Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rural Alaskans deserve shitty schools and clinics, cuz poor is a state of mind.

Top of the morning gents,

Do you remember way back when Bun worked in that old Borough building where DCRA was located?

Long time eh?

I worked right behind her at the NWASD DO performing tear down and set up of office furnishings, emptying out CONEX containers of garbage and reorganizing storage in the yard behind Higman's old office and maintenance. The reason I used the acronym NWASD DO was that was the old name: Northwest Arctic School District District Office.

I also got to tear down the old print shop in the back rear of the District Office yielding a plethora of photo gear and lab tables, electronic goodies and surplus fixed asset inventory.

Do you remember when Roger Nordlum's warehouse by the airport didn't house the DA's Office, the State Troopers and the Welfare Begets Welfare Office?

Yup, most of you were still diapered rape bait, but some of you may remember me and MicroDot hauling truckloads and loaders full of School District Surplus Equipment from uptown to the airport in preparation for their auction.

This chore followed our inventory of the entire NANA region and every single school site. Everything bent, broken or unused got shipped back to Kotzebue, including junk not listed on the manifest.

That warehouse was huge'ern shit. We sorted a million tons of copy machines, computers, overhead projectors and finger removing metal cabinets stacked to the fucking ceiling. To lighten our load, I cruised Albert Monroe's, Pete Lambert's, Zagar's, and Kenny and Annie's offloading truckload treasure troves of tradestock. If ye know what I mean.

Also, since Higman ran S%R (shipping and receiving) I was able to afford (meaning free-ninety-free) to ship large boxes and crates to Cully's hideout somewhere near 85th and Greenwood. Near the dumpster where Zabrisky shot a magnum out the back of his head.

After we wrapped up that 2-year narc job in Willow, I got hired on at the AC Hardware and Lumber, next to Chris Madison's and Dan Yenni's shop at the airport end of 3rd avenue. So as you'd expect I was tasked with doing the inventory of every board, nail and trim piece.

The best way to start an inventory is to bust ass and do a super clean up job on the entire site.

No shit, every broken, bent, or cracked piece gets meticulously loaded and hauled to Albert Monroe's, Pete Lambert's, Zagar's, Ken Hall's, and Kenny and Annie's. Yer seeing a pattern of trade and barter, drug use and abuse, don't ye?

For a month or more, me and Dan Henry picked and sorted every dodgy plank, board and tool, restacked the entire lumber yard, groomed all the parking lots, alleys between lumber stacks and swept, mopped, and leaf blew every inch of the heated Quonset warehouse attached behind the store.

Our boss Win Scott was an angel.

Albeit an extraordinarily foul mouthed and hard drinking angel. Since we were dumping the Benjamin Moore line of paints, we got to take them all and sell them to Nate Thompson, Larry Wallace, and Jeff Skinner. Win said we could either spoil our friends, or crush them all at the dump. The paints, not our friends you dumbshits.

I made bank supplementing my wages with providing sweet deals to me mates on soil that's gone bad. I sold a coupla hunnert guns, mostly to you lot with some sold to the gooks. Sold lots of other shit too, but I can't mention it cuz there ain't nobody to dump the blame on.

Everything a thief owns, he has stolen.

Some nights, I'd 'go visit' Garoutte, Columbo or the Sgt. and drop off interesting firearms, pack Bun's backpack with checks and cash, then hit the bank and deposit everything into an account that vaporized pert near 50K over a dozen or so years.

Ya see, no matter how much money filled my net, I had a little Eskimo girl in Seattle with an identical cash burn rate.

Rural public schools and shitty BIA Native Clinics are best suited for retards, minorities, and poorly colored subhumans, but not my Siberian girl.

Our little Eskimo girl needed 2 things: a real education and good dental care. And she had parents and grandparents wealthy enough to afford it. All others must suck on the public tit and eat diluted nigger shit.

Despite Blue Cross, Delta Dental and being an IHS beneficiary, Sara Magnum's oral surgical procedures required a skoatch under 10 grand UP FRONT and BEFORE services were to be rendered. As per Dr. West's office policy for procedures deemed 80% cosmetic, 20% necessary. Don't that suck?

The following years of braces with Dr. Gunsolus were expensive as fuck, but adding the Sylvan Learning Center fees, private clarinet lessons and equestrian training at some indoor arena owned by her grandparents eventually soaked us broke.

