Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"They say I'm crazy but I have a good time, life's been good to me so far" (J. Walsh). Yay! Winter has arrived.

Top of the morning gents,

Is mental illness contagious? Something's going on. I
got a bad cold from Mike Tabor and now I’m scheduled
for chemical castration and special lobotomy
treatments for fun and pleasure.

Despite shrill disapproval, I kind of like blender
drinks rife with Depacote, Ritalin, Kentucky bourbon
and crushed ice. Cap this Finnish cuisine with coffee
and bong hits, high-speed snow race and mountain bike
rally and your ready to launch-a feat I recommend only
be performed by Nordic professionals, or residents of

Us Alaskans are a strange cluster of humans displaying
the health benefits of raising the blade, making the
changes and rearranging us till we’re sane.

Alaskans are insane killers too. With such abusive
subsistence leisure and recreational chemistry you’ll
no doubt read elaborative text every morning of a tall
blond crooked man that “walk like a Norwegian.”

The rapidly dwindling daylight and plummeting mercury
are more than light cycle programming for vegetating
arctic cynics; we’re sure to see evil transformations
within our own remote communities, ancient comrades
and loved ones requesting self medication and
Halloween hysterectomies.

Yup, it’s in the water and in the air. A collective
insanity and hysteria is upon us mates. Be aware of
rapidly cycling berserkers glaring back at you from
behind your whiskers, Alaskan hygiene and village
tailored toiletries.

Alaska is always good press. Press so intriguing my
nicotine stained fingers started flying all over this
fucking keyboard here in my Arctic Computing Station.
Reading the news this morning over really strong
coffee, I found some fucking good examples of latitude
specific mind failure.

Fuck me in my serially menstrual goat ass: my seasonal
schizophrenia is back on track. I was a little out of
kilter but I’m fine now. I wouldn’t recommend drugs
and alcohol to anyone, but they sure work for me.
Winter, darkness and cold, isolation and depression
spiraling inward towards December 21st, the darkest
day up Norse, north of 70 lat.

Gentlemen, we're entering the holiday season, and my
speak easy bar is open for business. Parking is
limited so bring Sorrell's fer yer lips.

Just don’t drink the bong water, “keep the road and
beware of the moors" (American Werewolf in London).



Man who beat, raped and buried woman alive gets 75

Anchorage Daily News

Published: October 11, 2006
Last Modified: October 11, 2006 at 12:01 PM

An Alakanuk man was sentenced to 75 years in prison
Tuesday for the murder of a young woman whom
authorities say he raped, tortured and buried alive.

Isaiah Chikigak, a 20-year-old lifelong resident of
the Yup'ik Eskimo village, was arrested five days
after the murder of Mary James, 19, in May 2005. This
June, he agreed to the 75-year sentence in a plea deal
that included his admission that he killed her after
the pair drank home-brew and she resisted his sexual
advances, according to court documents filed by

A judge in Bethel approved the deal Tuesday, Bethel
District Attorney Joseph Slusser said.

James' body was found in a shallow grave outside the
Western Alaskan village, which has one village police
officer and is near the mouth of the Yukon River, 160
miles northwest of Bethel. Her feet protruded from a
mound of dirt, prosecutors said.

State medical examiner Dr. Franc Fallico said the
autopsy of James showed the woman was brutally beaten
and tortured with branches and sticks.

On the night she was killed, James and Chikigak, who
were casual acquaintances, went to a party and drank
home-brew. The alcoholic drink is made from yeast,
sugar and water and is sometimes made in parts of
rural Alaska where alcohol is banned, like Alakanuk.

When the party was winding down, Chikigak and James
went to a spot near the airport with a supply of the
alcohol. Chikigak later told investigators that the
two had sex and that he blacked out. He became aware
of what he was doing when he was "beating (James) with
his steel-toed shoes," court documents say.

Chikigak told troopers he "continued to beat (James)
until he saw blood coming out of her ears." When
Chikigak dug a hole in the ground and buried James,
she was still breathing and making noises, he told

The slaying of the woman who was known for her wide
smile and sense of humor shocked the village of 675

"It's still hard and unbelievable," said Mary
Ayunerak, a relative of James, reached in the village
by phone Tuesday.

Ayunerak also knew Chikigak since he was young and at
first couldn't believe he had done it.

"He wasn't the type to do this," she said. "But then I
found out they were drinking. Then that's a whole
different story.

"It is all related to alcohol," she said.

Tribal administrator Robert Alstrom said his village
has had a past of suicides, accidents and homicides,
including a murder in 1989 when a 20-year-old village
man killed three people after a home-brew party.

"We have to address a bigger problem of what's
happening out in the villages," he said. "It has to


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