Thursday, September 01, 2005

Useless, mindless trivia. Unless yer a clever bastard that ceases his medication intentionally.

Top of the morning gents,

Wait a second.

As soon as my blessed Siberian Mrs. heads off to work
at the Ilisagvik Institute for the Mentally Retarded,
I kill KOTZ-online and switch over to my zone:

*DR Klassisk Copenhagen, Denmark

*Klassikaraadio Tallinn, Estonia

2 of the best fucking classical radio stations in the
world and can be found here:

Listening to such symphonic bliss was impossible until
my browner brained community could evolve above dial
up modems that operated at the same processor speeds
as my arctic ghetto neighbors.

Now I'm hooked up on the GCI crack pipe and sucking
down giga piles of data through-put bigger than the
turds I hatch every morning and shit for brains grabby
abby pals (shit poor aboriginals) I drink with every

Way cool dudes.

Every morning I search for Alaskan news articles that
I find intriguing, then do court, record, and arrest
searches on people I've no legal right to investigate.

But I do anyway, fuck ye.

You'd be surprised what goodies and tidbits I find:
especially the driving, civil and criminal histories
on you lot. Shit, I thought I was the dirty bastard in
this gang of killers; Jesus fuck, y'all got me beat.

If you send me a request for information on anybody,
I'll be happy query the correct databases and
histories at my disposal then send you the data via
bogus email accounts I've kyped.

Hiding key stroke logger .exe files in jpgs or html
graphics will report back to me all keystrokes entered
once a sucker opens up my email.

I get overloaded with usernames, passwords, etc. but
I'll never mess around with any bank accounts.

Remember? I've cut my daily felonies down to zero.
I've gained control over my impulse behaviors now. No
more nefarious schemes, stunts, pranks and all the
other irresistible behaviors hyper-actives and
hyper-risk-taker Scandinavian Blue-eyed Jews with
3-digit IQ's indulge in.

I'm transfixed, fascinated and amazed with clever
scams, hacks and criminal psychology: 2-3 days after I
quit eating amphetamines for breakfast and with beer
and bong rips at half five (5:30pm).

No shit, I can't resist cooler'n shit criminal brain
storming when I'm off my Ritalin. My guess is that my
lineage is rife with criminal brilliance and educated
methods of separating dipshits from their money.
Imagine, a pill that keeps wise guys like me out of

That goddamn DNA molecule is a bitch ain't it?

Yer cursed to be an identical alcoholic as yer bastard
parents and asshole grandparents.

How do I know this?

I see far too many DWI's on court documents listing
you lads as honorable recipients. But what the fuck?
Who am I to care. You bastards are my only friends.

Sticking up for you guys when you're right is easy.

Sticking up for you killers when you're dead wrong is
the hard part: this takes character, empathy and
understanding. Besides we agreed: nobody can fuck up
as good as me.

If God can love ye, I ought to be able to show some
affection for you lot: a gang of heavily armed rural
Alaskan motherfuckers.

Send me a name. I'll fetch a history that'll knock yer
socks off. Even city managers, borough and city
council buttfuckers; whatever.

Remember, everything in a courthouse is public except
current trials and open cases. All else is at the
disposal of journalists, investigators, and fuck-ups
like your author on drugs.

I ran Mike Zagars, Ken Hall, and some other miscreant
clients I've 'framed', 'set up', and 'entrapped' over
the years, even our respective mayors. Fuck! Some of
their criminal and civil histories are longer'n yer

When one of my daily newsletters for investigators
looks interesting I'll forward them off to you. So far
I'm still exploring state and federal court records,
death and birth certificates and unusual databases
that take hours to sort.

No worries mates, I ain't looking for a new identity.
I kind of like the one I'm using now.

What the fuck, I'll throw you a frickin' bone, but
just the legal 'public' sites. I have to keep in mind
that my only friends are cops, narcs, troopers, and
child safety advocates.

History is the only data that provides explanatory and
predictive powers when examining human buttfuck

Here are two good Alaskan websites: one with just the
newest digital data, the other is old archived crap.

Both are a bonus bonanza info for the likes of Mason,
Squish, Octuck and Waller.

Here's all the old court data; decent archive search

This site kicks ass. Skip Tracer's Special. Bonus dudes.

Do a search on yer own ass first. Just enter your last
name and hit return, you can leave all the other
blanks empty, unless theirs a red asterisk next to it,
then just enter the first name initial.

Trust me, you'll shit yer pants.

Stay tight, and stay in touch.



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