Saturday, August 20, 2005

Facts concealed in opinion? Nope, other way 'round.

Top of the morning gents,

Good day at the markets and bourses.

S&P is nibbling at near record highs, 40 year highs to

The reason I mention this is cuz Columbo has a tasty
state pension allocation diverting monies into the
Standard and Poor's Index. Good call there Chief.

Funny, we're the last of a dying breed of public
service employees that are Tier I, entered PERS on or
before June 30, 1986.

*Tier II pensioners entered between 7.1.86-7.1.96
*Tier III pensioners entered between 7.1.96-7.1.05
which is the date we abolished the State of Alaska
Pers/Ters retirement system. Now y'all get a shit ass
401K set up, no better than what Alaska Commercial or
KIC offer.

Sorry to touch on such a sensitive nerve, Juneau and
it's crew of little Eichmann's did a real number on
yer large intestine and retirement poverty.

We ought not buttfuck our elders, so we'll let 'em
continue their public funded pensions to a face down
dirt sleep.

It's the new batch of incoming workers under the age
of 25 that are best suited to get the crust scraped
from their anes. Since they are too young to
comprehend the value of a fat pension, they make the
best candidates for an anular conversion: turning
their ass cheeks into an AARP catcher's mit with an
optional gonad punching bag.

To date, we have 20 workers supporting us old farts,
shortly to be reduced to only 3 young workers
supporting us. Sucks to be young.

In order for us elder motherfuckers to continue our
boss hogg appetites for cheap labor, cheap raw
materials, and stolen resources, we got no choice but
to ship good family wage jobs out to India, China,
Bangladesh, and God knows whatnot populaces of poor
folks. Poor folks previously saved from working too
hard and earning too much by our protectionistic labor
and trade barriers, having to survive at a subsistence
standard of living no better than a Noorvik Ice

Now that paints an awful picture don't it?

The EU (European Union) is having a hard time with
it's policy of the free movement of labor and capital,
meaning like Alaska, when the jobs dry up, we leave
the scraps and detritus debris to the dumb ass natives
that were here before the boom, yet landlocked here
after the bust.

In a perfect world, all humans, including natives of
dubious Sapien membership, are granted the right to
travel to where better jobs, higher wages, and better
living standards are offered. As long as natives don't
follow the brilliant examples set by Agent Octuck or
6Killer Westlake, we shant worry about grabby abbies
(aboriginals) following and competing against us fat
cats as we pack up and fly to ever larger paychecks.

Alas, in order for the rest of the planet to enjoy a
piece of our American Dream, we gotta harvest their
labors and resources, but at a fair price non-existent

"Ain't no profit in fair play or peace." (Grandpa

"Harvest the Earth before the Third World learns to
read." (Your author on drugs).

As we bring parity to Third World wages with jobs we
exclusively retained in God's country (N. America)
we'll see a drastic increase in overseas wages and a
slight drop in our own wages. Wal-mart is proving to
all of us that any hominid fool of any color and
sapien standing can scan groceries, stock shelves, and
maintain commercial premises.

The old labor unions that contracted with IGA,
Safeway, Associated Grocers, Fred Meyers, and
Tradewell Stores kept the labor component of the cost
structure in retail industries stupidly high, hence
artificially inflating prices and depleting our
grocery budgets.

Now with Wal-mart stomping the living shit out of and
running off labor unions, that inflationary labor
component has been eliminated.

Wal-mart may likely be the sole reason inflation is so

Now you know why we only publish 'non-farm payrolls',
cuz including wages paid to field pickers, wetbacks,
spics, and boat people would present rapidly declining
wages across the country and a bonus when we're
calculating the labor component in the cost structure
of the excess foods we gorge.

As a Viking, or a ScandiHoovian, or Blue eyed Jew, I
feel a bit slighted with so much opportunity allocated
to subpar subhumans living outside of America.

Of course, that means the system is working.

The third world is truly getting a Yank's share of the
world's resources. Seeing so many darker majorities
working so admirably is the pay off.

We've held the automobile monopoly for decades with
2.1 cars for every American citizen. Now China and
India are enjoying wage increases granting them the
privelege of owning cars too. That's where we're
fucked; 2 countries totaling over 40 times our
popluation (250 mil vs almost 10 bil), all working
jobs we used to retain here, buying cars that used to
be too expensive to purchase.

Capitalism only works when only us Americans adhere to
it. Capitalism is a curse when we allow too many
greedy humans from other teams onto the playfield.

Too bad our unjust enrichment is being syphoned away
towards other starving humans on non-American soil,
but that is the goal behind freer trade agreements;
abolish slavery and poverty with jobs installing
motherboards in our computers, sewing our fat butt
Levis, and dropping transmissions into our gas
chugging SUV's.

We used to simply give out free fish. Now we teach 'em
to do our old manufacturing jobs hence feeding the
world's poor with outsourced jobs usually paying 2-3
times previously prevailing wages, but at considerable
expense to the greedy; us.

We still have a long way to go before we eliminate
economic disparity in the developing nations. Best
cure? Send out more high paying manufacturing jobs.

One problem with outsourced jobs: they don't have to
pay US taxes, or US social security deductions. Hence
us baby boomers (born from 1946 to 1964) have to
extract our pensions from an ever shrinking labor base
in America.

I told you so. Slavery never left us: we just shuffle
it around and expand it to include waves of new
immigrants. Slaves ain't never to leave the farm, and
farm wages ain't ever supposed to be public knowledge.

No shit. Non-farm payrolls are such a clever play on
words. A tricky way to keep third world wages far away
from the calculation and publication of artificially
higher wages paid to ignorant folks.

Ignorant folks just like us would likely vote
differently if we only understood more about life and
living standards within our own bread basket.

Call me a dumb ass, but if you do, look directly at
the old fart in the mirror.



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