Friday, July 08, 2005

Minorities, and other lower life forms.

Top of the morning gents,

In the last few weeks, vitriolic and vicious hate speech has been heard echoing up and down the D.C beltway. Since the current putrid volume of hatred is gushing from the minority party, the Democrats, my bias shall reflect this.

Subtle racism is a predictable behavior displayed by every minority party since the Whigs and Tories battled over our hearts and minds. We saw this previously when the tables were turned the other way around and the Republicans were the bitter losers.

When President Fox of Mexico stated that illegal immigrants from his country working in America were taking jobs that “even blacks wouldn’t take”, he wasn’t too far from the perceived truth.

Yes, it’s a derogatory, racist, and ugly statement, but close enough to prejudicial images in all of our minds to win a game of horseshoes and hand grenades. To quote a brilliant and scathing Chris Rock, “There’s a civil war in America between the blacks and the niggers.” “Niggers got to go.”

Out here in rural Alaska we have Asians performing duties and tasks that even ice niggers refuse to do. If there were a Chamber of Commerce for bush Alaska, it’d likely be composed of mostly Philippines, Thais, Laotians, Samoans, and Koreans.

Most of our restaurants, bodegas, and cab companies in Barrow, Kotzebue, and Bethel are owned and operated not by ice nigger pockmarked salmon crunchers, but by hard working immigrant Asians joyful to be given so much opportunity to create and retain wealth unheard of their respective countries heretofore.

Housing projects, inner city ghettos, reservations and rural Alaskan villages share the same odor: with or without modern sanitation. Not by sharing similar skin color, just culture.

The only way to remove the village from the Eskimo is to remove the Eskimo from the village at an early age. This is documented with much lauded success with inner city ghettos and our beloved black neighbors escaping self-imposed poverty and disease with the offering of freedom: an education.

Meritocracy is the name of the American game; merit for hard work and education, democracy granted only to those that vote smartly and continuously.

Other countries don’t have this phenomena cuz they don’t have remotely similar population diversity nor open borders welcoming new immigrants refilling labor shortages left behind by our upwardly mobile citizenry.

Accordingly, it may be considered poor taste amongst women’s libber abortion suckers, gay same sex fecus eating activists, uppity blacks and high stepping yellow folk to use racial slurs, but it’s perfectly acceptable for them to insult and bash intellectual freedom, and choice of religion. Hatred of thought and freely disagreeable speech is still politically correct.

Our race wars have now penetrated the skin and skulls and become wars of philosophy, opinion, and ideology: exactly where it should be.

Judge a man by the content of his character (consistent beliefs and views) but not by the color of his skin. (I kyped a beauty from M. L. King)

This is a common occurrence throughout history whenever you the hear stereotyping of races by similarly colored minds collecting under a common political platform. Lincoln was nominated by the Republican Party due to his neutral stance on slavery and perceived as no threat to Slavery Power so prevalent in the agrarian economy of our pre-Industrial country. To maintain this veiled acceptance of slavery and perceived resistance to abolition he was kept out of site during most of the 1860 Presidential Campaign.

What’s not commonly known about Lincoln was his vicious and cruel treatment of other Americans: Natives. Lincoln was the first president in American history to engage in biological warfare as an additional tool in ethnic cleansing and genocide. He signed off on the intentional distribution of infected blankets to Induns along with selling arms to both sides in tribal warfare and conflict. Few historians will reveal his confidential statement that he “cared not one wit for the Negro man, but if freeing the Negro people will effectively topple Southern power, then that will be our goal.”

Lincoln era Republicans are much like our current majority party, the election strategy that toppled the Democrats from power in both the White House and Congress, then and now, is a result of a fucking stroke of genius, if you ask me.

Imagine, the same party that brought us Lincoln and Reagan, also brought us 3 Bush terms resulting in the most racially and gender diverse cabinets and administrations in the history of the United States.

