Thursday, September 22, 2005

Retarded Indun Energy Policies Guarantee Poverty Forever.

Top of the morning gents,

One of my spies in Shitbanks sent me a copy of
resolution number 21 from the Tanana Chiefs

Like Bat 21, I smell bat shit. Must be fun to be
native, and fucking retarded.

Penny wise. Dollar stupid.

Why a native run gang of thugs would want to impress
poverty upon the whole Interior is beyond me, but
that's the family financial disasters I see on the
horizon for rural Alaskan households forced to pay for
this year's energy bills.

Without a cheaper replacement for the diesel oils that
rural Alaskans burn up at their AVEC power plants and
also heat their homes with will likely experience
outright bankruptcy.

I ain't fucking kidding. Pert near a dozen medium
sized villages like Chevak and others have basically
undergone fuel oil debt restructure: under demand.

Modern day colloquialism for bankruptcy. It's a secret,
don't tell anyone.

I'm waiting to hear you guys bitch about your winter
energy bills, then I'll like Barrow even more. Maybe.

Like my Mrs. said before, the only folks that
discriminate against natives, is other natives. Along
the Yukon River and the inland villages we see $8.00 a
gallon gasoline and stove oil with electricity rates
so cost prohibitive, Gumby will have to swap out his
plug-in vibrator for a coffee thermos.

They're ain't no super cheap natural gas like the
monster reserve directly under my narrow ass, and
damming the Yukon for hydroelectric power is a pipe
dream we've bandied about for years.

Here's the ball buster: gasoline and heating oil
contracts just spiked 14% yesterday on the commodity
spot markets. On top of the price spikes we'll never
see dropping.

Ya see, when God got pissed off at the world he
flooded it. When I flood the world, I don't need no
stinking reasons. It's just fun to watch drunken
natives swim like old Alaskans fuck: badly.

Damming the Yukon will thankfully flood all of the
surrounding regions larger than Lake Powell and drown
everyone like rats. Okay, really filthy and smelly

So a dam is out of the question cuz it'd also flood
Shitbanks from the Brooks Range all the way to Denali.
Also out of the question is power lines or a natural
gas line to our blessed Interior and Yukon Koyokuk
Drainage Basin.

Did I say I like nukes?

With no drop in gasoline and heating oil prices for
the rest of eternity, a few older'n shit and ugly as
fuck Induns will dictate poverty and despair and break
the financial backs of their constituencies. I say
fuck 'em and lynch 'em like any red blooded Viking
would do to our deadly postcolonial African
dictatorial regimes.

Without power lines or natural gas piped to each
village, those suffering bastards will have to pay a
king's ransom to the new Crowley/Yukon Fuels monopoly.

The French beheaded monarchy by the thousands ridding
the country of a parasitic aristocracy, I see no
reason why our Yukon bros should tolerate retarding
and restricting class systems and economies constantly
crippled. Amen?

Ain't that the reason we all fled from somewhere else?

Mind you, everybody on the North American continent is
an immigrant.

Bend over and part yer cheeks, the barges are a
coming, along with their inherent risk of oil spills
barges are famous for.

Pipeline leaks and spills are easy to clean up. Just
shovel the dirt into drums and haul away. Not so when
you spill petroleum into the Yukon River, you'll have
ecological devastation on a scale far worse than if
Galena's toxic dumpsites continue seeping towards the
river's edge. Shoot, the last REAL oil spill we had in
the Trans-Alaska Pipeline was when a highly trained
sniper assassin put a bullet hole in the side of it.

I'm lying you know. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline was shot
by a lunar dude that was saving his last shriveled
and brown brain cell for his next drink of Lysol and
huff of gas. Real fucking genius.

Back to the issue at hand: Exorbitant heating and
power costs like you've NEVER seen before, or let
Toshiba install their system.

They know what they're doing, third largest
manufacturer in the world, and we can hose buttloads
of flights all over Europe to inspect their shit in
operation. Heck, one of you first American killers
and rapists might snag some Brillo Pad burly man
biscuit (hairy French pussy).

