FBI's Supplemental Homicide Report issued last year.

The Scripps study found that the detection rates for
infant homicides rise steadily and predictably
according to the amount of review each state conducts.
At the bottom is Idaho with no death review and a
homicide rate of 7.1 percent for cases of sudden,
unexpected infant death.

Fifteen states rely solely on a single statewide board
to try to provide oversight for all child deaths. They
are Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas,
Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, New
Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and
West Virginia.

Often these statewide boards are staffed entirely by
volunteers who have other duties. Such boards usually
meet four times a year, but meetings are frequently
poorly attended and often lack a quorum. The homicide
rate in this group was 7.5 percent.

Twenty-two states rely on a network of local review
teams, often a gathering of veteran homicide
investigators, assistant coroners and independent
forensic experts. Child safety experts said if states
couldn't have both local and statewide review, then
local-only review is preferable to state-only review.

The states with local-only boards are: Alabama,
California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana,
Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana,
Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South
Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and

The homicide rate in states with local-only review was
8.0 percent.

But 12 states had both statewide and local child death
review teams during the period of the Scripps study.
They are: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida,
Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, North Carolina, New
Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia.

In these states, every child's death is reviewed at
least two times after the coroner or medical examiner
issues a diagnosis for the cause of death. The
homicide rate was 9.0 percent of all sudden infant
deaths in these states.

"That's good to hear," said Covington at the National
Center for Child Death Review. "We have known
anecdotally for years that communities that have
review teams have a much better system of
investigation. They are doing a much better job
looking at sudden and unexplained infant deaths."

Norton agreed. "When presenting a case to a death
review board, by definition, you are going to get a
whole lot more information about the case," she said.
"That's much better than, say, an elected coroner who
doesn't even bother to get an autopsy."

Experts also agree the more review each infant death
receives, the greater the chance human error or foul
play will be detected.

"We review all of these cases at the local level and,
yet again, at a state level," said Stephen Nelson,
chairman of the Florida Medical Examiners Commission.
"It gives us a bunch of different eyes reviewing these

Florida's medical examiners reported 115 infant
homicides during the five-year period of the study, a
rate well above the national average. In fact, Nelson
said the state's review board had detected a
suspicious infant death the morning he was interviewed
for this story.

"We just had a meeting in my office with the state
attorney to talk about a child's death with which we
were not comfortable. The child had some old injuries,
so we clearly decided not just to call it SIDS,"
Nelson said. "We are going to call it 'undetermined'
until local law enforcement provides us with some more

The experts warn that it's probably a mistake for
states to rely on a single state board to review all
infant deaths.

"When we have local review, we have a much better
outcome," said Covington. "But a review only at the
state level has quite a few layers working downward
before they can make changes at the local level."

Mississippi, with a lower-than-average infant homicide
rate, has a fledgling child death review team that is
struggling to find its way.

"We are hoping to establish meaningful child death
review, not just a bunch of paperwork, but it takes a
lot of work," said Mississippi board chairwoman
Elizabeth Christ. "Last year we had three full
meetings. This year we are trying to meet on a
quarterly basis. It's hard to keep up the energy when
so much of this is voluntary."

In addition to Arizona, there were five states and the
District of Columbia that reported a double-digit
percentage of their sudden infant deaths were
discovered to be homicides. The other states were
Alaska, Nevada and Utah at 12 percent each and Indiana
and New Jersey, both at 11 percent. The District of
Columbia had 18 percent.

Authorities in states that have been successful in
detecting homicides say it is critical to urge
coroners to avoid routinely resorting to a diagnosis
of SIDS.

"We've made an effort over the last several years to
educate and to try to emphasize that SIDS is not a
diagnosis that you can make without a full autopsy, a
scene investigation and reviewing a complete medical
history," said Roland Khor, a member of the Indiana
State Child Fatality Review Team.

Khor exactly summarized the requirements for a SIDS
diagnosis as set by the World Health Organization and
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As a result, Indiana has a homicide detection rate
nearly a third higher than the national average and a
rate of reported accidental suffocation more than
double the national average. In Vigo County, where
Khor is coroner, only about a third of recent infant
deaths were blamed on SIDS. More that a quarter of his
cases were homicides, and a similar number were ruled
accidental suffocations.

"We're really coming down hard on coroners who try to
make that diagnosis without doing those three steps to
verify it," Khor said. "SIDS is a very narrow
diagnosis. I think the coroners of Indiana are
responding very well to that education."

Sometimes highly motivated local death review teams
also can have a profound impact on how infant
mortality is investigated. More than half of the 93
infant deaths in Marion County, Indiana, were ruled to
be accidental suffocations, making Indianapolis one of
the least likely major metro areas to diagnose SIDS.

"You see time after time that these babies have died
because they are sleeping in an unsafe place," said
Barbara Johnson, coordinator of the Marion County
Child Fatality Review Team.

Johnson was so troubled by the real cause of infant
death in her county that she founded the Indiana Safe
Sleep Network to convince parents to avoid improper
bedding, dangerous clothing and adult co-sleeping with

"Prevention is the best result of what comes out of
child fatality review," she said.


The number of infant homicides reported from Jan. 1,
2000, through Dec. 31, 2004; the number of sudden
infant deaths reported during that period; and the
percentage of sudden infant deaths found to be

County Homicides Total Rate

Hamilton 7 109 6.4
Butler 2 31 6.5
Warren 0 4 0.0
Kenton 0 11 0.0

For more information and a nationwide data base of
20,000 infant deaths, go to


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