If Lincoln were alive today, he’d likely not be surprised to see Powell and Rice making world-changing decisions. You can call Republicans a lot of things, but the racial slurs seem to echo from a party that is famous for using the filibuster to thwart equal rights for all Americans, assassinating great emancipators then and now, and failing to smell its own shit first.

All American mobs, if given a chance will lynch a nigger, a faggot, or a welfare trash abortion cunt. See how labels affect your view of other humans? We’re all the same folks sharing fear and self-loathing of our neighbors, but divided by perception, ugly labels, and highly inaccurate stereotypes. The two dominant political parties are merely engaging in separatist and mugwumper hate speech in the prayer we’ll agree with and vote for them.

Political power is a battle where nobody walks away un-bloodied, with elections yielding black eyes and fat lips very similar to a Rwandan amputee.

Ironically and aside from the issues of slavery and equal rights, both parties are fully engaged in pirating oil-laden countries under the guise of a war on terror, and tyranny. It ain’t piracy when political parties are coconspirators and if the robber baron scumbag’s supertankers proudly fly the stars and stripes.

When you hear party leaders bad mouth their opponents, tune the crap out and replace it with the old frontiersman slogan, “The fox smells his own shit first.”

An example that comes to mind is the erroneous claim that radical religious fundamentalists have hijacked the Republican Party. Not so. More accurately, the Republican Party has hijacked most of the Bible belt away from the Democrats.

Building consensus is an art and winning presidential elections is a science.

During the 1976 Presidential Campaign, Jimmy Carter swept the election with overwhelming support from the following odd mixture of liberals from the Northeast, White segregationists below the belt of the Mason Dixon line, and the demographic sector consisting of the Religious Right; dubiously titled the Moral Majority.

Foibles in his international foreign policy and the subsequent disaster with OPEC’s oil embargo cost him his re-election handing the White House over to Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

Alas, history repeats itself: presidential scandal and ineptness will always castrate our country. Such shame is good for us all because it reunites Americans in kicking the bums out when we’re in dire need yet long overdue for a really good war.

“The needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few.”

The party that unites us by hook or crook will always have the majority, and the majority is always cruel. Since we abide by majority rules and it’s inherent minority cruelty, we must accept reciprocate intolerance when we find ourselves in a post election minority.

Building consensus in a highly diverse nation is a bitch, but not impossible. Who’d ever think that us Alaskans would be voting and marching side by side and in step with folks that also voted for the party that’s agenda includes both foreign and domestic energy development under the guise of smoking Muslim sand niggers, and repulsed by the notion of a ShopVac behind a rape and scrape clinic filled to the brim with rotting human fetuses?

Me mum is famous for parables and one that’s stayed with me is “To know yourself is to know God.” This also applies to our free choice of elected officials. We have to vote for the party that fights on the side of the issues we feel important. Cultural relativism and secular resistance to opinion formation relegates us to nothing more than cynics and a jaded populace powerless.

Until a citizen discovers where he stands on conflicted issues, he has stripped himself of the meaning behind being an American; we’re free to follow our hearts and minds, and vote accordingly without fear of retaliation. We must elect an advocate that shares our feelings and thoughts, not their lack of either.

Amoral leaders earn their place in the history books alongside Hitler, Vietnamese and Russian Presidents. Immoral leaders earn their seat at impeachment hearings. It broke my heart to see Blow Job Bill relegated to the same garbage heap as “I’m not a crook”-Nixon. (I quickly got over it.)

Every election requires extensive learning, personal research and reflection. A good education may be extraordinarily expensive and time consuming, but far cheaper than chronic ignorance, left-wing cynicism, and intellectual hopelessness.

Carry on gents, there ain’t no bad guys with different opinions, just neighbors like you and I. God created man, Samuel Colt made us all equal.

An armed society is a polite society, and the most lethal weapon against all social ills is an education.

You killers are likely already aware of this, thus why you put up with these seemingly witless miscellaneous ramblings from way too far North of 70 lat.



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