Sunday, February 06, 2005

FAS Doesn't = Crack Babies

Top of the morning gents,

I can barely fucking type. Does a soldier good to vacate his Arcticus Superior Computer Laboratory for a whole month.

During my respite from our daily Cops and Robbers opinion and commentary a Barrow cab driver of Asian descent sucked a 44-caliber slug into his belly, malingered for a day, then died. Up here, ice niggers treat all gooks like, well, niggers. Racist behavior is acceptable behavior, if yer skin is darker than my shit.

We have 2 little putrid bags of muke aging in jail now. Good place for 'em, but a year late and a dozen armed robberies short.

I've had both those two crack slinging ice niggers in my house on numerous occasions. If you wanted to know then who the most icky stacks of punked out anal tissue were; Bun and I could pointed 'em out fer ya. Them's boys are sick, but common and typical 'round these parts.

Those two gaped prison Popsicles are a snap shot of Barrow Native youth. Lots of money, drugs, and racism. Way short on empathy, understanding, or sentience above the level of their counterpart life support systems for cunts. Young native biscuit.

The beltway folks, all the non-Alaskans living outside of rural Alaska have no clue how much Native money goes up in smoke; pot smoke, cigarette smoke, crack smoke, and now ice smoke. Millions of dollars every month get spent on these aboriginal dietary supplements.

Typical to every reservation and ghetto; at the highest prices in the world.

My wincing and pained response? Ain't my fucking problem.

"In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king."

Identical patterns are emerging. 25 years ago, all my suburban pot head mates, wheel heads (hot rod enthusiasts), and axe wielding homicidal musician colleagues eventually discovered that cocaine mixes better with cigs and booze, bars and folks. Strong marijuana evokes a meditative and introspective space, makes public places annoying and disturbing.

"I'll never smoke weed with Willie again."-Toby Keith.

Real fucking great. Same phenomena is occurring up here in Barrow. These dimtard Ukpeagviks think they're the first humans to discover the wonders of stimulants. Dumb fucking ice niggers are indulging in these new powdered nipple enhancers like they just had their first boner.

Big fucking whoop.

Just ask Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog; draw the line at green beer and green toke. We don't need to go crazy on crack and speed, again.

"It's the pills and the powders that takes all the cowboys a century too soon."-W. Nelson.

I'm intrigued with the connection between the plethora of meth labs all over the state and the steady increase in powdered snotter clotters north of 70 lat. Like pot growers, most of the product is aimed at the no teefer darkies way up north. Folks up here are willing to pay quadruple the prices charged to white trash and red necks down south.

Alaska history repeating itself; lets smuggle as much toxic crap to the indigenous indigents. I'd laugh if it was any other race of humans, 'cept I married into this herd of scralings.

I'll get back into gear, this is a warm up and stretching exercise for me. I haven't cursed in weeks.

Eat me.

You boys stay tough and nasty. That's an order.

Fuck, you coppers sure can't stray too far from the academy.


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