Sunday, November 04, 2007

"God bless us all, everyone." (Tiny Tim-Christmas Carol) Cuz we're gonna fucking need it.

Top of the morning gents,

In the middle of tasty piles of corrosive corruption,
fresh steamy JewNo fecus and palin piles half-wit, we
got all kinda life abbreviating shit simmering.
Homicides galore and cold necrophelia gore prosecuted
by cold case investigators and retarded troopers
"y'all mite bemember."

One of the lead investigators in the Linehan Black
Widow murder and love triangle: the Hope, Alaska
homicide investigation was lead by one of yer buds,
barts, ilyas and ummas...Wake up fucks. Dallas Massey.

This case involves a soccer mom from Olympia,
Washington who now has been convicted of sexually
manipulating her varied lovers to kill each other for
life insurance monies. On top of a life sentence of
lesbian incarcerate, she'll also see insurance fraud
paper filed with her parole review. A hunnert fucking
years from now.

You boys got exposed to some excellent coppers. Sort
of impossible to compare Old Guard dicks with current
detachment management. Amen?

Sgt. Von Clausen was also a mean bitch of a
supervisor, but how can you argue with fossils from
yonder past that solved big historical cases like the
Butcher/Baker serial killer: Robert Hansen.

During a late night smoke sesh with prevailing
temperatures pert near 40 below with winds shaking my
fucking house just down fifth (750 ml) Avenue in
Kotzebue, my stoner dude Robert Evak waxed fondly
about a cellmate and cribbage partner with the name of
Robert Hansen.

No shit. As he shovelled out piles of ultra-premium
grawler white caterpilars, Evak spun a tiresome yarn
how he and serial killer creepy bitch licker got such
a rush and rager of a hard-on after gittin' a nut
inside a dying bitch's cooter. Following the advice of
Ted Nugent, Robert Hansen and did indeed, "Come a load
and drive it home."

Alaskan rapists like Hansen and Billy Howarth ain't
much akin to Citizen X, just cannibalistic. Not quite
necrophelia, just fucking someone to death. Spoogin'
when she shoulda been dying.

Serial killing for butt-pussy is simply too much work.
I don't get it. To git my rocks messy, I just rope up
spastic mini-limber gimper dudes, wait for a seizure,
climb on board like a goat fucker, then cut the ropes
loose. Yeehaw.

No mattter how stimulating, don't fixate on that last
thought, you'll have to find someplace private to fuck
yer hand.

"The best thing that ever came out of a penis is all
the wrinkles." (Capt. L. Wallace) Now that's one mean
son of a bitch, but I'm quite fond of his ill humor.
Imagine that.

Long after you graying gunslingers die, retire or eat
a gun fer brekky, I'll shamelessly foist yer crippled
broke ass to pert near fucking sainthood too, so bite
my dick.

In the meantime and while yer still sucking God's air,
I'm gonna pound yer shit as masculinely as possible.
You little fucking queers.

"Lang may yer lung reek." "Cheers mates." --One of my
dickheaded Brit pal's stupid ancient Scottish Toast.

Marine hard-core abuse is such a wonderful method of
maintaining life long friendships with you assfuck:
than so much faggish male bonding.

"If I was a good man, I'd talk to you more often than
I do." (R. Waters-P. Floyd).

See what I say? "My lane is straight, but my house
ain't." Sayeth the crooked man.


PS. We ain't crazy, just the world. At least in


Body was dismembered, placed in freezer

Associated Press - October 23, 2007 12:34 PM ET

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Police say a man was killed
with a frying pan, and then his dismembered parts were
bagged and place inside a freezer.

More grisly details have emerged in the weekend death
of 38-year-old Terry Lee Jackson.

A woman who shares an apartment with her grandson
opened the freezer Saturday and found the body parts
Saturday afternoon.

Police have issued a murder warrant for the woman's
grandson, 22-year-old Elmer Seetot. They claim the
murder happened after the two men drank and fought
Friday night.

The grandmother, Ruth Seetot, told police she went to
bed early Friday night because she hadn't been feeling
well, but woke up when her grandson came in. The next
morning, she told police her grandson was still there,
but was crying and was upset.

According to an affidavit, he told his grandmother, "I
accidentally killed Terry."


Freezer body suspect still missing-Daily News staff

Published: October 23, 2007

Elmer Seetot, 22, remains on the run this morning,
according to Anchorage police.

Seetot is accused of killing a friend, Terry Lee
Jackson, with a frying pan after a drunken fight
Saturday, then cutting him up and putting the
dismembered body in a chest freezer at his
grandmother's home.

Police have an arrest warrant charging him with
second-degree murder.

Seetot is described as an Alaska Native male, about 5
feet 9 inches tall, weighing about 200 pounds. He was
last seen wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and white
tennis shoes with no laces.


