Thursday, November 15, 2007

I have an excuse for hurting friends and family and abusing co-dealers-What's yours?

Top of the morning gents,

Just the other day, an old silver haired bush doctor
quizzed me on topics that only you lads might
understand. He's oft asks why I live ghetto rez, fuck
dark pussy, eat shit and don't die?

My retort don't even get outa my neck hole before he
cuts me off. "Most of my BIA and IHS customers are a
bit mule headed and unkempt." "It sure is nice to see
another square head 'round here."

"What the fuck is a square head?" asked the dumbest
nugger shooter in the mirror. Whereupon he declared
that my predictably bizarre communication skills of
irritation sophisticate are Finnish traits. And truly
a treat.

What a goddamn gomer. I never knew my vile opines:
sexy and racy (ipso facto sexist and racist) are due
in part to my ancestry. Fuck me in the goat ass, I
only brine my meats, shoot or butcher defenseless
animals and smell worse than any non-colored guy.
Underneath my shitty exterior is a giant albino
inukun, major labia shredder, and cunt guzzling gutter

Yup, that's perty much yer author on drugs. Same with
you buttfuckers.

As you've duly noted, I regressed to my Mark Twain
chords vocabular and hereby declare that I'm no worse
than any other bush Alaskan fuck-off and that the
rumors of my drain bramage alcoholism were vastly

The old doc looked a little disappointed, then
proceeded to shove a needle sans god smack in me
bleeding fucking broken arm, then he shoved a goddamn
coat rack camera up me arse.

Before you go in for your annual chubby ass
colonoscopy or man breast mammogram, spend a few
months in Anvil Mountain Correctional Center. THEN
march to your primary health provider: Manure-lick
Mental Center. Just douche yer eyes, nose, ears and
mouth before you get more sicker at the walk-in
counter of your local shitty native clinic.

Oh, and wash yer bottom and penis too: be the only
clean Indun patient all day. "I ain't afraid of no
UFO's, I'm from the BIA." (Johnson Greene-KOTZ).

To prove my commitment to beavers blond and clams
pink, bearded and fair, I've added 3 new Finn biaches
from Helsinki plus that mean old fucking doc to this
blogshite: now with pert near a hunnert vile
recipients. Fuck y'all.

Come on. How many good white folks ever moved to
Alaska? Every single Caucasoidal fuck ass dick skinner
that ever come to AK is either a rapist. Or a rapist.

All by ourselves we mixed and spread the Michigan and
Kiana strains of herpes: extraordinarily painful and
stinging blisters worse than noatak pus tubes in yer
ears, taint and testes.

With snow as camouflage, them blind drunk and pickled
biscuits never even see yer dicks coming. Don't worry,
ain't none of yer GI babies got blond pussy: baby
drapes and mud flaps always match the trainer bucket.

NEVER hire a doc that knows your complete medical
history, your lineage or your professions disingenuous
and resume forgeries counterfeit. I got great
references: you shooters. "I need a gunslinger. So
there is justice on the land." (John Fogerty-CCR).

Point in fact ever so inescapable and known to both my
personal physicians in Kotzebue and here north of 70
lat: I spent more time in prison than all of you
dildos combined. I still ain't got over some sick
injuries and nasty pustulatin' infections from my last
hitch. Imagine that? (Google my name in parenthesis
like "Fred Garvin" or "Mike Hunt")

You boys have gone far too long without a good fist
fight. Yer all WAY over your punching weights and
likely ain't doled out any beat downs nor tune ups in
the last forever. Hence, the migraines, blood pressure
meds and Acyclovir fer them dern Squirrel River

On yer dicks. "That asshole got me pregnant and gave
me herpes." (M. Hanson) No shit, when was the last
time you went to the Kotzebue dump and made shit go
BOOM. Or at least shot one of my dogs?

Ya see, you chubby dildos are smarter'n me and keep
your hands to yourself and your snot lockers clean.
Yet your hands can't never no more stink pretty from
saliva, brains nor blood. Pretty blonde pussy neither,
cuz yer all older'n shit neegros.

I've had to contain, carry and dispose a hunnert
drunken in-laws from Pt. Dope, Wainwrong, Nutsack and
the Neegro Assholes of Northwest Alaska (NANA). Unlike
you geniuses, I serve butt loads of liquor to my
wife's sibs, cuz 'tards, funny uncles and brothers
with a hard-on for baby butt pussy. If I shaved my ass
and staggered backward, I'd get more strange dick than
our dumber wives.

