Sunday, November 04, 2007

DROPPING Seattle energy prices. Fuck Us.

Top of the morning gents,

Since most of ye graying gunslingers and arctic
fuck-offs have seen killer polar playgrounds and the
most surreal arctic landscapes on God's green Earth, I
gotta do you one better. Or at least die trying, so
fuck ye.

*The slideshow is a drain-bramaging century back-pedal
to see yer grandma in diapers, back when toddlers were
likely more mature than any of us. Wake up fucks, do
the math: Eskimo lifespans a hunnert years ago were
27-34 years, married, pregnant and beaten by the age
of 5.

Some shit never changes eh? Last piece of Selawik
pussy I raped and gaped locked onto me like a snapping
turtle. Safety pins fail as birth control.

Fuck me in the goat ass, bun says I'm 92 years old, in
Eskimo Years. Ignore my stupid shit and download the
archival mind trip.

*The single jpg titled #4 is an aerial photo
overlooking the barrow cliffs me and bun hike the shit
out of. The same gnarley cliffs competing tribes
chased thicker negroes over the edge-thus shedding
explanatory powers upon the shattered bone data sets
quite littering the beaches below.

In the aboriginal world of warfare, he who fucks last,
fucks best. If you're being chased over a cliff by
armed yet retarded Inu warriors, shoot yer dogs before
ye leap, they surely won't rally off a cliff like some
bogus Thelma and Louise dike shite.

Butt shot mutt-kammoons make nikipaq ahquaah, ain't no
good to us surviving victors, fer sex, food neither:
unless yer a bit queer.

Oh, yer panties bunch up when I call you lot a bunch
of queers? Call me a fuck wad, but you ain't a man
unless you can out hike me or got a bigger nose than
me. How often has your snot lockers been referred to
by bodacious women as "the second best seat in the

If you blow hot air up a girl's skirt- or bubbles for
69 minutes, some of the world's most beautiful women
in the world will distend their jaws and try to pack
as much meat in their mouths as possible.

I was told by my gramps that women got big yaps for
storing big and quiet sausage, not shrieking like a
cat caught in yer Volvo's fan belt. "Smaller the tit,
the more the monkey" (Steve Turton).

I'm off track. The bitch I want to pitch is the unfair
and audaciously discriminatory energy resource
extraction policies way out in the most remote parts
of Alaska.

Before I stomp on yer dicks, take a quick look how
fast energy prices are FALLING in Seattle. Due to
drastic increases in gas inventories worldwide,
natural gas prices are collapsing: as are the chances
of us building a pipeline from my backyard all the way
to Chicago, Illinois.


Puget Sound gas prices reveal radical decline.

Turn up the heat

UNFORTUNATELY, IT DOESN'T do us any good, but
residential gas customers in the Seattle area are
going to get a big reduction in their bills beginning
Monday, October 1st.

Puget Sound Energy, Washington state's largest energy
utility, is cutting the price of natural gas it
delivers for home use by 13 percent. Monthly gas bills
for a typical residence will drop by $11.27 — to a
new rate of $82.12 a month, the utility says.

That's a big break for a lot of people. Puget Sound
Energy serves 44 percent of the homes in the
Seattle-Bellevue-Everett metro areas that use natural
gas for heat.

How come? According to utility officials, wholesale
prices for natural gas have fallen. The Seattle Times
said the rate reduction resulted from the fact during
the past year there were no distribution disruptions,
there were record imports of liquefied natural gas
imports, and there was more production from the Gulf
of Mexico and the Rockies.

Because the utility costs were lower, it is required
by state law to pass its savings on to the customer.

Compare that to what's happening here.

In Alaska, where natural gas reserves are all over the
place, natural gas prices have taken a big leap

Debate goes on about a natural gas pipeline from the
North Slope. Natural gas production from the Kenai
Peninsula presumably is falling and the prospect for
future production evidently is grim.

Tough luck for Anchorage customers. Good news for
Puget Sound gas users.


Here's a daft notion. Heck with a natural gasline to
Tok or Valdez.

Since we're real Alaskans fully versed in laying
serious pipe, here's a killer hook-up.

Now that the north pole is now ice free year around,
back a couple Drakes barges up here and snag a load of
CNG. Your heating bill would drop from a grand a month
(or more) for stove oil downward to somewhere closer
to our $40.00 monthly gas bill.

No kidding. A typical Barrow house the size of Judge
Jones' old place would likely have bills that total
two and half AK dimes. Water, sewer, garbage, natual
gas and electricity will rack ye $250.00 with natural
gas only $40-$50 per menstrual bicycle-no suglu.

You can sure tell an Ukpeagvik, but ye can't tell 'em
much, they got this high tech, super cheap, negative
carbon footprint energy policy all figured out. They
got the cheapest natural gas on the continent and the
cheapest electricity in the state. I'd go as far to
speculate the your exhorbitant energy costs are an
unfair and inflationary tax. Kikiktagruk poverty and
dependance is a culture rapidly replacing the
indigenous with the indigent. Shitting 2K a month for
bills don't help matters.

Poorly thought out energy policies only burden
citizenry too poor to step up to the good life: north
of 70 lat. Git yer dicks outa the dirt, book up here
and 'have' as much free gas as ye can tote back home.

Just ask Lt. Eunice, he'll tell ye straight. "The
devil went to Georgia, right after he done fucked
Kotzebue all to Hell." There is a God, but he's hiding
north of the Brooks Range, Hell froze over and
something really awful is buried right under yer feet.

"Soil's gone bad" (Pet Cemetery). Sleep tight bitches.

Karlakka Muna-una


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