Monday, April 03, 2006

"Hi, my name is Mr. Rogers" "Do you like gunplay?" "Please won't you be my neighbor?"

Top of the morning gents,

Busy bee indeed. Me and bun been rallying all over Anchoragua's finer neighborhoods.

We book downtown for squabbles and fights with drunk fucking native bitches, now angry that me bunnik has lost so much weight, looks truly stunning and beautiful, and is an anger and seething resentment magnet from the fatter, uglier NANA Negro cunts spilling, slopping in herds and droves and sobbing all over the 515 Bar.

If ye wanna see a bunch of poor minority bitches piss and moan like cunning runts and running cunts, insist yer wife wear fur: regal biach is moy woyff mates: classy fucking broad, good-looking dame; fuck all.

Old Harvey Jennings didn't know who we were, but Molly Richards still had a few spare brain cells remaining to recognize bun. When she realized who my wife's husband was, she pissed rotten sperm and gushed green squirts from her infected rectal ports.

She glared at me, then retreated into the crowd of abOriginal sin and filth muttering words like "Yer a fucking narc" and "I'm telling Ken yer here” “He’s gonna fucking kill you!” Whilst Harvey Jenning’s fiancé gnashed her gnarley and gnasty teeth at me hissing I'd ripped her off a bundle o’ dineroes when we bagged one of 'her family.' Must've been one of the Hawley clan, cuz her breath smelled like canine butt pussy and rotten meat: with the rainy weather report in my face as a bonus.

No shit, I had multiple Dargets (darky targets) bitching in surround sound, broken English and drunk monkey cunt breath. Now that's a party.

Oh happy day. I'm my most content when the entire mass of fecal negroes (EskiHoes) firmly believe I'm the same guy that rapes the willing, kills the dead, AND vaporizes their brisk drug business with typical and predictable Nay and Nolton surgical precision.

Which is bizarre because I've never touched a gun, beat a Nigerian Candidate of any filthy race or color, nor was ever involved with anybody wearing a badge, gun or uniform.

Where do folks come up with these fantastic stories?

Fun, fun.

Me and bun were out late last night, we take strolls through Centennial Park like regular old folks: retired, frail and in declining health.

You buy that? Nope, didn't think so.

Actually, we take long walks down the millions of ski trails throughout Little Galena (Mount-a-native View), Boniface/Caribou/Camelot and Muldoon zones of ethnic purity, poverty and disgust. With pistols nicely oiled, warmed and loaded: just like the owners. Like that?

My bun is so native. She's still hunting and killing nightmares from her otherwise typical Eskimo childhood rich in culture, rape and horrific bone crushing native love.

As a natural born imagination broker and violent opportunist, I pray someone pesters my lovely wife-so she can empty her gun into any fool that mistakenly believes she's ordinary Eskimo fecal rape bait: BIG mistake mates.

I don't even try to step in to stop her: real piece of work to watch this gorgeous Siberian woman taunt a whole gang of filthy colored thugs whilst brandishing her pistol-so sexy.

Last night our multiple personalities stayed chemically restrained in this cat box. We never got to kill any prey subhuman.

We did hear popcorn or firecrackers from a few blocks away though.

After reading today's news, we all can now discover that me and bunnik were within ear shot of a bit of humanly violent muldoon malarkey.

I've been a bad boy: up way past my bedtime. Fun things happen when two old killers share each other's medications.

She chows my Ritalin, I chow her estrogen HRT prescriptions. Now my murderously lovely wife takes ME on long walks super early in the morning.

This must explain why my tits are real tender, my vaginal odor is truly pissing me off, and I've got this urge to kill lots of short little scraling runt-fucks.

I think I'm turning Japanese. Nope, worse. "Living on reds, vitamin C and cocaine. All a friend can say is ain't it a shame" (G. Dead)

I fled the village, regressed back into an insanely raving lunatic, drinking like a fish and smoking like chinked chief. "Dude!" "You're more native than me" (Deadly Sarin Gas)

Have gun, will travel. As soon as I scrape crust off me shoe leather snotter, conscience and soul.


ps. Hey fuck you, don't patronize me. Go ahead and say it. I done gone Native on ye.

