Monday, January 01, 2007

Some folks just can't get it right. Maybe these dick heads just need a little help : ) Happy New Years killers.

Top of the morning gents,

I was just thinking about some weird shit you guys
told me during grave yard shift, rightly over a
hunnert fucking years ago.

Were you coppers bullshitting me with that tale of
Michael Mills that put a 22 rifle under his chin,
pulled the trigger and awoke hours later leaking cup
o' kitty soup broth out both sides of his goddamn
aching head?

I'm inclined to link him in my NANA Regional map of
family trees that look rather much more like wreaths
and peg Mr. BRB Michael Mills (bullet ridden brain) as
Lavonne Harris's brother. Right?

What a poignant story exemplifying how 'fools and
drunks' get second and third chances in life. Shit,
living through a rifle round through yer tongue,
sinuses, brains and skullcap, well is just fucking

Both Sheldon twins survived more car and snogo
accidents than any pickled skimo-sickle I fucking ever
knew. It took both Alfred and Kevin acts of self
inflicted homicide in the 16-unit to permanently snap
their shredded turd cutters shut.

Maybe I'm full of it, but 22 rifles ain't got shit on

I do recall when Edward Wayne Henry soiled his bottom
and penis when he steam cleaned his cranium out, right
under the window of the (old) MMC hospital staff
housing complex. My busted memory of Higman's crew
ain't too fucking shabby. I remember Dan Newberry
married Elizbeth Sidoris with Calvin Monroe, Kathy
Milligan, Sara Quinn, Nils Gregg, Dood Lincoln and of
course MicroDot aka bRaIN hiGMaN. Shit, me and Cully
even showed up, 2 dumb gorillas only here for the
beer. Edward W. Henry was there too.

Later that winter Sara and Edward broke up and Hell
hath no fury as an Eskimo dude scorn. Mr. Henry
discharged a shotgun and emptied out his brain bucket
all over the ground near one of the MMC party units.

It’s pretty fucking hard to miraculously survive
lethal brain blasting ballistics when the shotgun
sings the song in yer pie hole.

You killers remember a crusty old white fuck named
Larry Brown? He was another white trash nigger
bootlegger between Kotz and Buckland. Him and Hannah
Stalker were the drunks that loaded up their boat with
cases of booze down at Danny Burnor's squatter bucket
shack, then boated fucking hammered drunk all the way
to Buttland running over and cutting up salmon nets.

One time me and bun met up with Larry Brown, Hannah
Stalker, Linda Kramer and Vincent Fullerton at Gas
Light for sick levels of alcohol consumption.

I paced myself by alternating hot cocoa espresso,
pretzels and Alaskan Amber Ale. Bun downed club sodas
with lemon and we stayed above the table.

Not the rest. Mondo toxicity dudes.

Real winners: even got us all kicked out of a native
bar! Is that shit possible?

Oh, back to my tales of skullduggery morbidly akin to
watching Columbo chip red and pink shit offa Front
Street, Larry Brown's depression outran his
alcoholism, beat and slashed up Hannah and then
attempted suicide.

Mr. Brown was suffering in Buckland homebrew and
liquid poop buckets irritating and exacerbating
domestic violence, preferred death to that
particularly nasty life, and ate a gun.

And lived.

The drunken aimed charge blew out his cheek and
knocked him unconscious, yet looking quite fucking
dead to Hannah, whom fled and ran to safety to report
a suicide after all that groovy DV crap.

In the unknown period of time that passed during her
fleeing, sobbing about all the groovy DV crap song and
dance, she finally staged her finale dropping the bomb
that her abusive husband Larry Brown is now dead of a
gunshot wound to the fucking head.

Yup, Alzheimer’s and diarrhea both run in yer genes,
or was that jeans. Fuck you.

Larry Brown woke up to finding his teeth and cheek on
the chair across the room, went into the kitchen and
grabbed another 20-gauge birdshot shotgun shell. He
then had the leaking logic to return to his gastric
soaked sofa, turn the long gun back to his blast wound
crater and caramelized breathing orifices, and pull
the trigger again!

That's some fucking balls. Or one of you graying
gunslingers helped his ass.

Whatever, six of one, half dozen of the other, his
sick ass had it coming.

