Friday, February 04, 2005

Genetic Violence. Ancestral Violence.

Top of the morning gents,

I watched the news last week and was dismayed at the vandalism that is plaguing the Anchorage School District.

Why do young boys find it so damn fun to destroy buildings and hurt people? It's built into your DNA.

Some boys get subtle and covert support and advice about sex from their dads. Not mine. My pops and grandpaps enjoyed clever crimes and deafening stump disposal.

Ya see, I come from a long line of rural farmers with a penchant for playing with explosives and grifting from crooks.

Columbine ain’t shit. I seen stuff at high schools far worse. In a parallel universe, and time zone.

Some boys were angry at their high school for being suspended.

During a pep rally, Pim and his dumbass non-Danish, non-Dutch pal from the swim team ran around the EHS gymnasium and tied the exit doors shut with a shit load of 6-foot sections of hemp rope, tied with a Bolen knot.

When yer a hyper active feral lad from the killing fields of the Pacific Northwest, it’s a funny concept; locking 894 students in the fucking gymnasium; then pull the fire alarm.

May God have mercy on our souls; those poor trapped and fleeing rats were tormented far beyond our cruelest wishes. Some kids broke arms, some were trampled, all lived to tell a tearful tale of exponential claustrophobia.

You know something boys? Time don’t heal shit. I still get that ‘yikes’ pain of guilt retelling these tales.

During a swim meet between rival schools; Mountlake Terrace versus Edmonds, 2 Finns and 1 Dutch boy thought a match head packed 4-inch section of pipe and a stretch of waterproof fuse solved everything.

The wet locker room slowed the fuse; so luckily, the only folks that were harmed were the coaches and a janitor. Premeditated murder is what we premeditated. Those poor souls will never get their hearing back. PTSD is the gift that keeps giving, I got it, so let’s pass this disease on to everybody we torture. If a clever chap phoned the Edmonds Police Department, you’ll spot such documentation, if yer phone works through asymptotic universes, and time zones.

Imagine; 4 boys booked, printed, photographed at ages 5 (burned a house down), 7 (slingshot a ladies face through the open window of her car), 9 (pulled the manhole cover to watch cars leave their axles behind), and 14 (pipe bombs and goats milk).
Pops bragged at work they’re ain’t no trouble his handsome boys get into, he can’t get ‘em out of. Repeated bailouts tend to encourage murderous behavior.

Wait, it takes an order from God to open juvenile records. Whew. Guess you boys will have to guess how many houses have burned, cars been bombed, and school buildings defaced. Fuck you. But as your suspicions are leading you, boys raised in the killing grounds of the Pacific Northwest were reared and programmed to behave exactly as we did; ghastly and mean.

Guess we'll need a judge to open the files of a half dozen first generation Americans, but it still won’t provide me with a single piece of datum to explain those horrid boys' (that’s us mates) behavior.

Ya see; the use of any statistic is nil if we can’t extract the 2 primary uses; predictive or explanatory power.

Be real careful of statistics if you’re grasp of math is no more beyond the 8th grade. Americans from the public school system test out at a European’s 6th grade level; meaning newspapers and periodicals oversimplify and omit the quality and size of their sample populations.

My grandfather spent long hours describing the procedures of emptying WWI German machine gun cartridges and land mines. So, in return, me and all my childhood pals also learned ballistic insights.

Like I’ve lectured before, we aren’t responsible for the actions of others, even if we could’ve interceded. Humans are inherently violent, why the fuck do we have to change our behavior as our rural community painfully adjusts to sprawling suburbs of the Puget Sound.

In my 40-year period of examination, I watched whole farming communities get bulldozed into high dollar housing projects. Sad process to witness; providing some explanatory power into why this time traveling murderer will likely end up in remote zones on both continents, Ukpeagvik, Chukchi, and Suomen. Finland and Russia share the identical epidemics and suicides as our browner boys in our blessed villages residing on parts of the Earth where “the soil’s gone bad.”

When you’re spawning territory becomes occupied by suburban invaders, it’s your birthright to terrorize every and all strange looking non-Scandinavian darker white folks.

A lovely old lady in Finland told me that if they have brown hair or brown eyes, “they’re probably part Negro.” Norsemen, like Inupiaqs take pride in their hair, skin, and eye color, disliking and distrusting of anybody else suffering from a melanin taint and genetic mis-breeding.

