Monday, March 17, 2008

Natives sure hate the N-word. Happy Saint Patrick's Day mates, read foul and have a drink on me.

Top of the morning gents,

I gotta quote a dear old friend from my childhood.

"Shit, fuck, bitch, cunt!"

Yup, that's Frank Empfield's modification of Gordy
Kelly's "Jesus Fuck!" and "Fat Jack is a stinky bitch

If ye ever want to hear it again, let Spanky drive yer
car. Observe the physic trauma of yer detuned
undercarriage and suspension and those words will come
out yer pie hole. Or green shit will blast forth from
yer butt.

Ya see, us smarter white boys from the Killing Fields
of the Pacific Northwest only swear when surrounded by
loved ones. If your nugger wives are nearby, ye can't
say no native jokes or SLURS, regardless of their
archetypical FAS congenital exposure. Slurred speech
ain’t polite if yer white.

Alcoholism is a genetic disorder that follows family
lineage. Just we ain't supposed to make fun of drunk
monkeys, tard babies, nor fuel soaked darky biscuit.
'Struth, I really ain't married into another family
tree, I thought I saw a wreath and stuck my
wrinkle-free donkey right through the middle of it.
When I pulled out fer more medicines, I looked down at
my big Finn and chuckled Ho, Ho, Ho, Green Giant.

Truth, honesty and swearing are inherently
inseparable. If I ain't radiating fine foul rants,
reads and writes, you ain't my friend. "I'm real
particular who I drink with." (Nick Nolte-Extreme
Prejudice) Why do I lose my best native friends
whenever they sober up?

Just ask any of us squaw boys that rutted in
KikikNigruk darky biscuit. Hence the hilarious neegro
slang, "ye can't turn a whore into a housewife." I mix
metaphors with racism and end up with mud.

Dope or diapers? Fuck it, we're drunk and baked, yet
skating in ice niggershit and iikkee aboriginal

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them
all. You lads. I'm a wigger, yer a wigger. Wouldn't
you like to be a wigger too? (Old Dr. Pepper jingle)

The world is all gone to hell. The world's best golfer
is black. The world's best rapper is white. And a
slave has more voting rights than an albino Norse

"Dudes, green beer and green toke." (Janton-KPD
Squadroom-1989) “That’s mighty white of you.” (Clint
Eastwood-Dirty Harry) Besides, we ALL got white dads.

Orders: Celebrate St. Patrick's, get real drunk and
cuss like a white punk on dope. Cuz with a really
clean bottom and penis, it's what you are.

Kiaqpuke Niglik. AK Raper #1. Pretty fucking good
cusser too.


Supreme Court to hear FCC appeal of fleeting f-bomb

By Eric Bangeman Published: March 17, 2008 10:40AM CT

Under the leadership of Chairman Kevin Martin, the
Federal Communications has shown an increasing
willingness to fine broadcasters for indecency. The
Supreme Court has announced that it will step into the
fray, as it will hear the FCC's appeal of an lower
court ruling that barred the agency from fining
broadcasters for "fleeting expletives."

The case dates back to a November 2006 FCC ruling that
fleeting expletives broadcast during prime time
violated indecency and profanity prohibitions. The
swear words in question were uttered by the likes of
Cher and Nicole Richie during the 2002 and 2003
Billboard Music Awards broadcast on Fox. The network
immediately challenged the ruling in court, saying
that the FCC's failure to issue clear standards left
the network unsure what was and was not appropriate.

During the hearing at the US Court of Appeals for the
Second Circuit, the judges seemed skeptical of the
FCC's claims that issuing clear guidance would amount
to censorship. It didn't come as much of a surprise
when the court said that fleeting expletives were okay
in a June 2007 ruling.

In its 2-1 ruling, the court found that the FCC's
policy was "arbitrary and capricious" and that the
Commission failed to "articulate a reasoned basis for
its change in policy." The opinion also raised
questions about whether the FCC's policy would pass
constitutional muster. Martin's response to the
decision was both blunt and furious, as he called the
court "divorced from reality."

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments next fall
in what will be the first broadcast indecency case
taken by the court in 30 years. That 1978 case, FCC v.
Pacifica Foundation, resulted from a New York radio
station's 1973 airing of George Carlin's "seven dirty
words" routine. There, the Court ruled that the
broadcast was indecent, but not obscene, and gave the
Commission the authority to crack down on indecent
material during hours when children are likely to be
watching TV.


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