Monday, September 12, 2005

God bless our existence in Hell.

Top of the morning gents,

I busted a gut when I saw the T-shirts and
bumper stickers with this rather clever slogan all over

"Nuke The Unborn Halfbreed Gay Whales For Jesus."

What a hodgepodge of every suburban issue, with the
halfbreed inclusion mere literary license.

Funny part is how ineffectual all this pissing and
moaning is. All this ruckus from Lefty Liberal Light
loafers cunt-cramping about how to legally extract,
season and cook aborted fetuses, fashoinable diets
consisting of tossed salads and same sex fecus, and
screaming at my pretty Siberian wife for wearing fur
in the SeaTac Airport is a useless waste of God's air
and Giapers (diapers for girley men).

Seattle has now transformed into another San Francisco
sans the GART system (Gay Area Rapid Transit). In
other words, the Great Northwest is now aptly titled
the Gay Northwest. What creeps me out is that JewNo
and Los Anchorage are suburbs of Chief Seattle's fag

Since when did sophistication mean you gotta swallow
lumpy man-oats and ball cheese, and suffer needless
and searing sperm pain in yer ass? I thought these
were unique aspects of growing up native, not

Seattle cereal is best described as Gaynola, I mean
Granola; remove all the flakes and you're left with
too many fruits and nuts.

An old Indun writer for the Seattle Times, Emmett
Watson railed against the 'invasion of the infected'
in his daily column. KBO being the acronym for "Keep
The Bastards Out" was the war cry demanding the newly
arriving 1500 Californians every day, to pack up and
return to their land of sunny smoky beaches,
metrosexuality, and cold nonreceptive peoples.

Fucking funny dude. And spot on too.

You'll see it more and more with exploding and
ever-burgeoning shitty city dwellers moving to Alaska
for jobs and standards of living that lag the lesser
48. They haven't discovered that we choose to live
here for the killing and raping, not the great jobs
sucking shit at MannureLiq or taking dumbass orders
from retards at the Nigger Village of Kotzebue.

To steal a quote from Mason at the desk of the Arctic
Sounder, "those goddamn city dwelling suburban
Alaskans living on the beltway absolutely have no

No clue why we afford lavish budgets for our rifles,
handguns, snogos and gasoline. Mason also hit the nail
on the head when he ragged about cable TV hunting
channels showing sweet kill shots on big gnarley,
tough and chewey alpha males, instead of my favorites;
tasty and tender female (and baby) moose and caribou.

I'm a farmer, ye don't eat yer best seed corn.
Meaning, you don't kill the goose that lays the golden
eggs, you eat the golden eggs. Acccordingly, shooting
the biggest alpha males only shrinks yer herds and
promotes the breeding success of micro-nad pussy males
better known as beta males, thus bringing the eventual
end to the species.

Before the turn of the century, Katy Lang spent the
winter of '90 way up north in Kotzebue for the filming
of that inane movie "Salmon Berries." She told me and
Pierre Lonewolf that a subsistence lifestyle is purely
selfish, destructive and wasteful. "If you can have
canned cheese spread, crackers and far too much liquor
on the next jet from Anchorage, why slaughter the
world's dwindling caribou and moose?" "The First
Alaskans brought about the extinction of the Woolly
Mammoth, likewise they won't stop until they eat all
the easy meat."

My response was the same answer to why dogs always
lick the crust off their gonad package; cuz we can,
it's our nature. Accordingly, Katy Lang is a lesbo
dyke bitch, so she votes for the party to the left of
pedophilia (Gays and lesbos absolutely hate children).

Her retort was, "If a subsistence lifestyle is so
healthy, why are Alaska Natives the sickest and least
healthy people in the entire country?"

I explained to her that all natives in the US enjoy
free health care. Since free means zero value to an
ice nigger, it ain't worth nothing. Free dental care,
and we got rotten ass-breath and no teefers as
required for membership here in the ghetto north of 70

I'd like to see all minorities put on BIA IHS neegro
healthcare, but with required residency on a desolate
reservation, so we could at least live in a nearby
state without getting infected.

With every new BIA IHS membership you get a free
T-shirt stating, "I am an American darky. Touch me I'm

What do you call 32 retarded natives packed in one
honey bucket shack? -a full set of teeth.

It may take a village to shred brown baby back booty,
but it also takes a village to total up 100 IQ.

After pert near a quarter fucking century, I've found
beauty and bliss here in my arctic computing station
on the wrong end of the North American continent.

Ya see, like "heaven on Earth", I, like the devil
thrive in both heavenly and hellish environments.
Lotsa killing and raping makes for a happy Viking.

I have an Eskimo wife, a hella smart Eskimo daughter
and two Eskimo grandchildren. Most of you lads have
also smartly engaged in interracial marriages instead
of marrying miserable pussy colored like yer dick.

Shit, snatching white biscuit in Alaska is like
bringing sand to the beach.

When it comes to white men finding white women, or the
other way 'round: the odds are good, but the goods are

White women stranded in the last frontier taste and
smell like Bundy crotch pockets. Appedectomy
surgeries, re-opened by clipping a few sutures, then
climb on top of the whiner bitch and hump a load and
drive it home.

'Cept no traces of rotten spooge anywhere near their
stinky pork port, the other white meat. All yer ball
sack drainage and bacteria are conveniently and safely
fermenting inside the white whiner bitch's slowly
healing and sore yet surgically opportunistic Bundy

It's true we need more nurses like Ted Bundy, but I
don't doubt for a second we have numerous Wesley Allen
Dodds migrating to Alaska every fucking day. Seeing so
many loser cloochers lynching themselves, Alaska's
Dodds will fit right in.

Dr. Benesch lectured that evil is evenly distributed
within all of us. It's our decision to act on it, or
not. Ya see, we all have a choice to make this rural
rut-house a wonderful place to live, or hell. The
second I set foot in Kotzebue, I knew I was in hell.

Accordingly, like all me fellow killers, I possess a
tremendous amount of evil. Except I choose not to act
on it very often anymore, I merely think and write on
it. The devil is in the details, meaning complexity
and sophistication excludes ignorance and poverty. The
Devil don't mess around with the aboriginally sick and
poor, they're already doing the Devil's work by
suffering self-inflicted hell in their homes and
children's large intestines.

The devil is in all of us, even wise guys and the
pope. Except I'm the only one in this crowd that shits
in the woods. I have too cuz Vikings existing on
Bunnik's bread, tunnik puniktuk, and Jim Beam, crap
like the greeting: "Keep it solid brother." If I shit
on a toilet, I gotta flush simultaneously thus pulling
yards of Unnuk out me ass and down to the Kotzebue
K-Mart swimming pavilion.

I know yer all too old to go hunting anymore, but if
ye ever stumble upon a mountain of dung, you'll know
it's my turd heap, cuz it'll always be taller than ye.

This is our forum, fuck all. No T-shirts, no slogans,
just fictional literature from within our gang, a club
of graying gunslingers with a sign on the front door,
"No girls aloud." Spelling is intentional.

I shit, therefore I stink. I stink, therefore I am.



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