Former stripper convicted in fiance's murder
History of manipulation a factor in verdict


Published: October 22, 2007
Last Modified: October 23, 2007 at 04:38 AM

Jurors in the murder trial of Mechele Linehan returned
a guilty verdict Monday afternoon against the former
exotic dancer turned PTA mother accused of conspiring
to kill a fiance in 1996.

With her husband and lawyer beside her, Linehan stood
unflinching as Judge Philip Volland read the decision
to convict her of first-degree murder. Her husband,
Colin Linehan, normally a stoic figure, slumped when
Volland said "guilty." Other family and friends
started to cry.

Linehan, 35, faces a minimum sentence of 20 years up
to a possible maximum of 99. Volland set sentencing
for Jan. 25.

After the verdict was read, Colin Linehan knelt beside
his seated wife and buried his head in her shoulder.
Guards allowed the couple a final embrace before
taking her from the courtroom in handcuffs.

Linehan's co-defendant, John Carlin III, was convicted
in April, also of first-degree murder. Prosecutors say
the pair conspired to kill Kent Leppink for a $1
million life insurance policy payout, not realizing
Leppink had removed Linehan as the beneficiary days
before his death.

Carlin and Linehan maintain their innocence.

"God is good, one more time," said Leppink's mother,
Betsy, as she walked away from the courtroom. "I guess
we are just going to go on, make it a new beginning."

The Leppink family also issued a written statement:
"We firmly believe that 'Our God Reigns' and has
blessed our family with the services of the finest of
Alaskan people." The letter thanks the Alaska State
Troopers and prosecutors, among others.

"It was the right decision," said prosecutor Pat
Gullufsen. "I think the evidence was there. And it's a
long time coming. But I think that we are where we
need to be. We have both of them convicted now. It's
just a question of what the sentence will be."

Gullufsen said it would be premature to reveal his
sentencing recommendation for either convicted
defendant. Carlin is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 9.


The prosecution won over two juries using primarily
circumstantial evidence in the 11-year-old crime.

Outside the courthouse, Christine Eagleson said she
and her fellow jurors were convinced beyond a
reasonable doubt by e-mails exchanged between the
defendants and the victim.

"If you take one of those e-mails alone, then it
doesn't have the same impact it does when you stack
them up like you would stack bricks. And, I think when
that happened, you ended up building something really
large and, I think, undeniable," she said after the

Eagleson said a note left by Carlin and Linehan for
Leppink to find a week before his death, apparently
intended to lure him to Hope, was a significant factor
in the guilty verdict. Leppink's body was found May 2,
1996, shot three times near Hope, 90 miles from the
home he shared with Linehan and Carlin.

Jurors also noted with displeasure that Linehan
engaged in "a lot of visual dagger shooting" at
certain prosecution witnesses during the trial,
notably former stripper colleague Lora Aspiotis,
Eagleson said.

Jurors took a first vote on Wednesday, shortly after
they got the case, Eagleson said. They were divided
six to six -- six undecided and six guilty.

The prosecutor's case "was well presented. And we
looked for the balance of that on the other side and
it just wasn't there," said juror Sherry Slade.

The three-week trial was full of details of how
Linehan, who was 23 at the time, manipulated men for
money. The defense did not dispute that but said her
bad behavior when she was younger did not make her a

But Linehan's life as an exotic dancer played a role
in the jurors' decision. "When ... you were soliciting
yourself to be attractive sexually in all those ways
-- you were soliciting yourself in that manner for
money -- that all goes into the factor of manipulation
and seduction," Eagleson said. "That was a whole key
point that we discussed on and on and on ... that was
the beginning seed."

Juror Lisa Pagano said she was not sure whether
Linehan tried to cancel the life insurance before
Leppink's death as an insurance agent testified. She
wasn't sure why Linehan wanted Leppink killed. "We
didn't have to come up with a motive; that wasn't part
of our instructions," she said.


A mile east of the courthouse, Carlin heard the guilty
verdict on a television news flash at the Anchorage
jail. Linehan's defense team "shot themselves in the
foot by not presenting the truth of what happened," he
said in a telephone interview. "The truth gets muddled
when both sides are making things up."

Linehan's defense was that Carlin acted alone.

He plans to appeal his conviction.

"There's nothing in any one of those e-mails that has
anything about his death," Carlin said when told
jurors attributed their guilty verdict largely to the

On the Hope note, he said, "In my mind -- and I wrote
it -- it's nothing." It was just a diversion, he said,
written so Linehan could visit a boyfriend in
California and not have Leppink follow her, as he had

Until her arrest last year, Linehan lived in Olympia,
Wash., the mother of a young daughter and a partner in
a clinic with her doctor-husband.


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