Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Appa Kye I wanna mullik to the gun show. Didn't I see y'all there too?

Top of the morning gents,

God dammit. I sure remember my youth. Farms, hay hauls, million fucking animals, million poop plows, million more heads chopped off. Necessities to feed ugly kids: farm fresh blood buckets and decapitation based diets.

I also remember the 200 year anniversary of 1776 was fucking gnarley with all them gunshows, turkey shoots and state fairs booming with era reproduction muskets and ball and buck long rifles that really didn't have any rifling.

Driving across America and upwards into Canada to watch the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics rallied like a motherfucker. Me and Cully stole a butt load of Canadian cigarettes and liquor. Plus a we fetched a veritable treasure trove of lifetime lengthening memories to draw upon in our time at the rest home.

We seen miles of delicious and gorgeous biscuit watching droves of spectacularly naked French/Canadian babes suntanning their big naked breasts and toasting their glazed honey dripping hives as far as the eye can sniff. Nothing but sunglasses and sweet seasonings for wardrobes: for miles.

Damn! For a boy to watch a hunnert busty babes apply sun lotion on each other's naked everything...is truly wonderful for the soul. And my salivary glands.

I acted all normal whilst I rapid flexed and ejaculated for a whole sunny afternoon. Ever leak jizz for hours? Yup. Me too. Some of your kids came from soaking a whole room with ball cheese, possibly even one of the kids ye spawned with yer present nugger wife. WTF MF. What happens in Selawik is forgotten with the last disappearing brain cells.

I ain't shitting, those memories of really pretty boobs and super delicious glue pots are what keep yer ugly wives raped and filled with cups of genetic ass paint.

In all my drinking vacations, rape escapes and gun runs around this shitty world, I grazed and fed on lots of steaming biscuit, but I never seen any participants in retro battle costumes and revolutionary war gear shoot themselves or each other: in the face.

Fuck it. The shit does happen.

At one of my dad's local gun clubs and watering holes a Japanese tourist pulled a Sarge Rat Fuck when his rented and truly shitty Desert Eagle 44 mag lept backward and bapped him on the brow. The brow bit wasn't nearly as bad as the headless gook standing behind him. Poor motherfucking nipper dude sucked air through his face hole and sneezed all his brains and muke out the back with a roar.

Poor Japper shooter dude awoke eyes blacker finding the back of his shirt and trousers covered with graphic artwork consisting of an organ donor and yard sale smelling like native food.

Many years ago me and Pim went to a lots of killer Marysville Gun Shows, sold ALL our shitty shiny guns, parts and pieces: even bought crap from other tables, wiped 'em down with oily rags, repriced them and made fucking bank. The word is arbitrage ye ignant gits.

If the weather was warm and sunny, the old guys held shooting contests out at the shooting range with various targets set at 25 yards all the way to 300 yards against a cliff.

One dude was shooting prone with some bolt action hypo rifle. He only shot once and lay still. The bolt of his gun somehow blew out the back of his rifle submerging flush with cheek, albeit with crevassed vaginal like injuries to his fucking head.

One of Pim's ugly buddies came over and said he seen smoke blast from both ends of his rifle blackening the operator's face. Pim volunteered that the old dude must've loaded his rifle cartriges with pistol powder. Whatever, that's a neato story for a 17 year old goat milker and felon.

After a dump run, mutt shoot and puppy pop, my uniform was covered with Mack blasted dog hair and 12 gauge guts and poop. Lt. Eunice wrinkled his chew lip, then advised me, "Shoot son." "Ya'll best tell yer wife to douche a'fore she fucks ye."

I now forward this 19 year old advice to you lads. You boys be safe and treat yer guns like they were yer dicks. Forget that advice, the rusting, pocking and fouling are EXACTLY like yer dicks.

At any time during this lecture did you disengage those images of big breasted fully naked French pastries just basting away in the sun?

Cheers mates. Here's to fine peach flavored hair pie, big dairy caliber breasts and why we fuck with that look on our faces like we're a thousand miles away...Yup, we're back on that beach lined with rows of perfumed lippy and sun roasted giant milkers.

Fuck y'all are so cursed with lethal levels heterosexuality. God bless us all sayeth tiny Tim.

Back to gun safety ye sick twisted yet blessed milker dudes. I found a story that proves the rarity of these such shoot yer self gun accidents.

Stop playing with yer dicks and hurry home. Yer wives need some serious fuckng now don't they? Seal oil only tastes like black girl pussy, so make her come twice afore she even sees yer dick.

Just remember the beach...


Location: Nome area

Case number: 08-89205

Type: Death Investigation

Text: On 10/26/08 at about 0053 hours, Nome AST received a report of a
shooting in one of the villages in the Nome area. The victim, a
juvenile male, was declared deceased at 0030 hours. The State Medical
Examiner was notified and the next of kin was present at the scene.
Investigation is on-going and weather conditions have hampered response

Author: AMS1
Received Monday, October 27, 2008 12:27 PM and posted Monday, October 27, 2008 12:11 PM


Monday, 11:58 AM The Boston Globe

Police identify boy, 8, killed by Uzi at sportsmen's club
October 27, 2008 11:58 AM Email| Comments (0)| Text size – + By David Abel and Andrew Ryan, Globe Staff, and Matthew P. Collette, Globe Correspondent

The 8-year-old boy who apparently shot himself in the head with an Uzi at a "Machine Gun Shoot" in Westfield was identified today by police as Christopher Bizilj of Ashford, Conn.

Bizilj attended the firearms expo Sunday with his father at the Westfield Sportsman’s Club and apparently accidentally shot himself. He was firing a 9-mm Micro UZI machine gun, a fully automatic weapon, said Westfield Police Lieutenant Hipolito Nuñez.

Police are investigating whether the sportsman’s club and the group running the event were licensed. “We haven’t confirmed whether either have been licensed,” Nuñez said.

The Westfield Sportsman's Club boasted in an advertisement for the event posted on its website that the $5 entry fee was waived for children under age 16 and there was "no age limit or licenses required to shoot machine guns."

"It’s all legal & fun," the advertisement says. "You will be accompanied to the firing line with a Certified Instructor to guide you. But You Are In Control – "FULL AUTO ROCK & ROLL."

Shooting targets for the event included vehicles, pumpkins, and "other fun stuff we can’t print here," according to the advertisement.

Bizilj was firing the weapon at an outside firing range and was wounded once in the head when the recoil forced the gun to rotate upward and backward, Nuñez said. The boy was taken to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. He was pronounced dead at the hospital with one gunshot wound to the head. No one else was injured.

State law requires anyone under age 18 to have parental consent and a licensed instructor to fire an automatic weapon. Otherwise, there’s no minimum age to fire such a gun, Nuñez said.

Bizilj's father was on the scene. “My understanding is his father gave him permission to fire the weapon,” Nuñez said.

But he added: “We do not know at this time the full facts of this incident, and it's being investigated.”

The event at the club was organized by C.O.P. Firearms & Training, an Amherst company that, according to its website, organizes machine gun shoots throughout New England. Officials from that group also could not be reached.


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