Speaking of Buckland and curable headshots, a kid
named Keith Geary smoked a 22 pistol in his mouth and
the fucking pellet came howling out his fucking eye!

He's alive and not so well to this day. Fuck all,
that's one gnarly nana negro.

Bun just served me some Earl Grey tea. British
breakfast wake and bake is tea and toke. I got long
hair Mozart on too. Bite my fucking dick.

She reminded me of Leslie Lee, ALSO another Buttland
Brained Inukun. This miserable siberian heeb put a 22
rifle under his chin, pulled the trigger and tasted
icky stuff. He burped and farted blood and smoke,
staggered home to his mommy and couldn't remember who
hit him in the mouth so hard.

No exit wound on this Mongoloid groidal midget.

Aside from bloody nose, lips and teeth, this muke
looked pert near perfect for ladies Saturday morning
shopping in the Kotzebue K-Mart. The micro entry wound
was smoked to perfection and pinched shut; the bullet
only did a few brodies.

Poor Leslie Lee scrambled his yolks and frayed his
wiring. Poor dumb fucker died years later of stupid.
And seizures. “Boo hoo” my ass bleeds for the maggot:
you fuckers too.

Ha! Now yer gay ass plans for suicide are jinxed for
another fucking year! I’m starting to understand what
you lethal psycho fucks from hell and arctic lunatic
killers are all about, so go push a handful of sand up
way up yer bum.

So what the fuck: you guys remember any of these

Who’s got some fucking booze? Have a nice year
gentlemen. Don't forget to stock up on lots of
Alka-Seltzer: or more accurately-Alkaholic Seltzer.

Oh fuck I'm funny shit, I just bought my wife a bunch
of guns for Christmas. Some she keeps on my side of
the bed.


Scope out the armed white bitch on the rag scene:
chick could’ve gone all ‘ocko-chuck’ on the Wasilla PD
and kilt at random. That Schaeffer ‘skimo psycho-bitch
did the whole STD world a favor with her gonad
separating gunplay. Sucking dirt is a perfectly fine
existence for Jim Lee as long as his mud flaps (ball
bag) and Maraschino cherries are in his colostomy bag,
along side him in his poop-stained coffin

Fuck, these two had a sick hot cold revolving passion
gave each other permanent consequences both viral and
lethal. The bitch fucking unloaded a huge fucking
revolver up his ass and shit. All from behind with
morbid trauma involving all four (4) exit wounds. Mr.
herpes didn’t survive anything for shit.

Mr. Lee’s pussy carcass versus 4 357 magnum hollow
points: 1 through the spine and lungs, one in the left
shoulder heart and tit, one in and out the gut, and
one through the ass cheeks exiting and exploding the

Come on, that shit don’t happen on accident, she was
grinning like a raped ape with herpetic blisters
bigger’n her fucking tits.

Sure wish this Wasilla bitch ‘d gone Bethel. Fuck all.

Read onward.


Location: Wasilla
Case number: 06-112591
Type: Standoff - Suicidal Subject
Text: On 12-30-06 at approximately 2130 hours MatCom
received a report of a suicidal subject with a gun at
a Bench View Dr. residence in Wasilla. The initial
complainant, Kenneth J. Anderson, age 47, of Wasilla
reported his daughter, Nicolette L. Anderson, age 23,
of Wasilla has been very depressed and was armed with
several of his firearms.

Troopers responded to the scene and attempted to
establish contact with Nicolette Anderson. Nicolette
Anderson shot a round in the direction of three
Troopers attempting to approach the residence.
Nicolette Anderson threatened repeatedly that she
would shoot Troopers if they attempted to approach or
enter the residence. During the standoff, Nicolette
Anderson fired 8-10 rounds with various firearms. With
the assistance of several family members, negotiations
proved successful and Nicolette Anderson voluntarily
exited the residence at approximately 0120 hours and
was taken into custody. Nicolette Anderson was
remanded to Mat-Su Pretrial Facility without bail
charged with three counts of Assault 3rd Degree, three
counts Criminal Mischief 4th Degree, and Misconduct
Involving Weapons 4th Degree.
Author: AAG1 / SMC1
Received and posted Sunday, December 31, 2006 6:13 AM


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