Sunday, February 06, 2005

Come to Alaska. Get infected.

Top of the morning gents,

On my morning walk and talk with the Mrs. to her bus
stop this morning, we discussed these topics, thus
allowing me to load for bear with the blessings from a
rather smart and pretty Eskimo woman. Some days, her
lectures are brilliant, albeit pointedly intimidating,
and culturally insulting (Native cultures).

Like Dean, she also has zero tolerance for Native
created and prolonged misery that is blamed on the
wrong people.

Failing to take responsibility for one's own actions
is a ghetto mod trait indicator. The Mrs. lectured me
that a sure sign of a poor education is to misalign
the cause and effect of abysmal nutrition, health, and
early death. We cheered for Bill Cosby's scolding
America's black youth for returning the popularity of
the word 'nigger', and the acceptance of being one.
It's now acceptable for non-niggers to use the word
nigger. Out of courtesy, I declined from calling any
of you a 'native', cuz I ain't one.

Alaska is rated the highest in the nation for Chlamydia.
An STD that is ironically, not transferred by Catholic
priests spooging in the large intestines of our boys.
It's spread largely by bored native youth.

Bored natives may be the environment that attributes
most of our village ills, frustrations, and
heartbreaks. Wouldn't it be funner'n shit to ship all
our kids at the age of 14 to BIA boarding schools?
The Mrs. swears BIA Schools were the only safe refuge
from the chronic rape and abuse of her rather pretty
classmates. Take your pick; 10% sexual abuse at these
schools, or 100% sexual abuse back in the NANA region.
Fuck you.

Religious fanatics can be blamed for a fair share of
the introduction of new viruses and bacteria to Alaska
starting as far back as the 5-sect agreement. The
5-sect agreement was a collusive strategy by the big
churches from the deep south of the lesser 48.

Now you understand why I puke at the lack of intellect
in religion this far north, Alaska's spiritual
instruction arises from the bible belt and south of
the Mason Dixon line.

The 5-sect agreement was the methodology to run
Russian Orthodoxy and ancient polytheistic indigenous
religious structures completely off the North American
Continent. Our 5 large redneck lynch mob mentality
churches also agreed not to compete in the harvesting
of indigent souls.

You see, humans believe it's a step towards godliness
to force the paradigm shift from many gods to only
one. I won't even try to dissect the Middle Eastern
notion of the trinity, and how the fuck we're forced
to attend churches that omit intellectual
contributions by their parishioners.

If Jesus is only quoted 6 times in the entire bible,
what is all the rest of all that ragged toilet paper
for? Goddamn bandwagoners trying to dilute or distort
the radical ideas from the man that likely
revolutionized how the entire world views their
relationships with their creator, thus effectively
clipping all that aboriginal clutter attached to
polytheistic religions. I've lectured before that the
best way to decimate an obsolete aboriginal culture is
to throw Christ and Commerce at it.

Obsolete shamans can be explained as modern day
lawyers, the only fuckers that know all the complex
regulations pertaining to how often an Eskimo can rape
his kids.

A byproduct of Christ's preaching was the abolishment
of multiple wives and the introduction of a strange
concept of a 1-man, 1-woman marital construct, nearly
eliminating STD's for thousands of years. STD's were
nearly unheard of prior to contact with North America,
we swapped some deadly viruses for penis and cunt
burning pus discharge illnesses.

"Come to America, where all the women are whores, and
all yer dicks will feel like fire." Hate to admit it,
but the first wave of immigrants are usually the shit
ass rejects from their respective countries, the 13
states were designed as penal colonies for the
wretched religious fanatics, and criminals.

Unsafe sex may be one environmental aspect to this
epidemic of chlamydia, failing to mate for life is
another (native women have different fathers for every
kid), bored youth with no guidance or supervision is
the lethal nail in the coffin, cuz with the spread of
chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS, bored kids with no future,
become permanently infected and retarded grownups that
don't live much longer than their gramps. The
American dream has been culturally rejected by our
Native American Youth. Health, wealth, and beauty?
"I don't want to be white."

Like chlamydia, HIV and AIDS is spread largely by
natives; so are premature babies, and FAS dim fucks.
Such a small percentage of the population, spreading
so much disaster; all paid for by the rest of the

I can see Dean oiling his gun as I speak. That
mercenary is passionate about curing the common
cancer, and stinky pussies. Don't matter how many
skulls he splits, his insecticide approach to killing
problem humans always serves as advancement of the
solution. He once lectured me that "If you ain't part
of the solution, you're part of the problem, and son,
I'm Mr. Terminex." More than a mere serial killer, a
fucking artist in the morbid expression of the removal
of irritants that never become pearls.

Sorry for poking this issue so much, seems my ignorant
ice nigger neighbors refuse to 'man up' and rather
enjoy this arctic ghetto; mud, bugs, and drugs, and oh
yes, lots of retard babies.

With the massive stampede of our worst white trash
into bush Alaska, these retarded babies can now be
shipped wholesale to the Appalachia. Reason I know
this? I speak from my own shoes. Why the fuck would
the Inupiaq culture let my cruel and vicious nigger
ass steal their prettiest girl? Oops forgot,
Inupiaq's don't put value on smart pretty girls, their

Barrow is now 41% non-Native, Bush Alaska is 49%
non-Native. What do you get when the worst white
trash breed with stinky pussies like Dorcas Stein's,
BJ Higman's, or Kathy Elim's; Deliverance with a fat
brown ass. Now that's a movie clip that'll sell
millions, slap a fat retarded half breed's ass and
ride the waves "SoooWeee!" Ick sorry. Gay sex ain't
gross or offensive if you plug your nose, and close
your eyes and ears.

Aren't you glad all this mental and physical disease
is relegated to bush Alaska? We may not have
reservations, but damn in rural Alaska we sure possess
the apathy, resentment, and disease. Free health care
only exacerbates this; Free means no value, why
partake? With the blood quantum being diluted by our
worst white niggers, these problems will only explode
in magnitude.

Reason natives die before all the rest of us, is cuz
they want to. And they also had prior reservations.

Gentlemen, in my book yer all one color; shit. But
yer also my best friends, and since it takes one to
know one, I'm happy to be a member of the shit tribe,
multicolored, yet well trained team of turds.

I speak to you all from common experience and the need
to feel part of a team of men I admire.

Gentlemen, stay nasty and have a nice fucking day, and
that's an order.



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