Monday, March 13, 2006

Killer cereal includes crackers with yer whine.

Top of the morning gents,

As mentioned heretofore, and in the web heading of
this 1000+ page log of pirated experiences and
imagination, this feral Finn grew up a mere stoner's
throw from Green River and Bundy Creek, WA.

I also graduated the same year and in the same school
district as Wesley Allen Dodd; a Lynnwood cohort that
lynched little boys then partied in them. Culture is
beautiful, yet highly lethal when concentrated.

So is inbreeding. You graying gunslingers and Alaskimo
felons know exactly what I’m talking about cuz we’ve
arrested deaf mutes from kissing cousin grandparents
having consensual, yet unprotected herp/hep/aids nasty
mashing hook-ups.

Ever fuck a deaf person? I gorped a mute-gimp at UCP
(United Cerebral Palsy): really loud sex that sounds
like birthing calves. Smells like it too.

All us rural Washingtonians were forced to learn what
in God’s name post-mortem coitus is: AND at a really
young fucking age. Our over-educated pap's
explanations of KOMO and KIRO broadcast updates of our
country’s largest unsolved multiple and simultaneous
serial killing sprees, right out back of the goat’s
pasture, quite frankly made me and Cully sick as shit.
Scared too.

Kotzebue trivia: Albert Sanders, originally of KOTZ
fame not fortune, haunts the KIRO airwaves just as
sure as yer jerking off as we speak.

See? Little kids and violent gramps bust a gut over
potty talk, poop humor and sphincter-ani sound
reproduction, NOT sucking and fucking rotting human

Like a short bus drooler 'tard, I didn't comprehend
exactly what serial killers and sexual predators
actually did until dad explained it to me the third
time. When I got my mind around cereal killer lusts, I
fucking heaved my goat's milk hot serial mush.

It also made me and Cully’s early morning paper route
a really imaginative nightmare: if you were quick ye
might see a scared to shit little blond kid rocketing
his bike down dirt roads and wooded Indian Trails at
O’Dark Hunnert Hours. Yup, that’s me: pitching papers
like an gook on meth in a Whitney Foods slime line
just dirt feet above mass graves way the fuck out on
the Kikiktagruk Spit.

Out of the pan and into the fire I moved to Alaska,
and as Columbo and Octuck chide me: all the killing
stopped. Funny, sure, my smartest friends got the
sharpest jabs; giving me hard nipples and a drippy
dick, bless the lot of ye.

As for my slumming with you vicious killers that
likely all have traces of Viking blood in ye, all I
wanted to do was retreat from responsibility and back
down the totem pole a few notches and get down with
all ye darkies. I had no clue all the rest of the
nation's serial killers followed me to Alaska
transparently stowing away and continuing their hobby
craft killing with none of us even knowing. Fun to
play in this cat box ain’t it? Fiction mates, pull yer
panties outa yer moistening cheeks and keep up.

Multiple personality disorder is a bitch when all yer
other selfishly supplicant moods and spells are
occupied by incarnates far meaner and crueler than yer
sick author on drugs. Some days are a blank, but I
fully believe I ain't culpable for crimes committed
beyond my awareness.

I know what yer thinking; drink it off yer minds

In the chemical war on psychosis and congenital cruel
behavior, my selective pruning and chemical
enhancements successfully sent all them other
disturbed Nordic haunt-squatters to Valhalla. Since
then, I found myself forever banished from Washington
and embraced by graying gunslingers and uniformed

Transformations of men need not yield wet nurses with
slingblades, but merely changed men. Better or worse I
don't give a fuck, looking around at all of ye, my
assertion is ye just can't go back.

Go ahead maggots, go back to yer home towns, villages,
family, klan or tribe for longer than 6 months, you'll
be gasping for air and longing for some really killer
sex and cereal. Amen?

We're realizing our dreams.

Come on, didn't all of ye have childhood daydreams
about where you are right now? Alaska? New York?
Helsinki? Japan? Ukraine? (I'm including domiciles of
some of ye BCC pussies).

