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Mums the word. Secret Hitler Youth teams and NAZI operations existed in Finland. Edmonds, Washington too.

Top of the morning gents,

For you longer term readers you may recall veiled
references to growing up in the Boy Scouts, a hunnert
different symphonies and a shit load of swim teams.

The rigor of that life mirrors insanity and equally
distasteful as animal husbandry and child hobby labors
such as morning paper routes and goat milking.

Now add another cultural and indoctrination context
like, how can I put this gently. Fuck it, I can't. The
Edmonds Hitler Youth Chapter in the early 60's was
sort like Boys Scouts, just without all the Jews.

Not a Christmas tree burning kike in the crowd.

If a Scandic boy wasn't hanging winter decorations or
building nativity scenes, he was sliding a Volvo or
Karmun Ghia over the top of them. Me, Stuart Frost and
Pim Vanden Ende filled the backseat of our respective
Dodges with kyped Jesuit shwag, only to throw them at
other motorcars we deemed rakish and un-Detroit.

Fuck, we built snow forts proximal to the 200th street
south of Everett and west of Aurora, with the sole
intent of trashing motorists.

The fatal hour of random victimization and vandalism
comes on space influenced with substantial abuse and
misuse of tissue. If a driver exited his car
foolishly, wave two of many bombardments ice and snow
surely pegged face and groin.

Since none of you boys ever suffered from excess
imagination just melanin, let me tell you how your
brothers from albino mothers fucked shit up.

Hanging cars, batting practice out a car window,
lobbing rotten eggs and pegging cars with potatoes and
apples ain't rural warfare, it's called partying.

Fuck you, ye kill off all the Induns and ship in more
slaves to the Dalles, Oregon Slave Market and Auction
than any other human traffic and brokerage firm in the
country, well it tends to have manifold ramifications
on kids forever. My meanness will die with me. Yours
is forever.

Ultra nationalism only makes me puke if yer German, or
Native. Over and over you'll hear how wonderful
Scandinavia is, extolling the virtues of zero
corruption and egalitarianism blond and beautiful.

What's cool is how bogus folks tout my ancestors for
inventing all kinds of great shit, spewing
ethnocentric praise better'n any fucking Finn could
make up.

Finns may be good looking, but contemptible. Our
arrogance is second only to our impatience. Despite my
rich and diverse sense of humor I've a shorter temper
than my paps AND grandpaps. By projecting fictional
tales of their violence back in time, I void possible
disgrace and ingenuity for partying in ways other
cultures consider hate crimes.

Ya see, as with all conquests, Finns realized they had
the upper hand: an ethnic card to play and
collaborated with the Hitler Administration. It's not
like a bunch of NAZI and Finns couldn't blend
indistinguishably. Besides, we had Russia hacking off
continental limbs from the map Suomen and Adolph
Incorporated was in cahoots with Switzerland and
France, so we reverted to our berserkers from back
before Christ was a corporal, and killed fucking

Us Finns concentrated and starved to death primate
meat freeze dried: general carnage without
discrimination. Those Finnish berserkers that vanished
and reappeared elsewhere spawned a generation of
Washington serial killers like no other state or
country. You may have even met one yourself.

Ye can’t have a beach party without lots of guns and
drugs and it’s best to have 2 kegs for every dozen
albino hellions per lynching, strike break, and
bootlegger dispute.

I’m fascinated with extraordinarily intelligent
psychopaths. Underneath such a pristine façade veneer
we conceal monsters legion. I used to gaze at my
grandparents and wonder how they could carry out such
monstrosities, yet be so kind to us, and tell us such
great stories of homemade explosives, liquor
monopolies and human trafficking. I get that same
fascination looking at you lot.

Is it just me? I thought every kid was forced to learn
how to play cello, milk a goat and blow up stumps.
Nup, I now know it was all programming.

Don’t look so surprised. Super educated half alien
half-breed albino motherfuckers even tricked me. By
constant repetition of virtuous Nordic egalitarianism,
we trained you to believe us Scandinavians were better
than ye.

Bogus virtue conceals hard truths that Finland ain’t
any better than France or Switzerland.

World War II was a bitch and we all lost sight of our
better angels.

You boys can rest assure that your suspicions were
accurate; you ain’t the only murderous motherfuckers
in the world. Finns are the worst life forms on Earth,
except for all the rest.


PS. I’ve attached some photos I fetched from a family
archive. Not pretty.


Finns resentful over Swedish author's claims of Nazi
sympathies in war

The Swedish history enthusiast and journalist Henrik
Arnstad's recent book about the Swedish wartime
foreign minister Christian Günther has become a cause
of annoyance in Finland.

In his book, as well as in two opinion columns written
this autumn, Arnstad says that Finland keeps quiet and
lies about its relationship with Nazi Germany during
the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet
Union from 1941-1944. Arnstad is of the opinion that
with its expansion endeavours, Finland eagerly
supported Germany's aggressive war tactics and that
Finland carried out ethnic cleansing, for example, by
allowing 3,000 Russians to starve to death.

"Finland was the only western democracy that
voluntarily joined forces with Nazi Germany", Arnstad
wrote in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagblad last week,
and added that Finland is keeping quiet about this.

Arnstad also dismisses the notion that Finland and its
armed forces would have protected Sweden. "With their
opportunistic and criminal aggressive war tactics the
Finnish leaders caused security policy risks to
Sweden. The convicted Finnish war criminals, such as
Risto Ryti, are to be considered accountable for

Arnstad's aggressive article was a response to
Secretary of State Pertti Torstila of the Finnish
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, who criticised Arnstad's
book in a speech he gave in Sweden a couple of weeks
ago. Torstila described Arnstad's book as "a sad
example of lack of historical perspective".

"I am shocked by Torstila's reaction. It is not common
that a Ministry for Foreign Affairs should react to a
foreign book. It annoyed me, and I offered my opinion
column to a paper", Arnstad commented from his small
Stockholm office, from where he supports himself with
various Internet projects.

In his speech, Torstila said that Finland ran out of
choices between the two opposing superpowers. Arnstad
sees the situation in more simple terms. Finland's
joining forces with Hitler was more reprehensible
than, for example, Great Britain's alliance with the
Soviet Union. He argues that Finland should have
remained outside the later conflict, or should at
least have confined itself to taking back the
territory lost after the Winter War of 1939-40.

According to Finnish historian Markku Jokisipilä,
Arnstad presents notions that have been discussed in
Finland since the 1960s. "I wonder if Arnstad is at
all familiar with the debate that has taken place
within the Finnish history research on the subject",
Jokisipilä ponders.

"No, I am not", Arnstad admits.

"The entire spat has a distinct smell of formaldehyde
to it. Both parties are presenting arguments that have
not been relevant in the past 20 years", Jokisipilä
concludes, in reference to the fact that Arnstad's
comments are no different from those presented by the
left in Finland in the 1960s and 1970s, while
Torstila's response only reinforces the idea of
"official Finland" still adhereing to the old
"driftwood" theory of the Continuation War.


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