Friday, October 24, 2008

Holy Fuck Batman. How many of us could be indicted for torture and abuse?

Top of the morning gents,

Count yer blessings dudes. How many punks, sluts and Inufucks have we reminded they don't deserve constitutional rights and deprived them of intact hymen, rectums and scroat bags? This war on drugs is fucking awesome and presidents from both colors back the mission to put darker folks behind bars.

All the years at the old jail in Kotzebue, DEA, ABADE and AST and all the years of drinking with violent and abusive cops, jailers, troopers and narcs: and ain't none of us been indicted for bashing the living shit outa subhuman fucking chimpacaque ice monkeys. That fucking deserved it.

No shit Sherlock. Some of the trauma I seen on Mike Lie, that Burns coon uchuck, and even the sick Indun that hung round Randy Kem's sister took a damn good beat down and tune up.

Nowadays, you cops've become lame as shit pussies with yer tasers, pecker mace and wimpy automatics, I miss watching you guys put up yer dukes, hands, fists and feet and bust up a kiana coon like Kotzebue cord wood. I'm gettin' hard nipples and drippy dick just remeniscing how fucking fast all ye git busy on a body.

When some bag of mashed up assholes smelling just like Art Kagoona loogied in Garoutte's face I almost had a heart attack. Poor fucker was inches from blunt force bottom and penis but Gumby and Eunice worked tag team and yanked, flipped and floor mopped that Deering baby gomer all the way to the drunk tank, sleeping all night cuffed and fucked and broke as shit teeth and gravel bag nuts.

If ye want to cackle evil, just replay the video of Officer K6 brutally macking that half primate's fucking face into the booking room desktop.

The loud boom from the booking room gave a serious boner.

I think it was Tykee Lloyd Hall or some shit, or was it that sick bitch Troy Hall? Maybe Mark Bird's bitch boy that sat on Tubby Goodwin's poopstick then gagged down his ball drainage? Fuck all them punks bleed in my memory together. Must be my alcoholism or Alzeimers. Or Shannon Pavle ran me over too. WTF.

I still git wood replaying Virgin 'processing' that drunk brown RussellCunt that pert near out run him. Yup. A drunk bitch mongoloid on a wheeler almost ditched one of KPD's best, racing in hopped up Caprice Classic. A Chevy Caprice patrol car we bought with the drug seizure monies we snagged from Ken Hall and Chris Ciringione. Real priceless cunts paying for OUR new patrol cars...sweet! Take pile o' cash from drug dealers, buy more tools: fill the jail with MORE nativity shite.

Speaking of asset seizures and drug forfeitures: Rick and Bonny Carlson lost their house, boats, sno-gos, vehicles AND drugs due to 'ongoing criminal drug traffic' activity, Fast Eddie Larson lost all his delivery cars, bank accounts and boxes of blow that I was trusted to buy with trooper dollars.

Logan and Sauve lost firearms totalling over 100 irons, bank accounts and stash cash, plus their new trucks, houses, snowmachines and airplanes.

Oh, and the case me and Nush worked has been reopened: Paliwoda and his GHB date rape crap we bought a thousand doses of. Paliwoda jumped bail and has now been arrested in Denver. My concern is damaging testimony over the number of purchases, amounts and side deal money. Narcs aren't paid for their honesty and integrity.

My date rape drug stash was tested all over Res. Life and MBS complex.

Ain't it good to see Alaska is still the land of the vicious, home of nasty, and one fine place for heavily armed European serial rapists and killers? We is AK rapers #1 breeding Alaska upwards thus creating an army of tall half monkey alcoholics.

Wake up fucks. There's only 40 something readers to this am cop/talk posting: yet pert near a thousand future Hitler champs. Soon everybody will truly have ancestors Nordic with a deep history in genetic manipulation away from sick ancient aboriginal cultures towards waking every day feeling wonderfully superior.

In tune with the war on drugs and minorities ABADE is wrapping up an op in Wastern Alaska and USPS/FAA/TSA etc. They been drug dogging and mass spec analyzing all canine alert suspect freight and mail out of Shitbanks and Anchoragua.

Up here in Barrow, the busts are averaging 2-3 each week. Fun, fun. I'd like to be the guy doing the enhanced interrogation on these monkey fucking browntards. I'll save yer case, but yer suspect dies horribly.

You bloody haloed and burnt winged angels were sent down here to continue the Christian/Saxon/Viking extermination and sterilization of the sick twisted primate motherfuckers.

