Friday, March 07, 2008

Impetago, measles, mumps, chicken-pox, and God knows what else: we've had it. Mom, touch me, I'm sick.

Top of the morning gents,

Old-fashioned farts is us. We got Indun sick when we
were kids: so what. We ain't bitching. We can't bitch,
aside from our own dark skinned wives and less wit
children, we fucking ain't minority buttfuckers.

Perma-white devils like us deserve every fucking
illness and virus on the planet, cuz we're white. And
to mutate and transmit the virus that finally
eliminates us lot: drunk assholes, jerk-offs and bar
fly smart-assess.

Bun says I ain't just white trash, I'm SUPER white

Go native? Nup, fuck you and eat my koomucks. When I
paid the magnum child a hunnert bucks for each and
every 'A' on her report card, her half-primate
half-FAS half-sister taunted her with the well worn
Inupiaq reservation mantra and common sense: "trying
to be white." And meant it.

Fuck me running. Since when was being clever and
bright, such a bad thing for dark eyed mongoloids like
our nugger children?

Yup, that's us. Our smartness hinges on skin hue and
hence the definition of the word 'primitive cultures'.
Get it? Primate cultures infecting our dumber darker
wives: for us to dissect and piss on. Plus you got
your pick of biscuit-proofed with a large number of
tard vil chitlins that look an AWFUL lot like yer ass.
You porno monkey fuckers’ offspring represent the
entire rainbow of skin color, dick size and brain
power: In a non-gay, yet FAS criminal way. I checked
the criminal records of all yer kids-REAL criminal
genius midget fucks. Genius skips generations and cop
kids are shit.

Alas, during this millennium, us fair-skinned fairies
might be the sharpest tools in the toolbox, but we're
the palest neegroes, so our intelligence is unfairly
weighted towards the normal ape butt. Meaning dumber
down over there young man or we'll dye yer hair and
Special Ed yer European hide darker. Adii, you can
lead an Indun girl to Vassar, but you cannot make her

Fuck me. If I lied and checked off one just ONE of the
mud race boxes on my UAF entrance exams, I'd be as
smart as a whole solar system. Up Chuck U alumnus with
super high-test scores: fuck me in the goat ass, I'm
non-native, non-neegro, non-hispanic and non-femTwat.
Dudes, the way I see it, all you white motherfuckers
qualify as "non-everything." Yer diet, unleaded and
free of dyes and perfumes. Ghost plain and white ass
shiny albino motherfuckers: non-everything makes ye
100% alien. My Siberian wife swears that an alien
invasion requires billions of transparent demonic
white folks. Silver skinned niger mukes with honker
mud flaps and no end to their glow in the dark dicks.
My squaw is smarter than yers. I bought her on a

My Uncle Charlie told me that eating nuveevuks,
puturooks and mingeoks were aboriginal intoxicants
like blue mice. Well if that were the case we'd be
like our inlaws tripping balls and crapping in a
bucket. But no getting high on micro-toxins, I just
suck down RSV and village influenza like discharge on
an oyster shell. Hep A, Herp 007, staff infections,
virulent spittle and cut skin MRSA combat has been and
SHALL be visited upon yer sick pale devil hide.
“Stupid fucking white man.” (Mr. Sparrow-UAF). We sick
vil fuckers get the shit don't we?

We lost our Arctic Sounder Editor to devastating
illness. Expatriate syndrome dudes: Croatian malaria,
Serb. pox, Chechnya TB or anything else ye all snorted
up your donkey spitters. He's in a better place now. A
place called Portland.

Imagine adding Alaska or Africa to all yer hunnert
fucking STD inoculations, now that would be a resume
booster. Y'all survived the plague merely losing only
75% of your family tree to lethal rings ‘round posies.
Northern European surviving descendants of the plague
also share immunity to HIV. So fuck it, let’s go to
Africa and bring home some serious nationwide nuclear
Indun killers. Just like old times. Dudes, the grim
reaper got serious dick.

Commander Craig suffered years of Hep medicines from
the NANA region and advised me to avoid airborne
sputum, sneeze rain and anal spittle. At all cost.
Good jailer advice.

I got shit soaked a hunnert fucking times cutting down
suicides with Fields, Ramoth, Mashburn and Kosloff and
lugging shot dogs for you gun happy KPD AST maniacs.
Until you get shit soaked wrestling with a leaker,
like mouth to mouth on a dead bitch: Craig’s advice
seems moot and redundant.

