Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Calling all fuck-ups, losers, and child gomers: Come to Alaska, you'll blend in with all of us just fine.

Top of the morning gents,

The ass-fuck that killed his girlfriend right near Logan's driveway on Chena Hot springs Road passed away from chewing too many birth control pills and rusty crunchy tampons.

Remember that poop dick?

This was the guy that chopped up his girlfriend with an axe, then overdosed his shredded faggot ass with psycho whack job anti-homo anti-child gomer medications.

Bet you didn't know that there are medicines to cure sick fecus ejaculator baby pluggers did you?

There ain't. They just flee their hometowns and rapist parents, only to arrive here in rural Alaska.

Just like all of us.

The chinks and mongoloids chased the ice niggers off the Asian continent; dumping them on a backward developing penal colony we fondly call Alaska. Alaska is the last frontier and the final resting place for the refuse and dregs not clean enough to live outside.

Takes one to know one: and I'm looking around at each and every one of ye.

Yup, the world's worst killers and rapists; that's us, and damn proud of it.

Thinking of all of our collective criminal histories paints a grotesque picture of decently endowed and moderately intelligent artful dodgers. Birds of feather fuck together.

That's our lot in life mates. The uniforms and feigned illusion of municipal and musical talent still don't conceal the viciousness and cruelty we all possess.

What? Do you think anomalous cruelty like the miserable Heeb Inquisition yielding a lynched hippy from Nazareth and it's subsequent National Socialist Party (NAZI) are veins of condensed shit-headedness that only occur on yonder continent?

Everything good and evil is contained within all of us. If ye dispute this, raise yer hand and drop yer shorts. Then, without smirking, chuckling or busting a gut, declare to all of us ye ain't never raped a human being, dog or cat.

Fuck me in the goat ass. 'Struth mates: yer dick will shrink, yer nose will grow, and yer anes will astart aflexin'. Another liar's giveaway is displayed by yer chewing on yer warts like Mark Arneson, cracking yer knuckles like yours truly, or grimacing like the Sgt.

Yer existence here in Alaska is as correct and karmic as an Indun in a dumpster.

Why in fucking hell would y'all be so entertained with my 'fictional' tales of raping, robbing, and pitting cops against my drug-dealing competitors?

Cuz yer all peas in a pod, shot pellet turds in a lynched 'skimo, and fleeing lice in the hair of a rotting half a gas can. We're all living dead, cynically correct public safety scabs, raped yet not frozen.

Aside from highly illiterate African slime tribes, mirrors are also deadly scary for all of us mates.

Y'all wouldn't look so fucking awful if ye had the nads to look honestly in the mirror, clean yer smoky teeth and scrape the corpse crust from yer fangs and nails.

Wesley Allan Dodd can kiss my fucking ass and Ted Bundy is a pussy. The Green River Killer did more to educate mankind how a true mass murderer thinks by his descriptions of returning to his kills, snuggling and humping his corpses, and cutting trophies to sniff and lick later.

The reason my language is so familiar is I speak to the many reincarnated murderers that roam the world forever inside the stinking bloated bodies you guys call stud muffin bate.

Again: look deep in the mirror, then explain to all of us why you are perfectly happy and content to live in our blessed FAZ. It's ain't cuz you Can't Understand Normal Thinking (cunt), it's cuz ye do.

Analogous to your author on drugs, it takes one to catch one. The uniform merely indicates yer level of self-awareness is at such a high degree, you're now charged with the duties of protecting innocent children from assholes just like all of us in previous life forms.

You chaps are an honorable lot. You haven't forgotten how recent humans endeavored to evolve above African monkey fucking.

Some truly significant things had to occur before I could read and write to all of you rapists, murders, and cannibals.

My hair slowly fell away leaving seeping pores.

These pores, vacant from vacating hair follicles, began cooling and chilling me from the trace amounts of water, salt and waste products emitting from these millions of micro-pores.

This newly damp and constantly drying skin cooled me so much I could eventually cease my panting like a fucking dog, soon to be a habitually bipedal dog.

