Friday, February 10, 2006

A day at the races.

Top of the morning gents,

Better than plain ol' 'dudes' eh?

Tracking social development and cultural change in America takes a special kind of lens and special kind of brain. A discriminating brain: albeit colorblind too. Know what I mean?

For Dr. Benesch's PHILO 320 class (philosophy: 3rd year-jr level, second semester) I researched and debated the relative effectiveness in Brown vs. Board of Ed. that resulted in forced integration, meaning forced long haul bus rides for sawed off chitlens of every odor.

To further insure I avoided "foolish inconsistencies" I dragged snippets and bits of programmed humor, programmed class systems and programmed racism now visibly retro-evident as "the hobgoblin of little minds." (Emerson)

You assfucks already know I was diggin' this shit.

In rural America over 1/3 of the population suffer from chronic illnesses easily diagnosed and treated with modern medicine. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it. Since I know all yer roots, this factoid smarts don't it?

Ya see culture is promulgated and reinforced at work, play and church. Since the Feds control school, this was determined by smarter social scientists residing East of the Mississippi and North of Mason Dixon: to be the desired lever of change.

Forced school integration + Forced bussing = Fragmented obsolete values and behavioral incongruencies between generations.

So across the US, K-12 schools became forging device that effectively gutted and vaporized pre-Civil War values and behaviors infecting our generations-and older. This includes value systems derivative of tall alcoholics of Nordic descent too.

Tricky guv'ment bastards aren't they?

Let all us older and dumber farts malinger away under a brilliantly and liberally applied eraser of wicked history. As excessively trained, yet violent fucking soldiers, you know the truth, cuz it's ugly like y'all AND yer shithouse mirror.

Hoorah for using K-12 schools to undermine rotten old mutually dependant and reciprocating racism at work, play and church. Someday, our kids might go to an all-white senior prom and dance.

Got you didn't I? You forgot my kids and grandkids are sisters from darker mothers whom herself has been barred entry to Moose, Elks and Lyons Clubs merely cuz her skin was a skoatch darker than the color card at the door that day.

Under certain equatorial sunlight conditions, my Eskimo wife turns pure black. She'll need another 10,000 years north of 70 lat before she earns her albino hide covering and blue eyes.

Ya see, my notions of proper color and class have been repeatedly pitched on their ass. Beuler Terrace to Kotzebue, painful flip. Some changes are for the better, amen?

For a bunch of graying gunslingers and uniformed felons yer a pretty progressive and intellectual lot. You all may remember a gal that proved thought paradigms are shattered at the individual level, not the collective. A dude might be brilliant, but a commission or board is ALWAYS compromised, retarded and useless in spheres avant garde or creations imaginative.

Even though she's dead and long gone, we still can sing praise for one of our own dearly departed.

I was missing Jan Shackles the other day. Chick was a midget linebacker for the Doctors Without Borders program AND one pretty decent triage Doc faster'n a spic with a Mexican speed wrench.

Doctor Shackles was also a very short black woman that favored shithole native hospitals sub-arctic fer big city med-palaces. Her fucking holidays were spent partying in field medic tents on yonder continent sub-Saharan.

No shit, this chick could sew kids' random black parts together as fast as they flew from tribal warring machetes and sub-civil aboriginally superior propeller blades.

She herself died under attack. Her Red Cross motorcade was decimated by flying debris accelerated by rapidly expanding gasses. Mortars and roadside bombs are like African tribal disputes: they don't discriminate; they kill everybody of every color all the time. 2,000 mph hot scrap metal don't slow down in butter nor melted med staff. Fuck all.

We are all as racist as the next fellow. But a genius already knows his own foolish inconsistencies; concealed or advertised.

Despite my insensitive self-deprecation, it's still best we not act upon our subconscious tendencies towards interracial gunplay. If we followed our grandparent's racist marching orders, we'd all be dead.

I'd likely be the last alive, but writing to nobody.

Hands are met for shaking not tying.



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