Thursday, December 21, 2006

Socialism ain't dead, just hiding over yonder. Thus adding legitimacy to a town's name of Shitbanks.

Top of the morning gents,

Maybe I should change my greeting to "Top of the
morning heads." Fairbanks voters overwhelmingly
refused a property tax increase and in spite of
bloated wasteful municipal and borough (analogous to
counties) government, they went two steps further.

One measure slashed property taxes and the other
eliminated sales taxes as an option until at least
next fall.

I love Americans, but I got amusing wood with just a
whiff of an Alaskan. The infamous Kiana 6Killer once
told me three words why folks north of 70 lat prefer
to live on the dole. "The BIA handshake" is what he
called it whilst holding his hand out.

Handouts. That's gonna get us in the end.

Our unique and individual geniuses disappear off the
face of the Earth the second our thought paradigm
shifts from a policy of 'everyone counts' to a policy
of 'nobody counts.'

Mozart complained that France's intellectual elite was
non-existent. His primary bitch being France’s zero
contribution to music simply complacently lazing
around cafes at the expense and exploitation of other
cultures and continents. If a layperson knew the
political beliefs of Twain, Mozart or Hendrix, their
material would no longer be available at public school

Oops, fate a compli, their shit is already being
stacked and burned. Twain railed away at slavery;
Mozart railed away at the colonial version and Hendrix
volunteered into the Air Born Rangers, totally backed
Kennedy's mission in Vietnam and extolled Nixon and

3 truly talented men cursed to be iconoclasts obsessed
with all men NOT created equal. Human beings are a
genetic and statistical toss of the dice at each and
every conception. All aspects and attributes of
humanity vary so goddamn much that if you say to my
face that all races and genders are comparable: I'll
fight ye with both apples and oranges.

Our physical features, our actual structures vary
radically compounding diversity with ever more
varieties in function.

This collection of graying gunslingers possesses DNA
from almost every culture on this planet. I see
Japanese, Chinese and Mongoloid genomes, German, Irish
and Nordic DNA with a good dose of spermatozoa African
and Middle Eastern.

Unique and amusing differences: word of the day.

Our internal organs operate differently from one
another as with our central nervous systems. Even our
immune systems are vastly different. Some of you have
a natural immunity to AIDS if your ancestors were
exposed to the bubonic plague and some of you killers
possess unique enzyme complexes allowing you to digest
sea mammal fats and oils complimenting an immunity to
botulism, trichinosis and salmonella. For the life of
me I can’t masticate nor safely metabolize most of the
ethnic foods my blessed Siberian Mrs. enjoys. I’ve
wretched up a shit load of good subsistence foods
other cultures call rotten. My Nordic disability to
gulping down stink flipper and rancid whale blubber
and blood has its own silver lining. My liver
structure, function and enzymatic composition has one
more secret weapon: alcohol dehydrogenase. Unlike most
of you lads, I can drink like a fucking Finn.

So what? This simply means some of us can safely
indulge, over indulge and drink to excess while others
of us will survive the next scheduled holocaust
slurping down seal oil that smells better’n pussy and
gorp down fermented meats and greases. If you are
blessed with super hero abilities to kill and eat raw
smelly meats and fishes, I suspect alcohol hasn’t
played a very pleasant part in your life. Pick your
poisons carefully.

I just illustrated that rude racist line drawn in the
mutually exclusive sand.

Uniqueness is both curse and blessing. I’ll NEVER be
able to go back in time and survive side by side with
you crazy fucking Eskimos, and likely you’d expire in
Scandinavia minus a thousand years, we’d eat you.

Parallel cultures, worlds apart and almost separate
species. Scandinavia has the world’s highest incidence
of Diabetes and Inuits have the highest incidence of
alcoholism. I have a duty and obligation to myself to
be careful in watching my weight, blood metrics and
ignore my sweet tooth’s craving for the rest of my
fucking life.

You lads are in the same boat, but I shant proscribe
dietary, drug abuse or health recommendations because
ya’ll are so fucking different I ain’t got a clue what
works for you. If you all mimicked my dietary and
chemical intake, you’d all be fucking dead: really
stoned and drunk and really annoying, but fucking

Just last Monday I went to hospital for my 45 year
annual tune up. Picked up another jar of rich man
speed, gave a bucket of piss and bled in a cup. I’ll
visit the eye doctor next Tuesday and the dentist
shortly after. The face a man has when he reaches 40
is the face a man deserves.