I like Nukes. France likes Nukes, and so does most of
Europe and Scandinavia. As a matter of fact, France
just announced their energy production is now 80%
nuclear. Maybe they're smarter than the members of the
TCNC (tanana chiefs neegro conference) board of brown

Remember the bastard energy trinity: coal, oil/gas,
and nukes. If yer lucky, you can replace one of these
with hydroelectric dams or windmills and tidal

Galena has been kicked in the mouth and had its head
stove in. With the base closure and bulldozing of the
site identical to what we all witnessed in Kotzebue,
that shit hole village will enjoy the view of a rather
large parking lot and closed airport decorated with
Cyclone Fencing and the inevitable accumulation of
reservation village trash.

Fuck, I've got it! After the base closure and
bulldozing, we can use the old Galena Air Farce Site
as a centrally located city dump. At least Galena
would smell better. Decaying trash trumps the rank and
pervasive Evans Odor 7 days a fucking week.

After the DOD electricity contract is pitched in the
shitter, Galena's power bills will once again mirror
all the rest of rural Alaska: just as oppressive and
poverty stricken as the stove oil prices you poor
bastards gotta pay.

Barrow's natural gas is the cheapest on the entire
continent and our electricity bills are the cheapest
in the state. Sucks to be a second rate ice nigger

Keep you posted. I ain't done bitching.


PS. How the hell do you spell Aummie Stalker's Inukun
name? Ameesimuk?

Don't laugh, even after pert near a quarter fucking
century it's still harder'n shit for this feral Finn
from The Killing Fields of the Pacific Northwest to
decipher yer goddamned Inupiaq.

So do I spell it out phonetically?

Can you guess the preference for basic readin' and
ritin' software for dimtards like me?

Hooked on Chronics.


TANANA Chief’s Conference:

Resolution no. 2005-21

Whereas: Toshiba Japan as been working with the City
of Galena, Alaska to establish an experimental nuclear
power plant in Galena utilizing specific technology
that has not been proven safe nor has it been licensed
for use anywhere in the world; and

Whereas: Nuclear power plants utilizing the same
technology have had emergency failures and had to be
shut down and these failures have made it necessary to
move such experiments to a remote and sparsely
populated community such as Galena; and

Whereas: The people of the Interior villages need a
source of inexpensive electrical energy and Toshiba is
using this fact to attempt to gain support for this
very risky experiment within our traditional homeland
despite the fact that there are many other less risky
forms of energy such as solar, wind, hydro, and
geothermal available to us; and

Whereas: Radioactive materials and contamination
remain hazardous for thousands of years and there is
significant risk of contamination and accidental
exposure associated with the storage, transport and
utilization as radioactive materials are transported
along the rivers or coastlines of our lands; and

Whereas: There is the potential for serious
catastrophic events and long-term damage to people,
the land, the fishery and the animals in the Yukon
River Drainage which are vital to the subsistence,
survival and heritage of the indigenous peoples along
the entire watershed; and

Whereas: We have for too long been subject to the
nuclear and medical experimentation of the world at
large without our knowledge and consent and with long
lasting effects to our health and well-being; and

Whereas: There are neither adequate plans for nor
adequate monies allocated to remove or remediate the
nuclear plant once Toshiba has finished the
experimentation of the world at large without our
knowledge and consent and with long lasting effects to
our health and well-being: and

Whereas: This type of experimental project would not
be tolerated near any populated are of the United
States and it is not acceptable in the land that our
ancestors passed down to us which we will in turn pass
to our grandchildren; and

Whereas: This nuclear experiment proposed by the City
of Galena will have a high probability of affecting
all villages, tribes, and people of the Interior
because of prevailing winds, migration of animals and
the flow of the water.

Now therefore be it resolved that the TCC Full Board
of Directors stands untied in opposing the
establishment of a nuclear power facility in Galena or
at any other location in the Interior of Alaska and
demands a moratorium on the experimentation with,
transport of, and storage of radioactive materials
within the Interior of Alaska and the Yukon River
watershed; and

Be it therefore resolved that the Tanana Chiefs
Conference Full board directs Tanana Chiefs Conference
administration, health, and legal departments to
expend full efforts to ensure that such a moratorium
is established and enforced.

Certification I hereby certify that this resolution
was duly passed by the Tanana Chiefs Conference Full
Board of Directors on March 16th, 2005 at Fairbanks,
Alaska and a quorum was duly established.

Michael Stickman


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