Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blonder than you. Braver than I.

Top of the morning gents,

Reading the news today, I see we need another hero.

Not me niggers. My middle name ain't Hercules. Ain't fucking Jesus, Manilaq or Howard Rock neither.

Even down here on the KP me and bun see bums, moose and natives. Yup, real natives unipaq and just as tragic. Why does aborigine rhyme with tragic? Stigmata bitches. Stigma we've assigned lower humans as addicts and alcoholics. Worst Alaskans are even lower than jews.

But wait. I do drugs, drink WAY more Alko than my Suomen/UNpeacekeeper bitch readers, yet with slacks, sportcoat, wallet and tan, this albino reproduces your afflictions native perfectly, yet I'm the handsome alcoholic stoner that folks WANT to give money.

Eskimo rhymes, my favorite: Eskimo drivers, no survivors.

Or better: Eskimo drinkers, niggers mighty stinkers. Just hang with us drunks: add a coupla VPSO's...mighty stinky.

Premature justice merely implies prejudice. I'm the same way, ye know. White folks see me and bun and think: poor guy. Natives see me and bun and think: hate that bitch-niff. I like how darky niffukuns are racist towards themselves. Norse simply laugh at each other, then eat yer kind. I just ate a pair of ammaw-milluks.

Bun is a real iconoclastic individual. Pretty, sober, rich and married to a pedigree monied Finn. A guy that is literally bankrupt without the support and 1 woman teamwork me bunnik has provided my various financial exploits. Get it? She ain't nothing like the stereotypical pukebags Inu and fuckstains NANA. Nothing like 'em at all. I'm the scroat-bag drunk-bake and she's the healthy and oh so sexy supervising matriarch.

I always scold bun to be mindful that Alaskans view her as little more than a high-steppin' nigger bitch, don't deserve that handsome husband. Before me and bun walked this planet Alaskan, a whole lot of ugly native women put the jinx on her. The last hunnert years has delivered AK lots of shitstained goat-bags, horny putrid niffs, stink-leaking drunk bitches and one sober native woman. My fucking wife. Classy fucking gal and real good-looking Dame.

Hun-bun, could you please put the slaves on cruise-control? I've got a fucking hair appointment. Nobody believes she's sober. Not even me. Sometimes I see it, then it vanishes. I've never seen my wife drunk. Impaired from RBN. Raised By Natives of course. Daily.

As our careers have evolved and ended decades early, we've all tried valiantly for the overall Good of our communities. I tried to do a hunnert years of undercover police work in a couple months. I just can't shoulder the burden of it any longer. I ain't fucking Hercules.

I'm looking up all yer personal data online: yup ain't none of ye named Hercules. World ain't on yer shoulders. Why do ours hurt so fucking much?

Rural AK is nothing better'n mud, bugs and drugs and a drain on the rest of the state. The death toll from alcohol is mindboggling. Us white folks have tried everything. The only solution is to take the nigger out of the hood and beat the hood outa the NATE.

By allowing these stinky skin wasters to hang around their village is simply a waste of fecus. By continuing this bogus and retarded lifestyle these niffukuns simply do the inevitable: drain the state's resources and stink up the rural parts of Alaska that God has deemed unfit for Him (jesus, howard or manilaq) yet suitable fer Wrecked-Um-Induns.

Ya see, I'm still mad how y'all nigger niffs treated Jesus's brother from a darker mother: manilaq. Just as predictable y'all'd lynch Jesus, y'all banished manilaq to Nuvruk where he perished alone starving to death. If you sentence manilaq to death: why not browntard rapists, native child molesters and full-grown ice tard baby buttfuckers to the same demise? I smell Eski-bortions and Half-a-Gas Can Vacuum pussy therapy...even as adult niffuckers.

The number one threat to nativity is bored native youth. And whiskey dicked brown eyed mud racers.

Enough of this subsistence malarkey. As with immigrants that pile upon our shores and tax our social services budgets, we oughta ship Worst Alaskans back to China where all these frickin' retarded natives came from.

Today: if I was given the job of reparing the damage alcohol has had on my in-bred outlaws...I would simply ask bun. So I did. Fuck she gets mad at me when I try to solve the world's native problem with merely the accumulated IQ of a dozen odd cops, some UN peacekeepers yonder Suomen and Nord, and some dear helpers and handlers in Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Yup, I even post a brother in NipponXero. Japan.

I will never betray, nor reveal the responses I get after posting articles tearful. Not kewl. Keep your comments, opinions and responses coming regardless. Heartfelt thanks, always.

Bun is tough. Pray you don't see her in yer fucking PO's office. Toasted nigger nuts is you when she's done with waiving Lt. Waller's magic wand on yer fucking face and neck. She already has whipped the shit outa yer darker, dumber and drunken wives. Bun is a fucking NAZI when it comes to NiggerVentions and NativeBimboTrapDoors into my septic tank filled with incest abortions. Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200. Nup, bun simply puts problemo immiktuk bitches on a plane, never to be seen again. Treatment only occurs when the subject NEVER returns to the ghetto, the vill and YOUR shit-ass town.

Lakeside Recovery is classy. ShitSchadel scares me. So something in between Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, NSB Mayor Edward Itta and all you uniformly drunken bastards. But 100% ex-fil is a big nigger mandatory 10-4 fuck you later. Miss me, don't come back home alive. Me and bun will put yer shit out on the fucking ice with Howard Rock, metaphorically speaking of course. That's where he imagined his Great Hereafter. After decades on Seattle's Skid Road, he returned to Pt. Hopeless to die. He amounted to much, much more. So much more. Blonder'n you. Braver'n I.

After treatment, NEVER let the nigger go back home. Never. Or until his halo and aura appear to look like mine.

REAL smart. Rural AK is such miserable place for the clean healthy sober and pretty. Can't have nothing nice in the villages. The culture has devolved into minimal monkey poo with everything already turned to shit. Then we allow sober natives exemplary and beautiful to come back home and see this shit we live in?

Welcome Home Nigger! Fuck. No wonder we all relapse back at home. Seattle will never again be the address for your author on drugs, Howard Rock neither: and accordingly, rural AK should have a sign on it: EXIT ONLY.

Ye can't keep making this cultural shit up. The last of the Healthy Mohicans croaked up muke on the same day as you all banished the last true Inupiaq Hero.

The jews killed Jesus. You killed Manilaq, not me. I believe Manilaq has served his time, stayed clean and suffered sober long enough. Time to step aside and let the man come home again. As in the hearts, homes and minds of every authentic Inupiaq abstaining and totally tea tokers.

Fuck I'm way too serious. My hands just take off and fly with such heavy emotion. I type like this and I don't know if I should barf.

Or cry.



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