I know this sounds racist and xenophobic, but I dare you to examine any other culture, their physical attributes determine your membership, or your oppression. Being called ‘white’ is a horrid thing to say, unless you’re a true blue Viking. All other’s grouped in with us includes all Russian, Caucasoid, Aryan, and Middle Eastern creepoids. What a hodgepodge of shit. Scumbag Induns enjoy redneck humor, but any joke about differing folks is what makes lynching niggers a wonderful picture.

Ye reap what ye sow. Call me white? Take a look in the mirror; every single Native I know has at least a fourth blood quantum of a non-native (non-nigger). In regards to Dr. Maslow, a fully actualized human integrates all of his ancestries. You mixed blood motherfuckers need to research the other half of your heritage and weave it into your self-esteem. If you’re part Norwegian, German, or BumbFuck Egyptian, then brag out loud.

All cultures ruled the world at one time, or another. Take pride in your grandma’s lust for long dicked outsiders, thus explaining why you maggots are better hung than your genetically inferior pure blooded ancestors. All you boys would be non-existent if your grandmothers hadn’t thankfully boosted your immune system with tough out of your puny world genes.

Native women love outside gonadular talent. They subconsciously know that a culture of only 2,000 Eskimos will collapse from inbreeding. Don’t believe me? Take a look the really old elders. None of you boys look anything like them, never will.

Ya oughta be happy. I’m more inbred than any of you chaps. My ancestors raped everybody, but only married blond pussy. Imagine the furor when they meet my wife? Hah! Like your grandmothers, I stepped out of my inbred family and scooped up superior outside DNA from a peninsula with 3 mass gravesites.

Contrary to moronic assumptions, I never felt so wonderfully Nordic, until I was surrounded by short, sturdy, and culturally misinformed (Eskimo or HalfaGasCan) neighbors. On my sabbaticals overseas, I felt common, boring, and average. I bet you all enjoy the novelty of living with other crazy folks, but embarrassed when surrounded by your retarded, yet misinformed friends and family. Know what I mean?

Round here, folks continually compete for who’s the most native. Fucking dumb game of exclusion. The only people who fuck over natives in bush Alaska, is other natives. I’ve been guilty of physically abusing Eskimos, but in the Dean6Killer thought paradigm, everybody looks the same after a headshot. Again, Eskimos are only fascinating far from home.

We are what we are. You boys come from a long line of hunter/gatherers, whilst this maggot infested Viking comes from a long line of terrorists and rapists. Don’t even try to compare your sexual numbers with a congenital rapist. Serial killers have killed and fucked more dead pussy than you boys ever displeased. Only difference is, Vikings seldom killed women, just exposed them to a few million of their closest relatives (sperm you dumb shits).

Here’s a current example of Viking behavior; the Sudan. Arab/Muslim armies have now raped over 2 million girls and killed all the boys and men. Genocide requires fertile and receptive pussy. Besides killing all of today’s spermatozoa, Arab/Muslim soldiers also fertilize the next generation of zygotes; permanently changing a whole culture.

Am I using too much vocabulary from elementary biology? I’ll lecture on the Krebs Cycle, ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate), respiration and transpiration tomorrow. More advanced botanicals if you’re interested in growing hooch, that is, if you desire to grow Mat-Su agriculture and combustible vegetative intoxicants. And you boys thought marijuana growers were a bunch of dumb stoners. Think again.

For the remainder of our existence on this planet we’ll need to understand that humans are by nature; racist, violent, hateful, and extra-cultural rapists (except modern natives, they plug their own kids).

Hobbs once lectured that our human existence is “nasty, brutish, and short.” What? No arguments?

You boys know what to do: keep raping and killing. We’ll work on the hateful aspects over beer and tearful tales. God loves you boys. Why he created such vicious monkeys out of us rodents that survived numerous mass extinctions is beyond me. But the belief in a higher form of life may have likely steered and directed the development of our cerebral tissues, fortified with drug receptor sites specifically designed for LSD, THC, ethanol, blue mushrooms, molds, and lichens, caffeine and nicotine. Now that’s a breakfast of champions.

If you boys have time for some history shattering reading, try “Peoples and Plagues” and “The Three Pound Universe”. You’ll hurl your ignorance out the window, along with your cookies.

You boys stay nasty,



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