Once this lethal hominid stopped panting, I also discovered that chewing my cudd was disgusting and stinky, so I quit.

This left my mouth, trachea, and barking vocal chords free to rant, rave, mumble and chuckle at you sons of fucks that looked like balding noisy rats.

Losing my hair and cooling sans panting just outside of the Olduvai Gorge triggered a drastic increase in my language capabilities allowing me to yell at y'all to hurry up and flee that stinky nigger infested continent and boogie up north to snack some blond pussy.

Pert near a million fucking years later, I'm now insulting all of you killers with ancient truths not forgotten nor appreciated.

If there is a God, she's an Eskimo woman. Ice nigger moms always spoil their boys and bitch slap their daughters. Hence: the non-patriarchal, albeit matriarchal curse of menstruation, child squatting menopause, and living so fucking long.

Plus, She cursed all women with mitochondria cells that contain prehistoric strands of DNA providing my smarter doctor brothers with a road map all the way back to when my gasping and panting mouth was no longer needed for body cooling, thermal self-regulation and ambient temperature homeostasis, and when we all lived in the same shit caked caves.

The truth will set you free. Unless yer a woman, then the mitochondrial truth will forever curse you with shrill monkey screams and tirades, office politics akin to gorilla pussy, and big huge ovaries we wished we had swinging under yer fag pole in leather pouches doubled dutying as mud flaps.

Besides, every mother and female juror will attest: never trust any bitch that can piss and moan, and bleed for a whole fucking month, yet still not die.

The reason us husbands die long before our wives? Cuz we want to leap ahead to the next life form in a failed endeavor to advance beyond our simplest bitches used by all of our native in-laws and outlaws as rape attachments, semen fodder, aboriginal virus shuttles and native infection delivery systems.

Holy cow you lads are tough. Tough enough to be my only friends, and audience. David Craig just heard my recitation of this lecture. He concurs, yer tough. But not as tough as Larry Wallace.

You can call him if you disagree @ 360-432-9067.

Salazar's ghost is standing right behind me as I'm writing. He just slapped my back with a hoot and said, "Send that fucker!"

Next lecture: Krebs cycle, ATP, and how plankton saved all life on Earth.



Article Published: Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Murder suspect dies in hospital

By CHRIS TALBOTT, Staff Writer

A man authorities believe killed his girlfriend in Two Rivers died late last week after a family member authorized doctors to take him off life support.

Jessie Dail, 22, died Thursday night shortly before 9 p.m., according to an Alaska State Trooper spokesman. His death ends the investigation into the murder of Sylvia Kitajima, 28, a woman believed to be involved with Dail.

Troopers found Dail unconscious from a drug overdose outside the back of his rental cabin after his landlord reported the killing. He never regained consciousness, but investigators believe evidence at the scene clearly points to Dail.

Dail used a hatchet to kill Kitajima, AST spokesman Greg Wilkinson said. Evidence of the attack was obvious.

"He really was our primary suspect in the investigation," Wilkinson said.

Dail's landlord, Judy Cooper, found Kitajima on the afternoon of Aug. 15 when she stopped by the Kanuti Road rental property to take Dail to work.

A Fairbanks Memorial Hospital spokeswoman confirmed Dail's death but would not release the name of the family member who authorized doctors to take him off life support.

Wilkinson said troopers found empty prescription bottles at the scene that once contained prescription medicines--Goedon for schizophrenia and depression, and the anti-convulsant Depakote. Dail was being treated for mental illness.

Kitajima was last seen alive around midnight on Aug. 15 and her body was found about 16 hours later.

Cooper said Dail and Kitajima were a couple. Cooper gave him the cabin rent-free in exchange for work around her bed and breakfast and dog yard. She said he had jumped parole in Virginia and was starting a new life.

Kitajima is survived by family in Southeast, including an adolescent daughter, her friends said.

Staff writer Marmian Grimes contributed to this report. Chris Talbott can be reached at 459-7575 or ctalbott@newsminer.com .


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