Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Abortion rights, free birth control: how cool? Alaska is a predator's paradise. Poach on dudes, but my daughter will castrate ye with bare hands.

Top of the morning gents,

I'm pleased as punch. Whatever that means. I gotta
'skimo chick that will soon be called "soldier."

No dickheads, bun ain't signed up for military
service, Sara Magnum is. Is that kewl or twat?

If you remember way back to the early 90's, Ken Hall
put up $500.00 as inducement for Herb Allen and Turd
Natives Inc. to take a baseball bat to bun or Sara.
That started my habit of carrying firearms whenever I
smelt natives: and white nigger druggies.

After much maturation and wisdoms resisted the little
girl that hiked all over arctic hell and back with a
tall alcoholic finally got married to the father of
her children, returned to academics and uniformed
physical abuse. Plus her marital and military duties
drew her way down Mexicali/Tejas way. It looks like
all the boxing gloves and 100+ mph driving lessons
will pay off: she's enlisted in Military Law and
Police. See a pattern anywhere?

Ya see, in Texas a phone call to heaven is a local
call. Buy that bs? Me neither. All I know is hell
froze over and I'm forever trapped in it. Here with
you graying gunslingers. But at least I get to pitch
news that Sara Mag finally got married and dragged her
UAA accounting certifications and
internships(NANA/Colt) towards army officer candidacy.
Weird, it took me till 1/23/03 to get married and I'm
pert near fifty beat to shit years old, and the Magnum
child gits hitched AND recruited into overseas wartime
action: at half my age.

I'm guessing that Sara is just as mean as Mamie Reich,
not shy to crush a testicle or larynx with her elbow.
The heel kick to the sternum made my chest click tween
me lungs when I cough on a bong hit.

Sara mullik me all over narc land arctic. She's seen
me snarf down piles of damn good cocaine, choke
bonfires of pine chron, drink like a fucking native
and do drug transactions wired. She tagged along to
Ken Hall's, Burnor bucket camp Mills, Eddy Larson's
and Rick Carlson's up the Hatcher Pass and even
Mountain View with some immikagoonas.

This is the stupid part. Because bun is way too
native, I made Sara drive for me whenever I was
piffed, drank, charred, baked or soaked. Perty much
all the time since it's a proven fact that I only
partied once in my entire life.

And it started 31 years ago. Fuck ye, eskimo drivers
no survivors.

Me and magnum stuffed the coolest homemade scarecrows,
hung 'em in trees alongside the Deshka road and raced
by at top speed in mom's Cadillac shooting the piss
outa our stuffed targets. Drive-by practice for
minority children. Namely Eskimo girls adopted by a
full blown narcopath armed to the teeth, but way too
drunk to drive. Besides, I always spilt bong water all
over my dick.

Good ingredients biaches. I took a third world
dark-skinned aboriginal girl rescued from a shitty
remote mining and resource extraction colony, and
taught her to drive like me. The idea of teaching her
to shoot from both windows sounded like a good idea at
the time. "I don't know. I was really drunk at the
time" (P. Floyd).

Oh yeah, I also shipped her to Seattle for 15 years.
During her hiatus at the Ewing household she took
private music lessons, some basic karate and boxing,
horseback bullcrap and drove my parents ALL over
Washington State, just like 'Driving Miss Daisy' but
with 2 prunes riding bitch. Sara even drove numerous
times across the state to Spokane, Pullman and the
folks' 52 acre spot way up in rural Idaho. Sara spent
over 15 years total way south for intense training,
orthodontics and kicking white trash ass.

Now pay attention. This is striking because I only
spent 4 years of my life in Kotzebue. Bet you didn't
know that did ye?

Think about it. Yer in daily telepathy with me for
almost 20 years and I probably only sat face to face
with you maybe a hunnert times. The reason you're
always on my mind is cuz I talk to ye every fucking

I ain't fucking 'round. I only pissed away 4 years of
my life slogging in pussy that smells like beef rot
and food that stinks like fish--on mongol ghetto spit
and peninsula kikiktardrunt.

See fuckheads? Honest and open communication builds
healthy, long-term relationships. That's so gay. I can
always find an internet cafes nordic, campus computer
labs baltic to send you my very best. My missives
frequent and touching are because I care so deeply
about how yer all doing. Go fuck yourselves.

Pay no attention to a man that's more crooked than his
house and more fowl than a yard full of kuktaq, unnuk
and sprayed ittik paint. And you let him brag about
his Siberian Mongoloid Inu-daughter that wears pert
near more money in teeth than her fish eater mum's
psychiatric and emergency room expenses.

During our magnum's years away at numerous rich bitch
schools and trust fund finishing academies, she also
underwent maxilofacial procedures. That's code talk
for major facial reconstruction. The beatings I doled
out never quite healed, so I had to cut out a check
for almost 15 years of extreme makeovers fer a salmon
cruncher. "Our land, our people unite, so let's drink
a case of Lysol and beat the piss outa my old lady"
(P. Lonewolf).

