Thursday, December 21, 2006

In the shit brown eyes and shrunken brains of retarded natives it's open season on fucking gooks, slopes and dinks. Again.

Top of the morning gents,

Racism is always downward.

Norse find natives disgusting for fucking and eating
their young, and natives hate gooks for equally puny
dicks, and working hard.

Logic? Fuck you, this is Alaska. It's perfectly okay
to smoke anybody lower on the totem pole of

In this racist paradigm and prevalent peasant rural
thinking, ain't nothing wrong with killing niggers of
any color, provided the village consensus tolerates
murdering lesser primates.

A completely native jury found both FAS’ tard punks
responsible for killing that rice nigger in Barrow:
not guilty. Same outcome for the teachers selling meth
at the school: free walk.

As now exemplified in Bethel: a barrow pig is a
castrated pig and Bethel has further illustrated
rationale behind it's slang city name: Butthole.

Remember when Captain Wallace recommended we NOT
Tabor-ize each other in the patrol car? He was smartly
reiterating that a stigma of a whole police department
as nothing more than armed dick skinners, chicken
chokers and mutual goo slurping cum guzzlers, pretty
much renders our constabularies local as inept.

One time I was partying with a slew of Bethel cops I
was contracted to do a narc job for. Some were in the
hot tub and a sperm spill spread across the bubbling

The chief then yelled out, "Okay, who farted?"

In Nome, a rookie cop entered the BOT (bottom of the
toilet) Bar and Saloon and ordered the bartender a row
of drinks cuz he just had his first blowjob. After a
dozen shots and brews, he declared ain't nothing gonna
get that fucking taste out of his mouth.

I'll reserve my criticisms of the Nome Police
Department, no reason to hit a lame bacon bit piglet
when he's down; it's much easier to kick him.

Ya see, in the view of roughly half of Nome, killing
scraling biscuit is legal too.

The second I detect open season on darker white folks,
I'll happily poach white trash niggers sub par to the
Viking at the top of the totem pole (Hope I hit a
nerve there).

If you're upset at my banter and pissing yer panties,
ye best clench yer butt cheeks too. Racism has zero
upside, unless you're culture is a highly tuned
killing machine. Know any?

I do.

Hitler would be so proud of Alaska: Barrow mulattoes,
Butthole sniggers too.

While this mixed bag of graying gunslingers is
partying in either the smoking section of this cat box
I cordoned off in yer minds, or Valhalla, we can watch
in amusement as our fellow primates fail to see genius
and beauty in all culture and races.

We don't gotta kill anybody no more, but we will. The
eternal virus of natural selection and genetically
superior preferences will forever be unknowingly
exerting influence from the race memories contained in
our mitochondria DNA. It's their nature. Not ours. Our
propensity for injury and death has no racial

Some of you are suspected in the deaths of numerous
colored monkeys. Me too.

Ain't no livin' with a killer. So we moved here.
Sucking on Kikiktagruk Spit ain’t living: just a neat
place to run and hide from child support (rape
byproducts) and our creditors.

Happy to be your neighbor and proud to have made all
yer acquaintances. I'm getting better. I now only feel
that uncontrollable urge to destroy life once or twice
a day.

The next time yer feeling that urge to go Sugvik,
Janton or squish the shit outa lots of human wastes of
skin, phone me, boobus or Kid 1D25: we wanna play too.

You lads are my secret star chamber. I'm sure we can
put our heads (and guns) together and create many more
masterpiece crime scenes. One creation yielded a
suicide hanging with only subtle marks on our victim's
wrists. The size 6 Sorrel boot marks in the snow all
around that conex container may or may not have been
made by a short runt fuck scraling, but likely someone
much taller and smarter.

Another directed culpability towards Carl Ferreira
because our victim took part in Mr. Ferreira's gang
rape. Now all we see is a broken lad walking 'round
the post office or airport wearing more coats than a
nun walking through a field of cucumbers. A tight wrap
of wire 'round the neck of a past out Joojoo makes
everything better. Seldom death be not proud. Besides,
if push comes to shove: Jarvis will also hang himself
too. He also gently placed his native pride inside Mr.
Ferreira’s penis holster thus illustrating why ass
raping faggot Inuit prefer man ass over microwaves.
Microwaves won’t brown yer meat.

Lynching is such a cool MO since so many Alaskan
retards hang themselves.

Too bad we can't lynch any more kid barkers in Reich's
garage: that site is used up. So are all the trunks of
the frozen cars out back. Additionally, we can’t
create suicides out of our respective in-laws, else
we’d be repeating genius and returning to scenes of
criminal artifice. Let’s swap in-laws, you guys smoke
mine, I’ll shatter yours. Looking around the room, I
see your respective marital ties are rife with butt
fucking child gomers. Fuck all mates. You boys shant
behave. It’s morally acceptable to beat bullies shitty
and assist in the suicide of folks I find unworthy.

Nobody wins in this skin game of extermination: just
boners. Either everybody counts, or nobody counts.

Who’s on yer list today? Have Romex, will travel.



Bethel in disbelief over cab driver's slaying
SHOOTING: A trooper will assist police in the

Anchorage Daily News

Published: December 13, 2006
Last Modified: December 13, 2006 at 07:29 AM

Bethel police made no arrests Tuesday in the weekend
shooting death of a cab driver, and an Alaska State
Trooper was en route to the Western Alaska village to
assist in the investigation.

Wally Baird, Bethel city manager, said authorities
were following leads, including talking to people who
may have witnessed portions of the events that led to
the death of a man whom friends have identified as Ju
Young Joung, better known as "J.J."

Joung, 45, worked for Taxi Cab Company and had lived
in Bethel for more than 10 years. Baird said the
shooting occurred after midnight Saturday when at
least two snowmachines pulled up on either side of the
cab as it idled in front of a video store.

The cab driver was shot in the head with a shotgun,
Baird said.

It's the second killing of a rural cab driver in the
last two years. Two Barrow teenagers were arrested for
the November 2004 shooting of Sangkhom "Sam"
Promdongloi. He was found robbed and lying in the
street outside his cab just after 5 p.m., shot in the
abdomen. He later died.

And the Bethel killing was at least the third known
assault on cabbies in that town in recent months. Two
gunpoint robberies of cab drivers remain unsolved.

Whoever committed this crime thought robbing the
driver was "easy money," Baird said.

"There are people kind of in disbelief that something
like that would happen here," he said. "But it did.
And the police are following up on it."

Bethel has a "significant" Korean population, and more
than 100 members of that community Monday gathered
near the taped-off crime scene, singing hymns and
sharing prayers. Elsewhere, Korean-owned cab companies
closed down out of respect for Joung, said Peter Kim,
one of the man's close friends.

Alaska State Troopers initially sent a crime-scene
technician from the state crime lab to Bethel.

That person later accompanied the body back to the
state crime lab in Anchorage where an autopsy was
performed, said Greg Wilkinson, a trooper spokesman.

On Tuesday, troopers were sending investigator Eric
Burroughs from the Alaska Bureau of Investigation to
assist the Bethel Police Department with the case,
Wilkinson said.

"But the Bethel Police Department is maintaining case
responsibility," Wilkinson said.


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