Friday, March 03, 2006

"Ah young Grasshopper. You have learned well."

Top of the morning gents,

Most percentages and statistics are made up on the spot.

I've also been told a million fucking times not to fib.

No numbers, just assertions: most job creation and marketing and product innovations arise from the private sector and companies with employees numbering UNDER a hunnert.

Not so on the North Slope. Nor anywhere else in rural Alaska.

Despite poaching and predatory buyouts buy native corporations, and resource extraction entities, small biz incubation is key to vitalizing failing and dysfunctional rural economies.

Besides, every rural community needs something, and the kid that yelled, "The King has no clothes" also preached we "find what's needed or wanted, then produce it."

After scanning the millions of news sources for anything Alaskan or village I found a wonderful story where a native corpse is poaching upstream (vertical integration) and harvesting opportunities out of the back pockets of the state like a Vietnamese pickpocket.

Check this out. The NANA Regional corp. successfully nicked the janitorial contract from the Mat-Su Borough School District.

I'm fucking grinning like a chinked chief.

When Porter let NANA pilfer the Alaska Airlines in-flight meal contract, he intentionally submitted a REALLY high bid: a number he liked, plus a corn-grinding bonus sure to scab ass with the airline.

Our dude Porter knew full well that big and slow paying money loser would get snatched by NANA mgt, whilst we chuckled at their doomed efforts to service this contract WITHOUT use of the Bush Pilot Bar-and it's giant on-site facilities.

TSA shit and pissed all over NANA's in-flight meals as they searched the shit, with Alaska Airlines still serving this grubby and pawed over shit food to it's passengers.

When Porter phoned me and told me he was ready to sell the Bush Pilot Bar, he already had his agent in play, in place and erect: yer author on drugs.

NANA now owns the Bush Pilot Bar; all the concession rights the entire Fairbanks Airport and added numerous airline in-flight meal prep and delivery contracts.

A shining example of private sector developing a valuable asset with a Native corp. assimilating these assets with the promise of waitress, dishwasher, cook and bartender jobs specifically for you maggots: NANA shareholders. Pity the dividends be niggardly ad infinitum. Can I get an amen?

Don't think anybody loses in these games. Nobody lost anything: we all won. Porter got his mil+ cash pile to split with his fleeing wife and I.

*NANA does foods for the entire UA system.

*Housekeeping and foods for Kuparuk, Prudhoe Bay and Alpine Oil Fields.

*Owns the entire food and beverage concession for the Fairbanks Airport-classy bar, restaurant, vending machines and espresso stands etc.

Now in the Mat-Su, NANA scores again: all the janitorial work for the entire Mat-Su School District, thus creating a butt load of shareholder jobs as janitors for our village neighbors. How cool is that?

By laying off school district PERS janitors, we can send droves of 50K+ a year school workers with walking papers and install a butt load of grabby abbies happy to work for $7.00 an hour.

Instead of outsourcing jobs to dirt-poor Asian workers, we can IN-SOURCE jobs away from wiggers in the valley and hire and install our own low wage work force. Now that's sport fucking and a beaut of a recipe to compete and succeed in the service sector here in my beloved resource extraction colony I call Alaska.

NANA has a huge pile of unused manpower of preferred member workers-shareholders: an untapped reserve of low wage workers at their disposal. Who'd a thunk it that NANA could attract and retain cheap labor force right in our own feral and rural backyard. Like my STP oil and fuel additives, NANA definitely got the "Racers Edge."

Okay, I'm rubbing yer anes with chards of salty glass. Sometimes it takes a swat upside the puss to get you guys seeing "behind blue eyes." (P. Townsend-The WHo).

Do you see what it takes to compete and succeed when hosing the shit outa yer detractors, competitors and enemas? High marks to NANA for this coup de etat, pity to the sore losers now forced to discover life forever as German sperm in a bucket, Janitor in a Drum.

Don't worry, reading my shit ain't gonna infect ye, it's merely an interfacing between contexts. Or as Timo Aristo says, "Fuck Karl." "That's wrong on so many levels."

This friggin' goy fucking loves me. We best pray God loves us too.

To get to the hard truth in matters such as business contingency guessing, or game theory, and still win a butt load of labor intensive contracts, you'll need to have yer cost drivers nailed fucking down pat.

Nothing too complicated. Simple Equation.

Labor and Capital. Meaning, a crew of dudes and the equipment to pull off yer mish.

NANA might be a slow learner with a really mildly sloped learning curve, but I'm thinking you may someday receive a $20-60K dividend payout on the date of my wife's sixth stroke.

On that day, my blessed wife will be taking tea at half five with Aunt Rachel. Who exactly 20 years previously had a series of six strokes leaving me and David all alone to play in the sandbox and run up half day long phone calls arguing existence before and after being buried by all the fucking neighborhood cats.