Pussy responders now got bile and vomit masks: fuck me
running. Over the last 30 shitty years I sure spit out
a lot of other nigger’s bitter puke out my pie hole. I
done MORE mouth to mouth on choke and puke dead people
than all of ye. I can revive crack whores and natives.
My Siberian Mrs. has watched me breathe life back into
a hunnert sick bitches. She’ll swear, “Fucking Jesus
ain’t got nothing on Karluk.” No shit, if Trox or the
Shackles ain’t ‘round, call me and bun. That is,
provided you unintentionally shot yer Indun wife.

Before moving to KikikNigRunt to addict legion, I ran
a crack house. If you go all buckwheat on us and you
shoot yer wife, you get to suck yer own round out her
ass. If ye just need 7-Lakes disposal, call me before
the dogs begin to smell her.

It sure feels good to feel good: know what I mean Lem?
I fucking wasted 2+ weeks of perfectly good bitch cold
freezer walks and talks: fucking dying from the flu
like a midget runt Indun snuggled up in Abe Lincoln's
custom sick pox blankies. Flu so painful ye wished to
be a good Indun and just fucking die.

Once way back a few years in Mountlake Terrace, me,
Higbitch and Troyous caught a really awful nasty flu
from horking down bong rips with only 311 other drug
addicts. Fucking felt like Kobuk AIDS. Being barely
over the drinking age, that flu truly killed small
children, so we were glad to get over that one. Not
pretty. We threw up in our mush, so to speak.

Some Edmonds strains of lung virals almost kilt us
rural mud fuckers with raging temperatures and
herpetic blistering. Diseases with genitally
disfiguring symptoms that made drug dealing a bitch.

"Could it be I had the flu for Christmas, cuz I'm not
feeling up to par." Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
All of us virally infected sick albino fuck wads were
comparing levels of aspirin, cold remedies,
liquor/cocaine cough syrup and vitamin content in our
runny shits.

I needed sauna, so I unrolled a futon pad in the grow
room, disabled the timers, killed the exhaust fan,
then sprayed all the plants with plain tap water and a
few granulars of Miracle Grow.

For a week I let that stadium lamp cook. No shit, I
baked my ass for an unknown number days in a 24 hour a
day super bright fucking BC tanning salon. My remedial
fertilizer was homemade 7% solution.

I’m lying. Like a hunnert returning Rip Van Winkles
with AIDS, Dennis and Marto had a get well soon
Herp/Hep/TB party and for days, served up to an 8-ball
of slag and left over drugs dissolved in one fifth of
101 proof Turkey. We were so sick we couldn’t smoke
shit. We couldn’t snort medication if we wanted to
neither. But addii, we could sure drink ah bart? Yoy.

So the basturd bartenders: Marto and Dennis helped the
universe plagued with a delicious patent snake oil
poison remedy recycling leftover crack, free-base cake
and sick powdered toot serving it all right back to
sick Puget Sound drug dealers mixed in hard liquor. If
cocaine came in soda pop, why not in LOTS of aged corn

To avoid disclaimer suits, I'm almost 50 and viruses
mutate as fast as my drug habit. Rubella, mumps
whatever, liquor and cocaine-shaken not stirred-works,
so kiss my dick.

Bacterial and viral attacks shorten organ life almost
as fast as alcoholism and nicotine exposure, which
means we fuckers suffered like miserable rasty rat
fucks. Give it a name, but this new “Brisbane 10
Influenza” sounds a lot like Hong Kong Flu or German
measles, but shit, yer still sicker'n a basement full
of dead Lynnwood prostitutes.

In familial tense, hugs and kisses on heaps of sick
natives over at Samuel Simmons Memorial Hospital is
totally acceptable. Ye gotta dig the 'Memorial' part
of the clinic name: its stupid niff code for
"infection connection." Go in for Hep douche, walk out
with Elephant-titis of yer dick. Yup, me too. I know
what all ye been talkin' about, BIA hospitals are
really neato. My viruses ALWAYS win.