We’re all crowding the big Five O and we should be
happy. My father in law died at the age of 50 and a
century ago Eskimo life spans were little more than 35
years. Big deal? Think about this: my father is 72 and
my grandpa is over a hunnert.

Will I live so long? I’m clueless. “I don’t like the
drugs, but the drugs like me” (Marilyn Manson). Just
last year I likely drank, smoked and snorted more than
you have in your entire life.

What, too honest? Go fuck yourself. The rule here in
the smoking section of this cat box behind the goat’s
pasture is No Cunts Allowed. Do a self-check, and then
get yer rusty ass back to the bleeding hut.

As mentioned heretofore, I’ve been a multi-vitamin
junky since I sneaked out of the placenta bucket. I’ve
also been exposed to far more infectious diseases than
any of you.

You lads look pretty good for a bunch of heavily armed
corpses. My wife thinks the same of me. Had not been
for that blessed Siberian angel you fuckers would be
forced to only read the stupid shit you write
yourself. Boring.

I’m still searching for literature as abrasive as
this, but no such luck. Guess I gotta type with one
hand and jerk off with the other.

You boys behave. One of the precipitates from this
collective experience is uncontrollably radical mood
swings effectively disabling your behavior control.

If you do succumb to our mutual compulsion for injury
and death, call me. 2 murderous motherfuckers can kill
3 times more people than 1.

Can I play too? Have gun will travel.


Get pissed off and read how Shitbanks is pulling an
end-run and taxing everybody exactly the same:
millionaire and fry cook alike.


Fairbanks council approves $20-a-month job tax
SHORTFALL: A property tax vote leads the city to
extreme measures to maintain government services.

The Associated Press

Published: December 6, 2006
Last Modified: December 6, 2006 at 04:13 AM

FAIRBANKS -- Workers in the city of Fairbanks will be
assessed a $20-per-month tax to help fill a revenue
gap created when voters approved a decrease in
property tax.

The Fairbanks City Council approved the head tax
Monday and warned that a business tax also is likely.

The employment head tax will be assessed to anyone who
works in the city and earns at least $500 per month or
more than $10 per hour. Employers will be required to
withhold the money from paychecks.

City officials acknowledge that details and rules
surrounding the new tax ordinance must be ironed out.
The vote was 5-1 to approve the tax.

"It leaves an awful taste in my mouth," said
Councilman Don Seeliger.

He said the city still faces a significant shortfall
in the proposed 2007 budget. The council must balance
and approve a budget by mid-December.

Councilman Chad Roberts said city officials are
meeting regularly to research and discuss options for
raising revenue next year.

They estimate 20,000 workers in the city but
acknowledge that's a rough estimate. A $20-per-month
tax would collect about $4.7 million annually.

However, even when added to an increase in residential
garbage collection fees, the tax still would not erase
an estimated $10.3 million budget shortfall that
resulted from a property tax decrease approved by
voters in October.

City Council members said a business tax, possibly a
gross receipts tax, can be expected. That also could
be an option instead of the head tax.

Active military personnel will be exempt from the jobs
head tax. Workers will be taxed only for one job.

To prevent tax evasion, however, the city will levy
the tax on each job a worker holds, said city chief of
staff Pat Cole. At the end of the year, a worker who
paid more than $240 for the year can present copies of
tax records to the city and apply for a refund.

Mayor Steve Thompson said the city needs to work
closely with state, federal and borough governments to
ensure payment.

City finance department head Ron Woolf said the city
needs to clearly define what it takes before someone
is defined as "working" in the city. He said the city,
for example, has not decided how to treat workers if
their company is located outside the city and they
spend one hour a month handling business transactions
in town.

"The code will need to be ... fine-tuned as problems
come up," Woolf said.

City officials continue to accept resumes and
interview candidates for two tax-collector positions
needed to help administer new taxes, Woolf said.

The council rejected a proposal to require employers
to partially match the $20 monthly tax with their own

Other measures discussed by city officials include a
motor vehicle tax and a special election, where voters
would have a chance to overturn tax measures approved
at the Oct. 3 municipal election.

One measure slashed property taxes and the other
eliminated sales taxes as an option until at least
next fall.


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