Still with me?

I'm gonna sign off now, gotta jingle David Craig. He's been deprived of his daily game of literary jousting and philosophical boxing amidst my clever concealing any rustling of papers, cheat sheets and notes.

What the fuck? Without a goddamned encyclopedia on hand, he'll toast my ass.

Besides, a google search still can't beat Mr. Craig's thinking speed and data retrieval.

I’m expecting the same banter and phone sex from all of you lads. That is, when me and David are bunkmates at an all white retirement home.

Despite us both being NANA shareholders, us old white niggers ain’t allowed to sleep at the Kotzebue Senior Center.

“Gotta keep ‘em separated.”



Mat-Su School Board votes to privatize custodial jobs
OUTSOURCING: Move will save $1.6 million, but some staff will see large pay cuts.

Anchorage Daily News

Published: March 3, 2006
Last Modified: March 3, 2006 at 05:22 AM

PALMER — NANA Management Services will clean Mat-Su schools next year, thanks to a vote of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School Board Wednesday night.

The board voted 4-3 to outsource custodial services and award NANA a three-year contract worth $4.4 million annually.

The move will save $1.6 million and will help close the $5.8 million deficit the district projects for fiscal year 2007, School District officials say. But outsourcing will force more than a third of the current custodial staff to take pay cuts or look for work elsewhere, some custodians say.

Close to 300 people gathered in and around the School Board chambers at Palmer High to hear the board decision. Another 150 or so listened via speakers downstairs in the library, said Ron Rucker, Classified Employees Association president.

Outsourcing garnered overwhelming public opposition in the past month. More than 700 people, including custodians, teachers, principals and community members, attended the Feb. 15 School Board meeting in the Palmer gymnasium. About 650 people at that meeting signed slips of paper, displayed on a wall on one end of the gym, to show their support for the current custodial system.

In all, the board heard more than three hours of public testimony against outsourcing. Many urged the School Board to lobby the borough Assembly and the state for more money instead.

"With a $1.2 billion surplus in their budget, (the state) should be able to do more for us," said Wasilla resident Anne Kilkenny.

Some School Board members, though, argued for sustainable fixes. Even with more funding, they said, the district would continue to lose money under the current custodial system because of the rising costs of health insurance and retirement benefits.

"I certainly don't have any qualms with the level of (custodial) service we have now or the individuals that are doing it," said board member Larry DeVilbiss. But outsourcing gives the district a "budgeting tool that's fixed and more stable."

While only two people testified in support of privatizing custodial services, board members Dan Contini, Cheryl Turner and Pat Purcell — who each voted to approve outsourcing — said they'd received numerous phone calls and e-mails from other proponents.

Contini said he didn't like the tone of many who testified Wednesday. Some accused the School District of targeting classified employees for most budget cuts, and one threatened to rally union workers Valley-wide to oust School Board members in future elections.

"At 5:25 p.m., I made up my mind how I was going to vote. You didn't change my mind tonight; you only made it worse," Contini said.

Board members Linda Menard and Robert Wells, along with Board President Sarah Welton, voted against outsourcing. Welton echoed many who testified that custodians are more than housekeepers: They are mentors and role models for children and vital to the overall success of schools. Custodians under NANA, they argued, might not make those emotional connections.

"Yes, we're saving money. What do we value? Do we value education in all of its areas or are we only valuing schooling?" Welton said. The difference, she said, is that education considers a child's total well-being, not just rote memorization of academic facts.

And while the School District is saving money, many custodians are losing out, opponents said. More than a third of the 112 custodians face pay cuts as deep as $10 an hour, said Rucker.

Custodian Mike Gorup of Sherrod Elementary School has been with the School District for 22 years and currently earns more than $24 an hour, a full $10 an hour more than he'd make with NANA.

Gorup's wife, Teresa, has been a custodian with the district for 18 years, he said. She'd lose $6 an hour.

"This is devastating. Me and my wife both lost our jobs. We can't afford (to work for NANA)," Gorup said. "I have to sell my house as it is."

Michael Torborg, a custodian at Colony High School, says he's not sure whether he'll work for NANA. He's been with the School District since 1999. He stands to lose more than half his wages-down to a as low as $7 an hour.

"I'm a single parent of two. That's a big cut," Torborg said.

Darin Hargraves, NANA area manager for Mat-Su, said the company would retain as many custodians as possible. Though some might face pay cuts now, he said, NANA offers opportunities for advancement within both the custodial ranks in Mat-Su and NANA's statewide and national corporate ranks.

NANA's contract will take affect

July 1. Hargraves said the company would begin meeting with custodians and school administrators within the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Contact reporter Becky Stoppa at or (907) 376-0756.


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