Sad to say they're ain't never no going home. You’re a
man: which means ye just keep moving forward
progressing in the direction of your dreams, and our

My gramps and pops concur that as men age their peers
die off or go to prison without replacements.

Fuck that shit. This Get Smart Cone of Silence is yer
forum with most of the material you read composed from
interactions with you bastards.

Pity our worldwide readers only get to read revised
versions with all accuracy FUBAR and ALL email
addresses omitted by cousin hack-hack.

Just like inserting a rotten fish inside the driver's
seat of the Wernecke dog van, or eating sandwiches
specially prepared by Sgt and K7 Garroutte, yer gonna
read tales fetched from a collective consciousness,
yet completely lacking taste, nor a fucking
conscience. It's my job to rub yer fucking face in
shit you long hatched and pussy you long scrawged,
shot and buried.

I'm betting the Sgt is cackling at my chowing down a
WAY salted and peppered bologna sandwich. I tried to
eat shit and grin, but the pepper pert near killed me:
and so did K7 and Sgt's uncontrollable spastic

Just like me, ain’t none of ye ever fired a weapon,
nor owned one. I also remember my first boner, sure.

Thought provoking fiction: little more.



You are getting old, so put on yer bifocals and read
this news clipping. Makes a wino wanna grin again.

Have some crackers with yer whine.


Red Wine Fights Periodontal Disease that Hits Most
Older People

Components modulate tissue damage induced by bacteria
in gum diseases

March 10, 2006 – The latest medical miracle for red
wine is its assist in preventing and treating
inflammatory periodontal disease, which attacks about
65 percent of Americans over age 50, according to new
research. Periodontitis is a progressive infectious
disease affecting the gums and bone that surround and
support teeth, often causing tooth movement and
leading to permanent tooth loss. About 65% of adults
over 50 are affected by this disease.

In recent years, the benefits of consuming fresh
fruits and yellow-green vegetables and beverages,
particularly green tea and red wine, have been
reported to reduce human cancer incidence and
mortality. The potential health benefits of those
products are attributed to a broad range of compounds
called polyphenols. (See sidebar)

Recent studies have also shown that red wine, and
particularly grape seeds, possesses anti-inflammatory
and anti-tumor activities and prevent heart disease.

Mechanisms by which these phenolic compounds exert
their protective effects include their anti-oxidant

Scientists from Université Laval (Québec, Canada),
reporting today at the 35th Annual Meeting of the
American Association for Dental Research, conducted a
study to investigate the role of polyphenols,
including those from red wine, in scavenging free
radicals released by immune cells stimulated with
components of bacteria causing periodontal diseases.

Because free radicals are generated by immune cells
during periodontitis, it is critical to keep them at
low levels to maintain healthy gums.

Their results indicated that red wine polyphenols
significantly modulate several inflammatory components
released by macrophages (a population of host immune
cells) in response to bacterial stimuli.

Specifically, polyphenols efficiently scavenged and
inhibited free-radical generation by host immune cells
by controlling intracellular proteins involved in
their release. These anti-oxidant properties of red
wine polyphenols could be useful in the prevention and
treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases as well
as other disorders involving free radicals.

About this report:

This is a summary of abstract #1080, "Red Wine
Polyphenols Modulate the Oxidative Stress Induced by
Periodontopathogens", by V. Houde, D. Grenier, and F.
Chandad, of Université Laval, Québec, Canada, to be
presented at 2 p.m. on Friday, March 10, 2006, in
Pacific Hall of the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel,
during the 35th Annual Meeting of the American
Association for Dental Research.

Interested readers can refer to an article in the
March, 2006, issue of the Journal of Dental Research,
"Anti-inflammatory Activity of a High-molecular-weight
Cranberry Fraction on Macrophages Stimulated by
Lipopolysaccharides from Periodontopathogens", by C.
Bodet et al. of Laval University, Montreal, PQ, Canada
(J Dent Res 85[3]:235-239, 2006).


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