If any of you have gotten pissing drunk at my parties
and started up with the macho native fuck yer children
talk, I gotta quiet ye down, soil yer fresh diapers
with yer own bloody foul vaginal discharge, then drag
ye out to the dumpster. Bun's orders: kick the niff in
the cunt.

It's called ADRD: rectal dysfunction. I fail daily at
controlling compulsive and destructive behavior.
Remember, I'm the dumbass. I serve liquor to familial
ice turds and Inubriates.

Whenever asshole related natives "try be funny" with
me, I'm in there anus with a fork whilst
simultaneously finger fucking broken eggshell behind
their eye socket.

Yup, that's a prison trick I learnt at convict
college. If ye can't hack off a dudes nads or willy,
split his puny ass eye orbital with a mere finger,
albeit with torturously loud results. Don't worry, FAS
cheek spreaders only need one eye for back in parking.

Reason I know this? Next time we compare dicks or jerk
each other off, take a look at the gnarly scars the
full length of my abdominal meat stand and thorax
trash bags. Got me some ghetto mod skin decor whilst
serving a stretch at an extreme country club with
rendition staff crueler than cellmates cyrrillic.

I sold more LSD in Kotzebue than my entire 10-year
drug dealing wholesaler career in the Killing Fields
of the Pacific Northwest yet not served a single day
in an Alaskan jail. Something's fucked up here. On
many levels.

Oh yeah, I was tasked with manifold invasions
parasitic and corrosive exacerbation of existing
bootlegger corruptions indigenous. 17th century lit
meaning I work up through the afro slime taking aim at
the white people at the top. All the time.

No kidding, I need to work on my attitude. Always gets
me landed in jail. Other Euro trash have lived
peacefully with mud races and gone on to raise big
wonderful diluted half-breed 'tard families. Like your
mashing nasty parents. The most Eskimo of any of ye is
50%, the rest of yer bloody butt quantum is likely
German or some other Celt-trash wastes of skin.

Wait, ain't one of you really a Ghoulsbie? Does yer
dick smell LDS funky? Only big Swede's can chew their
own gristle and tell their wives to "go git yer own
pussy, I got mine."

Ain't none of ye are more than half mongoloid and most
of ye FAS gas-canners are only an eighth inebriate.
But yer cool, God loves ye, and I'm trying to. My
irritation arises when all them fat white cunts spooge
out babies that look like me, yet given tardupiaq
names like the Peacocks et al. "Them nulaumi always
try be native." "So dumb." -grandma mag.

We are what we are and our propensity towards violence
reflects our ancestral roots. Italian Americans are
just as violent as Italians, African Americans are
just as violent as Africans. I'm as reckless as any
Finn dick, Octuck is as dangerous as any Siberian
Mongoloid, and well, you Germanic/Briton tribal
fuckers scare me to death. Come on, SixKiller is more
dangerous and lethal than Adolph Hitler. Likely
smarter too.

I'm a failure at this Christianity gig too. Turn the
other cheek my ass, yer my new butt pussy and leaking
punching bag. Shoot first, swap ID's later.

Quoting National Geographic and Dr. Sollenberger,
Finns are more warlike than even the Maori of New
Zealand and most likely the last of the Xenophobes.
Not me, I'm different and better than yer typical
Norse fuck, I simply hate dullard humans and get wood
caressing their faces, rectals and genitals with my
hands, fists and feet. Fuck ye.

I must confess, every time I pull some dumbass stunt
or rain shit on somebody, collateral descriptors fail
ineptly. Everybody gets dirtied with my shit. You
fuckers are lying when you tell inmates I hurt people.
"Get him the fuck away from me!" "Fuck you! Get him
the fuck outa here!" (S. Lie Jr. yelling at the Galena
volunteer ambulance driver-yer author on drugs). I'm
better at filling meat wagons, than I am driving them.

Pert near a hunnert years ago back in get-high school,
me and Pim tied rope through all the exit doors to the
gymnasium. Then pulled the fire alarm. Fun, fun pep
rally for the retarded AND the injured. Our
preadolescent pipe bombs never kilt anybody. That's
what numb nuts me and Pim were. Are.

