Friday, January 09, 2009

2009 brings good cheer and bad motherfuckers. Fuck all, God loves ye.

Top of the morning gents,

Hope you all paid yer respects and visited yer dead souls, descendants and croak bitches. Tis the season assholes. Get fucked up, visit tombstones.

Then piss on 'em.

No shit, no kidding. Halloween Death ritualistic alcoholism and the Noel cryogenic drinking season is so kewl. It's my period, I'm gonna cry if I want to. Or flick dead blood in yer face.

Point of fact, my menstruation can be concealed within hangovers and ill temper mistaken for genetic crankiness. Finns rag, Finns drink. Figure that?

Okay, any ragged point in time when I'm bleeding like a stuck pig or cut cop and judging by the size of our turds, a gook gotta think we use thick padded paint rollers fer fucking tampons.

Periodistic sadism me fellow Suomens. Fuck all. Male brutality and menstruation are a bit pagan and we have only one race of shit heads to blame.

Yer white nigger Euro trash parents.

Yup. Yer motherfucking WHITE alien Norse parents inserted their horrid pre-Christian torture parties into OUR modern and Native American customs heretofore justifying the raping and killing of little darky fucking aboriginies.

I'm happier'n a pig in the FAZ zone nana neeegro. Rockaholic fucking niff is me and up here I seasonally embrace serial killers, drunks and drug addicts. Merry fucking Christmas to all and to all wiggers a good fight.

Us non-natives from the big OTZ know what's real. Real dumb. Like Bull and June...Hensley/Nelson. Makes me shit bitter puke to think yer nigger kids go to a schrool named after that Nelson uch-cunt and a playfield named after fat nigger Bull. They ain't rotting in Hell, they're far too full of preservatives and liquor. They're in a constant state of flare-up. Buckwheats dudes.

Back to the holidays and our feigned sobriety.

I'm aging super fast and outpacing my native readers by a hunnert years yet I still wish fer great pumpkins.

My half-nugger gruntchidren pray crazy wishing for a morbidly obese alcoholic dressed in blood red to sneak into my home, peek in on our newborns and toddlers leaving generational curses of dental carries, diabetes and liver disease. All my gruntkids are PONTIACS and believe a good Santa is dressed in blood.

Here in Alaska we've got generations of nigerian expectations: sponging fucking handouts and free money outa my fucking wallet. Fuck 'em, ain't no cure for poverty. My Santa spits on the poor, the dark and miserable, swaps their land and languages fer booze, then rapes them.

Fuck! Now that's Swedish Christmas! So wash my fucking balls and set the slaves on cruise-control.

Never thought we could blame them fucking fair skinned Norwegians and blue-eyed sick fuck Finns for ALL of the raping of the world's shortest and darkest bitches, thus leaving scores of retard mixed bleed alcoholics for you coppers to beat on.

Just don't react to your mysterious rage and unexplainable anger. I know. I'm there dude. I'm cranky, pissy and bitchy as all get-out. Fer Fucksake.

I mean Christ's sake.

Later bitches, keep an eye on your lousy tempers.

Karluk Puk Nigluk


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