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Marketing Cigarettes and Smaller Babies

Top of the morning gents,

During the post WWII baby-boom of 1946-1964, it wasn't
unheard of to have a 10 or 11 pound baby. The normal
birth weight for rural Alaskan babies today is 6 to 8
pounds. One difference, cigarettes and alcohol
weren't the choice of socially responsible mothers,
only opium.

Between the 2 world wars we saw the Temperance and
Women's Sufferage movements; the former aimed at
alcohol prohibition, the latter aimed at the
legalization of women entering public houses (pubs).
Another key change in social acceptance of women
smoking, and the introduction of the femmaNazi brand
of cigarettes, Marlboros.

Yes gentlemen, Marlboro cigarettes were originally
marketed as a woman's smoke. Like the wristwatch,
tremendous marketing shifted preference from a woman's
choice of smoke and timepiece placement. Results were
awesome, Phillip Morris effectively shifted the
American thought paradigm that a woman's brand of
cigarette is a product that should be enjoyed by men.
Aggressive advertisements paid off. In the decades
since, Marlboro is the single most bought brand of
cigarettes, bar none. Phillip Morris also bought
Miller Brewing, #7 in the beer world. Marketed
smartly, Miller is now #2.

Oh, the wristwatch is now also worn by men with
pocketwatch relegated to dipshit Antiques Roadshow
amusement. I never thought a wristwatch was femmy.

Testimony from numerous callers paints a dismal
picture of how tobacco is the root of all evil, sure.
One whining assertion is that tobacco is the true
gateway drug.

Wait, wasn't pot the gateway drug?

When I was growing up, cigarettes were the cool thing
in elementary and junior high. Weed was the choice of
rich suburban high school kids. Evidenced by the
familiar Willie Nelson jokes and Saturday Night Live
material, sparking up a doobie, (brothers) was
considered an acceptable luxury, not a 'drug' like
cocaine, LSD, or speed. Making the comparison between
wealthy kids in North Seattle and rural kids in bush
Alaska is likely useless.

If we analyze the product inventory shelved at a rural
Alaska drug dealer's house, liquor provides the
largest profit margins, with a completely legal
source, Brown Jug, Party Time, and Goldstar Liquor
etc. Marijuana is likely grown and processed in the
Mat-Su Valley or outside of Fairbanks, in the
Goldstream Valley. Cocaine originates outside N.
America, can't grow the shit 'round these parts.

The War on Drugs has been problematic. The War on
Opium specifically targeted Chinese. Because it was
illegal for a woman to drink alcohol, the drug of
choice for women was amusingly called Patent Medicine.
Laudenum was a popular medicine to quiet babies and
take the stick out of our grandmother's ass.

With a massive build up of Chinese culture in San
Francisco to feed the slave requirements of the
railroad, men feared their white women would be lured
into the same cots as doped chinese men, with tiny
ricey dicks. Since white women used to be the prize
for all color of men, prohibition of opium and the
Harrison Act (truthful labeling of opiate content in
Patent Medicine) was viewed as a way to maintain the
virtue of a 'lady', and shutdown Chinatown opium dens
(now we have crack houses and meth labs).

Likewise, Prohibition of Alcohol was a rather slick
method of crippling an industry run primarily by
Germans (Shlitz, Anheiser-Busch, Coors, Miller), only
to have another ethnicity to take over the now illegal
industry; Irish and Italians. America is always in
need of a suspect race of filthy immigrants to abuse.
No new immigrants? Let's fuck with the Injuns, again.

Each wave of new immigrants shifted the shackles of
the previously enslaved to the new wave of incoming
fucks. Did you know black plantation owners owned
slaves of numerous colors? Piles of documentation
supports the claim that thousands of Irish and Chinese
worked as indentured servants for black plantation
owners, and railroad companies.

Some mass graves of these Irish, Chinese, and Negros
have been discovered, indicating the railroad
management methodology exercised during that era.
Funny, Rachel Craig complained that while serving on
the NAGPRA board, (Native American Graves RePatriation
Act) hundreds of non-Native skeletons were quickly
grabbed and reburied. New and accurate DNA testing
questioned old and questionable legitimacy of Native
American land claims.

Funny thought, the oldest fossilized inhabitant on the
North American Continent is a man of Caucasoid decent;
central European dude. Red hair, afro facial
attributes, and flat chinese skulls don't add up to a
fucking prehistoric Navajo nigger in my book.