Carry on gents, may the Lord be with you, yer airborne spermatazoa AND yer bullets.

Kiaqpuq Nigloo-me

Attached is a press release from the FBI PIO web site.


(202) 514-2007


TDD (202) 514-1888


WASHINGTON – Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge was arrested today at his home in Florida on federal obstruction of justice and perjury charges for allegedly lying about whether he and other officers under his command participated in torture and physical abuse of suspects in police custody dating back to the 1980s. Burge was charged with two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury in a three-count indictment that was returned under seal by a federal grand jury last Thursday, Oct. 16. 2008, and unsealed following his arrest.

The indictment was announced jointly by Grace Chung Becker, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Robert D. Grant, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Today’s indictment alleges that Burge lied and impeded court proceedings in November 2003 when he provided written answers to questions, known as interrogatories, in a civil lawsuit alleging that he and others tortured and abused people in their custody.

“Throughout our nation, our fine law enforcement officers make daily sacrifices in the pursuit of justice,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Becker. “It is imperative that we take these charges seriously but also bear in mind they do not reflect upon the conduct of the vast majority of law enforcement officers.”

“There is no place for torture and abuse in a police station. There is no place for perjury and false statements in federal lawsuits,” said U.S. Attorney. Fitzgerald. “No person is above the law, and nobody – even a suspected murderer – is beneath its protection. The alleged criminal conduct by defendant Burge goes to the core principles of our criminal justice system.”

“Everyday Chicago Police Officers execute their sworn duties lawfully with great skill, courage and integrity,” said Special Agent-in-Charge Grant. “Sometimes they do so with great peril, as we have been sadly reminded in recent weeks and months. But police officers have a special duty which is underscored by today's announcement. Police officers don't serve the public as judge and jury and they have a special responsibility to care for those within their custody, regardless of their alleged crimes. Today’s announcement brings great shame on the career of retired Commander Jon Burge. These charges will not erase the pain within our Chicago community, but perhaps it can help begin the healing process.”

Burge, 60, of Apollo Beach. Fla., is expected to have an initial appearance later today in Federal Court in Tampa. No date has yet been set for him to appear in U.S. District Court in Chicago, where he will face prosecution.

According to the indictment, Burge was a Chicago Police Officer from 1970 to 1993. He served in several jurisdictions throughout the city, as a detective from 1972-1974, a sergeant from 1977-1980, and a lieutenant commanding detectives working in the Area Two violent crimes unit from about 1981-1986. Subsequently, he was commander of the Bomb and Arson Unit, and, later, commander of Area Three detectives. Burge was suspended by the Chicago Police Department in 1991 and fired in 1993.

The indictment alleges that during the time Burge worked in Area Two, he was present on one or more occasions for, and at times participated in, the torture and physical abuse of persons in police custody. It is further alleged that during the time he worked as the lieutenant supervising Area Two violent crimes detectives, Burge was aware that detectives he supervised, on one or more other occasions, engaged in torture and physical abuse of people in their custody.

Chicago Police Department regulations, as well as state and federal law, prohibit torture, physical abuse and other use of excessive force by police officers.

Since 1991, a series of police brutality civil lawsuits have been filed alleging that Burge and other detectives and police officers under his command participated in torture and abuse of suspects. One such case, Hobley v. Burge, et al., filed in 2003 in U.S. District Court in Chicago, alleged that plaintiff Madison Hobley was tortured and abused by police officers at Area Two headquarters in January 1987 in order to coerce a confession. The suit included an allegation that police officers had placed a plastic bag over Hobley’s head until he lost consciousness.

The Hobley lawsuit claimed that Burge was aware of a pattern of torture and abuse at Area Two police headquarters. The indictment does not, however, allege that Hobley was tortured or abused.

During the discovery process in civil litigation, Hobley’s attorneys served Burge with written interrogatories. Burge’s written responses are the basis for today’s charges, which allege that Burge corruptly obstructed, influenced and impeded an official proceeding by signing answers containing false statements in response to two interrogatories in the Hobley litigation.

If convicted, Burge faces a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison on each count of obstruction of justice, five years for perjury, and a $250,000 fine on each count.

The investigation is continuing. An indictment contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt. The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jeff Cramer, Barry Miller and Sergio Acosta, and Civil Rights Division Trial Attorney Betsy Biffl.


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