Despite decades of training from the college of drug
dealing, advanced pharmacy and metric elimination of
afro slime, I'm still trying to modify my car bombs
and pipe bombs so that only my targets and their
families shit nails and teeth.

Right about now, I better shut my mouth. I promised
bun I'd never mention the probable cause that put me
in prison line-ups and bare naked billy club beat
downs in the snow, poopy butt and all.

Trust me, you fuckers treat your inmates at the
Kotzebue Jail WAY too nice. Imagine if you hired me or
Eunice? Shit would get fucked up.

That metaphor sure went a rye. "Drink bitch!" (Sally

Alas, only you can prevent forest fires and hairy
beaver infections. Get fucked up, be super rural
Alaskan and live by the knife. Then allow me to rip
yer lips off.

With friends like you graying gunslingers, who needs
violent laxatives and rape trauma? "In Kotzebue, ye
don't lose yer wife, ye just lose yer turn!" (Roger
Nordlum) "Shit, sometimes ye lose yer wife to her own
family" (bRaIn HigBitch).

Instant karma and we gunslingers always git fucked.
Rape victims only marry rapists. There is a God and
he's bankrolling our crimes with wages of sin.

I never knew how fucking funny smart people are. They
like us even if we got busted knuckles, scab ass and
stinky dick. Right mates, my Viking thirst for bourbon
casts its own shadow. "Adii. I feel like I'm drinking
with Jesus." (Beulah Ipalook).

Have a drink on me, I just hurt friends and family.
And I enjoyed it.

I bet you did too.


*Read how violent dipshit albinos behave.


Live by the sword, die by the knife.

Finnish Violence and Traumatic Mortality-By Dr. Mirkka

"Finns are traditionally more brutal", declared the
headline in the large Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter
on its web page on October 13th.

DN was delving into youth violence, which has been a
hot topic of debate recently, interviewing Jerzy
Sarneck, Professor of Criminology at the University of

He told a generally acknowledged truth - that violence
statistics are traditionally more grim in Finland than
in Sweden. Sarneck says that the Civil War led to the
"brutalisation" of Finnish society, and that violence
has been passed down as a legacy from one generation
to another.

The Professor is wrong. Finland has been a much more
violent place than Sweden at least from the mid-18th
century. Before the Civil War, in the 19th century,
the per capita homicide rate was much higher in
Finland than in Sweden.

Violent behaviour by Finns has been a topic of
discussion in Sweden for at least 400 years. Already
the Archbishop of Uppsala, Olaus Magnus, claimed in
his 1555 best seller Historia de gentibus
septentrionalibus ("History of the Northern Peoples")
that because of their extreme recklessness, the Finns
are not allowed to use weapons during peacetime.

Mythical stories abounded in the 16th and 17th
centuries about the bellicose and violent character of
the Finns. For instance it was told that a force of
600 Finns on skis had chased away 100,000 Russians in
one battle in the 16th century. Even the name
"Finland" was claimed to have had its origins in the
expression "fiendeland", or "enemy country".

Military prowess and violent crime do not have
anything to do with each other as such. However, in
folklore these kinds of things get turned into myths.
The brutal history of the 20th century in Finland has
given a modern tone to the old beliefs.

I must admit that the Finns' reputation as an
inscrutable, mythically rugged nation gives me a sense
of vague pride. To Swedish acquaintances who crack
jokes along the lines of "where is your knife?" I have
boasted about the Winter War - as if I had anything to
do with it.

However, I feel no national pride when I look at
statistics of violent crime. They are sad. Finland
should be a flagship of the modern world, but people
still bleed in front of village taverns just like they
did in the Middle Ages.

Violence certainly flourishes in Sweden as well, but
the general attitude toward it is much more negative
than in Finland. For that reason, youth violence has
been lifted into the headlines, and there have been
marches against it on city streets.

I cannot imagine a similar public debate in Finland,
to say nothing about street protests.

The deep currents of Finnish culture still appear to
include appreciation for taking the law into one's own
hands, and violence, as well as a certain kind of
carelessness: especially violence among young men and
those who have been marginalised is accepted as an
inevitable part of life.

Every week we Finns show that we are "traditionally
more brutal", and that is just sad.


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