Here's a shameful piece of US history. Where in
America did the largest volume of slave trade occur?
My first guess was some cruel negro auction in the
south. Wrongoloid mongoloid, by far, the largest
clearing house for negro buying, selling, and trading
occurred closer to home. No guesses? How about The
Dalles, Oregon; no other place ever processed the
sheer wholesale volume of negro, chinese, and indian
slaves. Massive burials validate this claim. What's
so ironic, is that hundreds of negro and chinese
remains have now been re-buried under the NAGPRA
fiasco. I'll bet those poor negro and chinese spirits
gagged at the notion of a 'proper burial' by some
filthy Indians. Like dead voters, stealing afroslave
remains is a clever move by our nation's second wave
of grotesque humans, Native Americans. Mind you, all
humans are cruel. Present company is evidence enough.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be so fond of all you bastards.

Fun aspect of anthropology, you get to trash all
cultural histories. Humans are the same all over, if
history contradicts your moron culture, bury the
evidence. In China, we find red haired mummies,
meaning; oval shaped, long nosed Europeans settled
most of Sibera long before any trace of Asian
inhabitation. Same thing for North America.
Thousands of shipsmart Europeans and Chinese inhabited
the coasts of N. America long before waves of
immigrants gushed forth (on foot) across the Bering
Land Bridge. Culture is always the written history of
the victors. Goes back and forth, we'll soon absorb
and omit the period in history when Indo-Americans
were the Imperialistic Colonialists.

I'm struggling with the disparity between written/oral
bullshit cultural histories, and the evidence
underfoot indicating the contrary. Again, all humans
despise diversity, and either kills or enslaves the
stinking and inept.

There were more humans enslaved on North America than
were ever imported from Africa. Bet you didn't know
that, did you? Slavery was the premium choice of
currency between warring tribes. All disputes, be
they: marital, property, and real estate, were all
settled by warfare, with slaves as pay dirt.

Aside from inventing the GeoDome, Bucky Fuller
asserted the theory of "trim-tabbing." A nautical
term he applied towards large institutional thought
constructs, called paradigms. It's easier to steer a
huge freighter from the tail end, hence, the rationale
for putting the seemingly small and inefficient rudder
at the rear of a boat. As our generation ages and
parades its way to the bone yard, it'll be easier to
correct some of our outdated racist institutions and
popular drug consumption notions as they pass by and
become inappropriate in the next context of soon to be
history and taste. Simple, your children have to eat
our old fashioned bs, till we suck dirt.

Again, think of the baby boomer generation (1946-1964)
as a transitional generation. A generation that
transformed the really old fashioned imperialistic,
yet prejudicial notions our grandparents believed, to
the somewhat gentler "humor" our generation chuckles
about, ie: Polacks, Spicks, Waps, Dagos, Micks you
know this genre of humor. In Russia and Ukraine, the
popular retard humor is aimed at the Chukchi Eskimos,
the butt of a litany of cruel, yet damn funny humor.

You got to give us old farts credit; we've come a
really long way from the worldview of racial equality
prevalent in the early 1900's. A couple more world
wars and we'll finally smash the remaining royal
families and this quaint idea of ranking races
unequally will vanish like the slave trade has
vanished in Africa. Not.

A colleague of mine, Yusef, emailing from Azerbaijan
has recently informed me that there are currently over
two million people enslaved today in the Sudan. I'll
have to do some research to find a continent that is
free of slavery, and its many forms of indentured
servitude. Yusef ranted on how his Muslim Chechin
commrades are getting the dirty end of the stick in
Russian politics. Chechins can't get ID cards,
passports, thus can't leave the dump they've been
discarded in. Similar the trail of tears, that's
where his kind got dumped.

Ya see, it's still legal to buy and sell slaves in the
Arab World. Public beheading, stoning, and flogging
are occurring as we speak. We can watch the morning
show, a few seats are still available at Scary huh? This muslim thought
paradigm is blossoming in Indonesia. The legal system
is pretty brutal and I'm betting none of us would have
any limbs or genitals if we were ever dragged in front
of a panel of Sand Negro Arab judges. The notion of
human rights, free press and choice of religion
applies only to royalty. Don't believe me? Fly to
Saudi Arabia and open one of my morning e-zine
newsletters. The integrity of your physique would be
compromised via raghead swordsmen.

Too much for one morning?

Welcome to my world.



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