At my coaxing, me and bun went in for our annual
10,000 mile tune-up. No faggots, not a pap smear and
mammogram, I call it my 'crap smear and mud flapOgram.
The Doc smashes my gonads till they're flatter'n tits
on a board then takes a lateral x-ray. After the IHS
x-ray tech realized my nuts weren't big hairy tits,
she yelled at me to get outa the OB/Gyn clinic.

Man I got hard at all them naked ladies putting their
hooters in them photo-vices and sitting all cool atop
tables with built-in 'eat me' stirrups. When my BIA
doc requested a sperm, urine and fecal sample, I leapt
about like a Chernobyl ape butt swinging my ugly dick
like a propeller, then pitched my underwear at me doc.
Fuck I'm funny.

Trust me, hang out in a BIA village clinic and hug my
in-laws: you'll look like a house landed on yer

Anyways. It's good to be healthy again. Now we can do
LOTS of drugs.

At Kiaqpuk’s Nigloo.

PS. Have a drink on me. We got heavy equipment up the
ass. UIC and SKW are building Barrow’s new hospital:
big realty wood dudes. “It’s a beautiful day in my
neighborhood” (Fred Rogers-notorious homo and tunnel


Mumps threatening to make a comeback in Finland

Whilst it is hardly endemic, mumps seems to be making
a bit of a comeback in Finland. Last year, six cases
of mumps were identified, four of which occurred in
September-December, one case per month.

In 2006 and 2005 eight and six cases of mumps were
reported respectively. Before that, however, the
number of annual mumps cases has been considerably
lower. For example, at the turn of the millennium not
one single case was diagnosed.

And this was how it should be, for steps had been
taken to eradicate the illness altogether.

The incidence of mumps started abating when the MPR
vaccine was included in the general immunisation
programme. The MPR vaccine (also sometimes known as
the MMR vaccine) provides immunisation against
Measles, Mumps (Parotitis), and Rubella (German

The vaccination campaign practically eliminated these
diseases from Finland.

In fact, Finland was the first country in the world to
wipe out these three common childhoos ailments,
Professor Heikki Peltola from the University of
Helsinki notes in his new book on children's health.

"We have no reason to be lulled into thinking that
this pleasant situation will automatically continue,
however. We will only stay clear of measles, mumps,
and rubella if a minimum of 95 percent of the children
are reached year after year and all suspicious cases
are responded to swiftly", Peltola emphasises.

The innocent sounding measles is still a serious
threat to the children of the world. The World Health
Organisation calls it the greatest killer of small

The year before last, it was estimated that 27
children died of measles every hour.

Through vaccination campaigns, though, measles - which
is regarded as one of the most contagious illnesses -
has been got under some sort of control.

In 2000-2006 nearly 500 million children in countries
particularly ravaged by the illness received
immunisation against it.

This resulted in a massive 68-percent reduction in
measles-related deaths. In Africa the percentage was
even higher, 91%.

Mumps is usually contracted when travelling abroad,
says special researcher Irja Davidkin of the National
Public Health Institute. Of those that contracted the
illness last year, only one had been vaccinated
against it. The rest had already passed the infant age
by 1982, when the mass MPR vaccinations were

Davidkin points out that the illness is still
extremely rare, even if the number of cases has
increased slightly.

"The situation is still very good, thanks to the good
coverage of the immunisation scheme."

A vaccinated person contracting the illness is
explained by the fact that the MPR vaccine does not
provide as complete protection against mumps as it
does against measles and rubella.

In recent years there have been mumps outbreaks among
those vaccinated against it in the United States and

As a consequence, a research team led by Heikki
Peltola looked into the efficiency of various mumps
vaccines. The vaccine used in Finland proved 95-per
cent effective.

"An epidemic may be caused by a virus strain different
from the one that the vaccine was originally developed
against, in which case the protection is not equally
good", Davidkin adds.

Mumps, measles and German measles were commonplace in
Finland into the 1960s - illnesses that practically
all children woulde succumb to, even if they did not
actually manifest clinical symptoms.

Though sometimes dismissed as "childhood infections",
and in most cases passing over with a week or two off
school, these were not innocent or harmless illnesses
by any means, with possible knock-on effects and

To give a simple example, rubella contracted in early
pregnancy was an indicator that the child might be
born with congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), a range
of serious incurable illnesses.

Equally, measles in adulthood often leads to more
serious complications than among children. Measles is
still a significant cause of child mortality in many
developing countries.



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