Fuck I'm funny. If the Mrs. didn't edit this tripe
towards the poetic, you'd really read stupid shit. I
dare say yer wives would gush walking rice out both
holes if they read my dim wit. Not mine, she's my
beloved editor with a flair for psychological
violence. She's native.

Of course I don't hit my family, cuz if I do, I'll
start catching Tom Peters, Mike Lie or John Erlich in
our wive's beds. Stand any flock of NANA biaches on
their heads: they'll all look like sisters. Besides my
family won't let me. If I have any gun accidents or
misplacements of my dick, she skoal me "I'll knock you
down and hit you in the head with a rock."

God bless brevity Inupiaq. I'm scared too. Sara is
meaner'n Mamie Reich whom put a heel in her husbands
rectum, grabbed a handful of hairy potato gonads and
plucked them off.

"She had his balls in a vice, but she left the dick."
"I guess it's still hooked on, but it shoots too
quick" (F. Zappa). Boy can still piss like a race
horse, but his pasture days are over and a slew of
faggots insist on committing suicide by kicking the
honey bucket and hanging themselves in his garage.

Yoy. Come to bush Alaska, drink native and cut down
hangers. I'm cool with the idea that I'm dying all by
myself long after you boys ship out. I got too many
chores to do and I ain't done writing "The Care and
Feeding of Elderly Eskimo Women."

Something wrong with this universe. Untold millions of
ovum are neutralized with distilled pregnant mare
urine (Premarin) and 4,000 babies a day get the pith
and shop vac cunt suck (abortion).

Life is so precious and ought not be wasted upon the
stupid. Like me. All of us fuckers have lived too
fucking long.

I'm pert near 50 and I can out run all the kids on my
reservation. Runt fuck rez kids can kiss my pockmarked
Scand-Indun ass. But only if they can catch it.

Wussies: all ye. Meet me out on the ice shelf. Have
gun, will travel.

Karluk. Retard padre of the infamous Magnum.


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Alaska high court strikes down state abortion consent
law-Nick Fiske at 10:05 AM ET

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled Friday that the
Parental Consent Act, a state law requiring parental
consent before pregnant teens under the age of 17 can
have an abortion, violates the teens' constitutional
right to privacy.

Writing for the majority in a 3-2 decision, Chief
Justice Dana Fabe [official profile] said: The State's
asserted interest in protecting a minor from her own
immaturity by encouraging parental involvement in her
decision-making process is undoubtedly compelling. But
by prohibiting a minor from obtaining an abortion
without parental consent, the Act effectively shifts
that minor's fundamental right to choose if and when
to have a child from the minor to her parents.

Fabe suggested, however, that a law simply requiring
parental notification without consent would probably
be valid.

The decision is the product of an initial suit filed
by Planned Parenthood of Alaska against the state that
began in July 1997. In 2001 the Supreme Court affirmed
a trial court decision granting summary judgment to
Planned Parenthood and remanded the case for further
proceedings to determine the constitutionality of the
Parental Consent Act pursuant to an opinion which had
extended the privacy clause of the Alaska Constitution
to minors. The Anchorage Daily News has more.


Fighting for affordable contraceptives

by Jennifer Zilko
Saturday, Oct. 27, 2007

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- College health centers have
traditionally been able to offer affordable birth
control to students, but many students got sticker
shock when they went into the campus health clinic
this fall.

Many students at UAA and around the country are
finding out that contraceptive costs are starting to
double, triple and even quadruple, the reason for the
increases, one small sentence change in Medicaid

Amber Sawyer is fighting for a cause that affects many
of her friends, affordable birth control at UAA.

"Almost every woman I know gets her birth control (at
the clinic,)" Sawyer said.

For years, college health centers have been able to
offer students low cost contraceptives.

But after Congress signed the Deficit Reduction Act in
January, that all changed.

The act changed the language in Medicaid rules, which
in turn ended the incentive for pharmaceutical
companies to give big discounts to colleges and other
low cost health centers like Planned Parenthood.

Some of the incentives for pharmaceutical companies to
give big discounts were keeping customers on the birth
control long after they left college and that
discounted contraceptives didn't count against the
drug makers in a formula that calculating rebates they
owed states to participate in Medicaid.

Mary Anne Wilson is the director of the UAA Health and
Counseling Center.

"The effect now has been previously we were able to
offer contraception for $6 a month to students, and
the cost for example for the Nuva Ring, for example,
has risen to $37 and other name brand contraceptives
have risen to $54 a month," Wilson said.

Sawyer said the increase puts birth control out of
reach for college students.

"I don't know anyone who's paying for their education
that can afford that type of increase," Sawyer said.

According to Sawyer and Wilson, the simple answer to
the problem, is to change the language to reinstate
the exemption, something Sawyer said Congress still
hasn't done.

"My biggest concern is that Congress isn't taking it
seriously," Sawyer said.

Until Congress does take action, consumers will pay
the price.

Calls to Sen. Stevens and Sen. Murkowski's offices
were not immediately returned.


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