Some jobs are like reservations, no boundaries no limits. Egg shells and children are inevitably doomed to a crushed existence and snuffed potential. Size 13 Sorel Crusher. Now all I need is a pair of Sorel boots fer my lips. "I don't know." "I was really drunk at the time" (P. Floyd).

Circular logic mates, albeit alcoholic in natural humor, but still a very unfair game without rules nor adherence to any constitution, played with much-hated agents.

As the Chief, Sgt, 1D25, Monson, Tyler, Bleicher and Bowman will coach ye: The means ALWAYS justifies the ends. "Just keep doing what yer doing." "Whatever it is that you do": cyclical, repetitive and self-justifying destructive behaviors.

Like my interracial lab partner in crimes academic said, “I absolutely love old people” with glowing adoration towards his parents. I learned something that day. All children love their parents absolutely, it’s up to us to nurture and maintain this affection, not our parents.

You probably don't know what I'm talking about. Some mornings I awake missing you guys. A lot. I kyped so much wisdom from you killers: the generosity of you graying gunslingers never ceases to amaze me. Despite ball busting coachwork and tutelage, you guys have let me slide on lots of chits and I’m much obliged to ye.

Keeping a crew of cops, narcs and informants under constant supervision and control is a curse best delegated to blood spattered angels, heavily armed with hog legs: sans wings.

Fuck I woke up on the wrong side of my ovaries this morning. Missing out on a totally cool gun battle by only a few yards (and brain cells) is just my luck, and lot in life. Pisses me off.

Lots of folks shoot at me, some (Pim) hit their annoyingly hyperactive spastic target.

All the other punk ass white nigger shooters, including Mike Wilson, Rodney Beavers etc. must have suffered a micro-second delay in their hateful drug impaired gun sights, cuz 'close' only counts with grenades, atomic bombs and rural village clinics.

I just had a revelation.

This may explain why I'm still alive, and writing. I always miss out on all the gunplay by inches and minutes.

Wait. You guys are real fucking funny. You knew this all along didn't you? It's real fucking hard to get a bead on the twitchy fuck that won't sit still.

I recruited a crew of foul ass soldiers, not a bunch of fucking comedians.

Why didn't you guys tell me this decades earlier?

I like a good joke, especially when it's on me.

Please won’t you be my neighbor?


Published: April 3, 2006
Last Modified: April 3, 2006 at 02:25 AM


Woman, girl shot in Muldoon; warrant issued for man's arrest

A girl and a young woman were shot in the parking lot of a Muldoon convenience store early Sunday morning, Anchorage Police Department spokeswoman Anita Shell said.

Jessica Robinson, 17, and Mercedes Hall, 20, were taken to a nearby hospital and are in stable condition, Shell said.

The shooting occurred about 4 a.m. outside the Holiday Express on 285 Muldoon Road. Witnesses reported a verbal dispute between several people that ended in gunfire. Police say Darian (aka Derek) Patterson, 22, fired into a sport utility vehicle with eight people in it.

Shell said Patterson fired as the vehicle, driven by Shequita Watch, 20, was pulling away. Patterson, on foot, ran after the car, firing through the windows, Shell said.

A warrant for Patterson's arrest has been issued. Police charged him with two counts of first-degree assault and eight counts of third-degree assault.

Persons with information as to the whereabouts of Patterson are asked to call Anchorage Police at 786-8900 or Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP.

Anchorage Daily News


Man apologizes for nearly killing victim in crash
14 YEARS: Basargin plowed into three vehicles last July while high.

