Monday, February 07, 2005

Legal Violations of Constitutional Rights

Top of the morning gents,

Nothing worse than a whining man, but a good fucking argument gives me a woody.

Why isn’t the constitution and the bill of rights posted on the internet for the rest of the dick headed dictator countries to sniff and lick? Non-Americans might like the rights, freedoms, and privileges we take for granted.

Let the rest of the world take a fucking look at our fairly fair rules of play.

“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest.” S. Clemens.

Good preamble, huh? Now to the meat of my debate.

My inept personal battle to clip amoral druggers don't add up to squat, cuz every target we eliminated with extreme prejudice has been replaced with multiple vendors. Remove one black market vendor chain and we get 3-5 more.

Caseloads ain't shrinking are they?

Sad truth. All illegal businesses are demand driven. Mobsters don't look to create any new markets; they're only interested in harvesting the millions of dollars every village wags, every month.

Here's a glaring contradiction. On the principal theory of drug interdiction, I break so many laws it ain't fucking funny.

A friend of mine works for the ACLU in Seattle and we discuss my backroom and courtroom felonious shenanigans. He asserts that utilization of informants specific to each case is immoral, yet legal.

He further asserts that utilizing the SAME informant in a series of entrapment challenged cases is both immoral and illegal.

You see the arguments we get into.

Here’s an assertion from Mr. Big Brain ACLU attorney:

*Using an inside agent, or narc, or CI over and over indicates that the government’s field agent may very likely be more criminal than the gangs and crooks he neutralizes.

He further asserts the argument that the government has done an exceptional job of expanding crime, instead of reducing crime.

Since America has a larger percentage of its population behind bars than any other county in the world, the government ought to examine its reasons for incarceration. The newly shitter bound federal sentencing guidelines make it less offensive to be a thief and a child molester than drug dealers and drug users.

Land of the free? Think twice.

*Every case we’ve distorted, smoked, and mirrored, entered a claim of entrapment. The Hall/Ciringione, Sauve, Paliwoda, and the Logan cases were rife with manipulation, deceit, and perjury.

I was never asked to appear at grand jury for Fast Eddie Larson, cuz he was never charged. He’s since been ‘turned’ and is now working on our side and is doing a bang up job of smoking Hispanic wholesalers. Some of the largest busts in recent history of our state are compliments of Fast Eddie. Fuck. I wish I was privy to his long list of impressive drug busts.

What? You think Statewide Drug Enforcement or ABADE is gonna fess up to how truly cruel and unusually unfair it is for the government to hire crooks to catch crooks. I just peeked and I see all your bullshit detectors are plugged in, lights on, and functioning just fucking fine.

And rightfully so, cuz I ain’t jerking yer dick.

Crooks won’t trust you if they don’t got shit on you. The trick to this con game is to instill the belief in the mind of your marks that your government agent’s criminal resume is far more felonious, clever, and sophisticated than your mark’s. Also, your mark has to believe your agent has something to offer. Make sense?

The business mind will intuitively know which direction to go, be it expanded inventory supply chains, or expanded customer base. In bush Alaska, the need for expanded inventories exceeds the need for an expanded customer base. There’s ALWAYS lots of money waving customers out here, but dismally few toxic and illicit inventory supply lines.

My tasks are to create real or illusionary inventory supply lines, be it lots of LSD, on-site arctic grow rooms, lots of liquor, or hand delivery service compliments of our troopers. You should’ve met “Tony”, my counterfeit errand boy. He delivered the 10 pounds of weed and the thousand hits of LSD. Tony was good. But one of our friends was truly awesome.

1D25’s son. He was a natural. He would’ve made you proud.

To trick John Paliwoda, I needed to produce a real native that was willing to purchase a shit load of GHB (date rape drug) and distribute it up in Kotzebue.

Very few people on this planet can do this. No other candidate could’ve pulled this scam off. Nasruk had to possess unique knowledge of Alaska, the drugs Paliwoda was selling, detailed knowledge of smuggling routes and techniques to Kotzebue, and most of all; my movements, conversational frequency and content.

Our candidate also had to be a duly sworn public safety official, yet not have a heart attack when his Finnish spook chopped up a handsome pile of white powder and passed fat white caterpillars all around. All the bad guys snarfed down lethal grawlers.

This scripted play required that Nasruk was the only guy wearing the white hat. So bite me. The best cons play on racist and behavioral assumptions. If you ever need an Eskimo trooper to help on a nasty bit of narc work, my coworker at Ryan Air (1989) is the best.

He can shoot yer gonads and your ear lobes off and not fret too awful much.

He can also drop a rapidly moving target.

Conflict makes for drama. Arguments make for great debates.

This war on drugs is one fun game.



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