Monday, February 18, 2008

The reason us tall alcoholics smile so much is because we can't hear women nor children. Fuck it. We cain't hear slaves neither.

Top of the morning gents,

Fuck! Colder'n a witch's tit, and I covered my 66 days
of total darkness with minimal murder. Minus 73 in
Tok, minus 66 in Northway and only 47 below way up
here north of 70 lat.

You boys are almost home free. We're pert near through
one motherfucker of a winter way the fuck out on this
God foresaken arctic coast. The sun came back, and
fuck me in the goat ass, so did all yer wives.

Here's some good advice from Super Dad from
Unalakleet. He told me that the best way keep sane
during the relentless 9 months of arctic winter "out
here on the rez is to get down with the brown, and
dude, chug mad coffee."

Bright guy: superb arctic metaphor to Franky's "coffee
and bong hits" but with an added clever pun on
inferior skin hues, hoochina tokage and the Eskimo
superstitious fear of sobriety.

Something wrong with me though: I ain't depressed fer
shit, I'm happy as a pig in Juneau. Polar mania is my
lame excuse for GIVING ulcers, instead of receiving
them. Fuck it. I'm as happy as dike in Aushwitz and
even the lesbians in my nightmares are smiling.

Dark winters never bothered me much, cuz I drank
analgesic levels with all you fuckers. We're all so
frickin' dumb: we chose shitty villages with
astronomical suicide, homicide and sexual assault,
then we pickle our mongoloids. Adii, we sure drink

Just to show how fucked I am, I still have flashbacks
of mUtT and jEfF long-dicking Edith Melton. Thanks a
fucking lot, with a thought like that in mind, ain't
none of us gonna git wood till we cart our tit-fill up
to boot hill. And come home alone.

Out here on the arctic coastal shelf I got ZERO Baltic
biscuit to core sample and no Viking ex-wives and
girlfriends to remind me how truly handsome I am. You
darker celt and mick fucks know what I'm talking
about: peach deep sweet and viscous vaginal candy that
don't lock you half way out in the hallway and
dragging yer luggage.

Fuck me running. All I got to jerk off to are
cross-eyed mongoloid neighbors that make Barney
Reuter's children look like smart half-trash trailer
swine. After seeing the Roto-Midol-Rooter tear his
thumbnail picking his wife's nose she won't need to
pierce shit. Word up. There ain't nothing more
depressing that seeing members of your own race living
in filth.

That is unless they're fat, then nobody cares.

My Siberian Mrs. puts a leash on me and takes me for
walks provided I put a face mask on so as not to scare
the neighbors. This transluscent Norseman is about as
welcome on the slope as a nigger in Mississippi. These
inuit coons are smart though, they hate EVERY color o'
negro. Especially NANA 'tard natives like you niggers.
No kidding, y'all best stay in the ghetto where you
live, cuz these frosted tarnukuns hate seeing their
own kind living in filth too.

Glow in the dark super white ghosts and silver devils
are only good on TV, not on the rez porking their
prettiest girls nor hogging up all the slop in their
pig trough.

Bong water seeks it's own level. Meaning you albino
niffs ain't tough enough to live THIS far north.
Matter of fact, I've already bet you Eskimo barley
corn sponges ain't got the nads to last a decade north
of 70 lat. This is a job for Super Man.

The central scrutiziner says we gottoo keep 'em
separated. After me and Mr. Craig bury our wives we
gettoo go play out, but we gotta stick to the white
zone only, cuz the white zone is only for loading and
unloading. Or so Zappa told me. He's alive you know.

Out here in the smoking section of this cat box, we're
seasonally impaired and chemically affected
interracial buttfucker squaw boys. Commander Craig
tells me that there's something truly heartbreaking
about pitching dirt on yer wife.

Yet tragically and despite your 30 years in the Lord's
service way deep in rural Alaska, all you non-negroes
will soon deep freeze yer wives leaving tear stained
Sorrell boot tracks all the way back to the barn you
was born in.

Yup. I'm fucked too. After bun passes I'm making shit
up. When all the old cops down at the Senior Center
ask where bunnik has been all winter, I tell 'em I hid
her shoes.

Like I fucking told ye, this is a job for Super Man.
Make sure you wash yer bottom and penis.

Kiaqpuk Naulami sans Inupiaq Atigiigniq (stinky white
dick with zero aboriginal sense).

PS. Read these 2 clippings

*high pitched sirens to chase off punk ass hoodlums.

*child slave markets in India top 15 million children,
Sudan tops 2 million and Asia top 40 million child
slaves sold annually.


Stores use sonic devices to chase kids

By ROBERT BARR Associated Press Writer

LONDON - England's commissioner for children and a
civil liberties group joined in on a campaign Tuesday
to ban high-frequency devices intended to drive
misbehaving children away from shops and other areas.

The so-called "Mosquito" device emits high-frequency
noise which is audible — and annoying — to young ears,
but generally not heard by people over 20.

"This device is a quick fix that does not tackle the
root cause of the problem and it is indiscriminate,"
English Children's Commissioner Al Aynsley-Green said.

The campaigners claim that about 3,500 of the devices,
made by a Welsh company, are in use.

Aynsley-Green said in an interview with British
Broadcasting Corp. radio that the devices do not
tackle the real problem, which is that children have
no place to gather other than on the streets.

"I think it is a powerful symptom of what I call the
malaise at the heart of our society," he said.

"I'm very concerned about what I see to be an emerging
gap between the young and the old, the fears, the
intolerance, even the hatred, of the older generation
toward the young."

Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights group
Liberty, supported the campaign.

"Imagine the outcry if a device was introduced that
caused blanket discomfort to people of one race or
gender, rather than to our kids," Chakrabarti said.
"The 'Mosquito' has no place in a country that values
its children and seeks to instill them with dignity
and respect."

The Mosquito's inventor, Howard Stapleton, has called
for agreement about guidelines for using the devices.

"We tell shopkeepers to use it when they have a
problem and I would be more than happy to introduce a
contract which stipulates to shopkeepers how it can be
used," Stapleton was quoted as telling the Western
Mail newspaper.

"People talk about infringing human rights but what
about the human rights of the shopkeeper who is seeing
his business collapse because groups of unruly
teenagers are driving away his customers?"


Industry and Capitalism Halve Child Mortality.

"Economic historian Robert Hessen recently published
"claims of increased misery...[are] based on ignorance
of how squalid life actually had been earlier. Before
children began earning money working in factories,
they had been sent to live in parish poorhouses,
apprenticed as unpaid household servants, rented out
for backbreaking agricultural labor, or became
beggars, vagrants, thieves, and prostitutes (Nutten).
The precapitalist "good old days" simply never

"The pre-factory age was not a time of happy,
contented kids. From 1730 to 1740, 75 percent of
children in England died before age five. From 1810 to
1829, supposedly the evil age of the factory, infant
mortality fell to 32 percent and would continue to
drop. Capitalism and the industrial revolution gave
youngsters a chance to survive. "[9]

Industries that are packed with child slavery topping
the list are chocolate and dapper haberdashery.

Cotton and silk, ain't the worst bonded child labor
law violators. Slavery by any other name, but India
sells bonded child laborers on an open market. Last
year an estimated 15 million children were negotiated
in India, 2 million in the Sudan and easily ten times
these estimates in Asia and South America where Human
Rights Watch estimates pert near a quarter billion
bonded children are worked to an early grave.


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