Anchorage Daily News

Published: April 1, 2006
Last Modified: April 1, 2006 at 01:29 AM

High on methamphetamine, under the delusion "an evil cloud" was chasing him, Vasily Basargin crashed his truck last July into vehicles at three busy Anchorage intersections during rush hour, injuring four people.

Motorcyclist Zach Putman got the worst of it. On the afternoon of July 6, he was trying to turn left from Northern Lights Boulevard onto Boniface Parkway when Basargin, headed the wrong way on Northern Lights, slammed into him and kept going.

On Friday morning, Putman, now 26, hobbled to the front of an Anchorage courtroom where a shackled Basargin awaited sentencing for crimes arising from the crashes. As the hearing progressed, Putman went from feeling something akin to hate toward the man who had hurt him to forgiving him.

"Basically I just came here today, I wanted to make a statement to say how much this changed my life. It was a pretty bad accident. I came close to death," Putman told Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton.

He'll never be the same, he said before the hearing. His ankle was broken into dozens of pieces; his arm is held together with a pin. He can't snowboard or skateboard or run anymore.

He thought Basargin didn't care. He remembered what Basargin told a police officer right after the crash: that he wouldn't change a thing. The victims deserved what they got, Basargin said back in July, because they were trying to stop him from getting away from the evil cloud.

As Putman told the judge how a bystander tied off his leg and stopped the bleeding, Basargin lowered his head, choked back sobs and cried. Someone handed him a tissue.

Basargin is not the same man who caused all that trouble while high on drugs, his lawyer, Julia Moudy, told the judge. He's a hardworking person, close to his parents and brother, eager to get back to the family construction business, where he used to work long days, she said.

"He's extremely remorseful," she said.

Then it was the defendant's turn to talk. Not all choose to.

Basargin, now 29, was wearing jailhouse yellow, his hair neatly cut, his beard slightly scruffy. It was hard to make out his words through his heavy Russian accent but it was clear he wanted Putman to forgive him.

"I'm very sorry from the bottom of my heart," Basargin said.

From the back of the courtroom, where he sat listening to the remorse of the man he came prepared to hate, Putman said, "I accept your apology,"

According to police accounts, Basargin first slammed into a van at UAA Drive and Northern Lights, hurting the driver. Then he hit Putman on his motorcycle. Then, at Northern Lights and Baxter, a Toyota Corolla with an older couple inside. The driver suffered cracked vertebrae and broken ribs. His passenger was hurt too. Two other vehicles were damaged as well.

"It's a miracle that somewhere along the way it wasn't life-destroying," Wolverton said.

And even then, when his truck would go no more, Basargin ran into the parking lot of the Anchorage Baptist Temple and tried to pull a woman out of her car, presumably to steal it, police said. The woman's 2-year-old was inside. Basargin had no driver's license. Police say tests found meth and cocaine in his system.

"Can you imagine how scared the motorists were, watching this guy blow through intersections?" prosecutor Natasha Norris said before the hearing. "He kept going and going and going, which presented a significant danger to the public."

Basargin wanted to spare the victims from testifying at a trial, Moudy said. He pleaded no contest to assault, robbery and driving under the influence and accepted what everyone agreed was a stiff sentence. He was ordered to serve a combined 14 years for one count of robbery and four counts of assault -- one for each injured driver or passenger -- plus 20 days for the DUI.

He also must pay restitution, as yet undetermined, to the victims, Norris said.

Basargin came into the hearing with a prior record, a 2003 drunken driving conviction and a 2004 felony assault conviction from a fight at a party at which Basargin pulled a gun.

At Moudy's urging, Wolverton recommended that Basargin receive drug treatment in prison. Once he completes such a program, he should be allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence in a halfway house, the judge said.

That way, he can go to work sooner, to pay back the people he hurt, Moudy said.

Putman used a wheelchair until October, then progressed to a cane. He walked without one Friday, but limped. He said the Alaska winters are too icy for someone with a weakened leg. He and his girlfriend are moving to Arizona.