But it's worth it.

Every trade and barter, purchase and sale went into raising our Eskimo daughter a few totem pole notches above her retarded lineage. Make sense?

For some reason Alaskan's believe they're supposed to eat shit and die retarded with lousier'n fuck public education for dimtards and health care unsuitable for even darker folks. This I find unacceptable.

So I did something about it. My hands are meant for shaking, not tying.

I do what I say. I say what I do. Kids do as you do, not as you say. So be careful whom you torture or rape in front of yer kids.


Read the attached. I rest my case.


Dental health

Trained aides are key to improving care in Alaska villages

Published: September 13, 2005
Last Modified: September 13, 2005 at 12:50 AM

In the controversy over using trained health aides instead of dentists to deliver care in remote Alaska villages, the state has sided with health aides. The attorney general's office agreed that a federal law allowing the aides trumps a state law that appears to require use of state-licensed dentists.

That's a good call for the people of rural Alaska. Routine dental care -- a key to preventing costly problems later -- is hard to get. Often it requires a special trip by plane to a larger community. It's time-consuming and expensive. Dental problems build up, undetected, until they turn into costly emergencies.

In an ideal world, rural Alaskans would have easy access to fully licensed dentists and doctors. In reality, delivering some degree of trained medical care in most corners of the Bush requires creative, practical solutions.

On the medical side of things, one of those creative solutions is the long-standing village health aide program. Trained primary care aides, based in the community, screen patients and handle simple maladies. Doctors working in a larger community supervise the aide. Patients with more serious conditions are sent out to the nearest hospital. About 500 health aides work in some 180 rural Alaska communities. With a record spanning three decades, the village health aide approach is well-established and not controversial.

That's not the case with dental health aides -- at least in this country. The American Dental Association has resisted the move to let aides do more than deliver basic education and simple prevention measures. Pulling teeth and similar procedures, the ADA says, should be done only by fully qualified dentists.

In the Alaska model, though, dental aides get the intensive training they need to deliver that kind of care. Their two years of study includes supervised time in clinics treating patients. More than 40 countries allow some kind of paraprofessionals to deliver an intermediate level of dental care, including Canada, Great Britain and Australia. New Zealand has used the model for some 75 years.

Rural Alaskans suffer greatly from the lack of routine dental care. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium describes cavities and teeth loss as "epidemic" in Native villages. The rate of cavities among Natives is 2.5 times the national average.

No doubt some of the epidemic is caused by heavy sugar consumption and poor dental hygiene, which might be improved by hectoring from on-site dental health educators. But consistent access to real dental care is absolutely essential too. Letting well-trained dental paraprofessionals deliver some of those services is a reasonable, cost-effective way to deal with a serious medical problem in Bush communities.

BOTTOM LINE: Dental health aides can do a great deal to improve health care in rural Alaska. Good on the state for recognizing that.


Alaska officials busy with 3 separate drowning incidents

By Maria Downey-KTUU News

Monday, September 12, 2005

Anchorage, Alaska - There was a series of deadly accidents on the waters of Alaska this weekend.

Late Friday night, three teens are presumed drowned after tipping a canoe in the Bering Sea near the village of Hooper Bay. The body of 15-year-old Clara Wilson was found the next day, while the bodies of 15-year-old Joseph Tomaganuk and 16-year-old Daylon Tall are still missing.

Alaska State Troopers say the teens were only about 100 feet from shore but none of them were wearing flotation devices in the frigid waters.

And then Saturday, on the west fork of the McLaren River about 20 miles south of the McLaren River Lodge near Paxson.

Troopers say 60-year-old Frederick Haynes of Nome drowned after his airboat capsized and he was swept downstream. Thirty-three-year-old David Reaves of Soldotna was also on board, but he able to make it to shore.

Troopers say Haynes was not wearing a life jacket at the time.

Then yesterday, Alaska State Troopers say Richard Vanderpool of Georgetown was found dead by hunters. He was found face up in the Kuskokwim River, more than a mile upriver from Georgetown.

Troopers say it appears that Vanderpool was intoxicated and fell out of his boat.

Officials say in each of the drownings this weekend, no one was wearing a flotation device.



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