He's a long way from healed. He hopes to be evaluated next month for an operation to replace his ankle with one from a cadaver. He settled with the insurance company that covered Basargin's truck, which actually belonged to the defendant's parents. After lawyer fees, he got about $75,000, he said. He has no major medical insurance and bills are mounting.

Putman said after the hearing that he felt better having listened to Basargin. He's made mistakes, too, Putman said, and Basargin seems like he'll change.

"I forgive him."

Daily News reporter Lisa Demer can be reached at and 257-4390


Teenagers' gunplay leaves two more dead
FRIDAY NIGHT: Unrelated shootings in East Anchorage continue fatal trend.

Anchorage Daily News

Published: March 28, 2006
Last Modified: March 28, 2006 at 01:22 AM

Barton Colgrove and Barbara Tauanuu don't know each other, but Friday night they shared something no parent ever wishes upon another: both of their 17-year-old sons were killed in unrelated shootings in Anchorage.

Colgrove's son, Dustin or "Dusty," died after he was shot in the head by a 16-year-old friend who was playing with a gun in an East Anchorage trailer park home.

Tauanuu's son, Abraham, died after the vehicle he was a passenger in was shot up by another vehicle driving by in East Anchorage.

The deaths of both boys follow a string of episodes that have become familiar in Anchorage: teens playing with guns and carloads of young people shooting at each other.

On Monday, police said they were still investigating both incidents. They had made one arrest so far -- the 16-year-old in the trailer with Colgrove was charged with manslaughter.

On Friday night, Tauanuu was shot at about 11 p.m. when he was a passenger in a vehicle near DeBarr Road and Boniface Parkway, police said. People in another vehicle opened fire on the one Tauanuu was in, and he was struck by two bullets. He died several hours later at a local hospital, police said.

The shooting follows a string of similar incidents of vehicles exchanging gunfire on Anchorage roads -- including one in which Tauanuu had been shot previously.

Tauanuu was hit in the leg on March 1, when shots were exchanged by people in two vehicles near Yellow Leaf Circle and Duben Avenue in Muldoon, police said. Capt. Ross Plummer and Tauanuu's mother said the boy was also shot in 2004. No one was arrested in either shooting.

In a separate incident on Jan. 20, Tollie Watkins, 22, was shot and wounded while he was a passenger in a vehicle traveling on Dowling Road near the Old Seward Highway. And on March 17, occupants of two vehicles shot at each other in Midtown. Nobody was injured but two adults were arrested, one for an unrelated outstanding warrant, and another for a parole violation.

Barbara Tauanuu said Monday night that police told her that Abraham was in a gang. "I know those gangs. My son hung out with gang members but he was not one of them," she said in a phone interview.


In Colgrove's death, police have not released the name of the 16-year-old charged with manslaughter. Colgrove had gone to his friend's trailer at an East Anchorage trailer park at 2221 Muldoon Road Friday night where he was shot. The 16-year-old's mother was in the trailer at the time of the shooting; she was taken to police headquarters after the shooting. Plummer would not say anything else about that incident Monday.

Reached Monday, Barton Colgrove said his son grew up in the village of St. Marys, had been on many hunting trips with him, and was very familiar with guns. "He knew well what firearms can do," he said. "Parents need to keep their guns locked up and their ammunition in a separate place."

Colgrove said his oldest son, 20-year-old Josh, left home for the Lower 48 several months ago. "He told me he didn't want to leave because he was worried about Dusty," he recalled.

"I told him, 'Don't worry, he's mature, he's all grown up. Things are going his way.' "

"What a lie," the father said, his voice wavering.

Colgrove was a junior at East High School, said Anchorage School District spokesman Roger Fiedler. Tauanuu, who was to turn 18 on Wednesday, dropped out of school in 2004.

"The bottom line is -- I think it is pretty obvious -- youth with guns is just a dangerous combination," Plummer said. "Parents and responsible adults need to confirm their kids and the people their kids are hanging out with don't have firearms."


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