Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shucks. No more salsbury steaks for the BIA school cafeterias. Got horse dick?

Top of the morning gents,

This one is too funny. My Siberian Mrs. absolutely
loves horse meat in her BIA cafeteria tray and stapled
to the front of her husband.

She still remenisces of BIA's good clean eats, lodging
and bedding free of funny uncles and butt fucking
brothers. A blessed reprieve from the dismally stinky
diet she loathed whilst counting the days she had to
stick around Kikiktagruk. She views the abuse at the
hands of her culture as "Inukun runt pork and
fuck-fest rodeo" all Eskimo children tolerate:
including never seeing smaller child sized speculums

Yup, this region is identical to the epidemic trauma
still attested to in dumps like Galena, Fart Yukon and
North Slope villages like Nutsack (Nuiqsut),
Gagtrophic (Kaktovic) and Atquesuck.

Growing up in the BIA boarding school system is what
differentiates bunnik from her inbred inlaws and
retarded kin. Bright, pretty and extraordinarily well
educated, she claims that her subgroup of Indigenous
Aboriginals were safe from overwhelming child abuse,
neglect and rape every single second they were free
from hell called home.

"Darky kiddy porn" is how she frames the typically
tragic childhood all her peers escaped during the
school year only to face certain sexual and physical
graffitti at the hands of her family, community and

She laughs and waxes fondly at the delicious food and
clean digs from way back when at her various BIA
boarding schools at Mt. Edgecumbe, Nome-Beltz,
Wrangell, Haskell and Kodiak. Needless to say, she's
fucking hacked I got a state job that handsomely
supplements our 6-figure household income mirroring
the kick ass incomes all of you graying gunslingers
deservedly earn. Hence, my long term committment
keeping me here in the same aboriginal looney bin and
festering fecal cess pool with all of ye.

Salsbury Steaks were one of her favorites. Tender
Chevelle (horse) steaks in sauce, veggies and smashed
potatoes generally packed the BIA cafeterias better
than a line of fat maggots panting obese from diabetes
waiting in line at the candy and pop vending machines
at the June Nelson Middle Finger Stool for the
Mentally Retarded.

Considering the modern equivalent outcomes in pant
size, punk ass attitude, no teef, and astronomical STD
rates amongst kids that still haven't celebrated their
first boner nor pubic hair, my wife asserts that
boarding schools were truly a blessing and a damn fun
arena to watch village bullies get their nigger asses
paddled to blisters. Ya see, the BIA boarding schools
were the only place ghetto 'skimo punks got their
come-uppance with their pretty neighbors enjoying the
ruthless and relentless beatings all village hoodlums
justly deserved.

I myself chowed mucho horse butt shank, and every
other endangered species of delicious foods whilst
slipping and sliding in incarcerated human puke, shit
piss. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger,
except children oughta be given a chance to grow
before child gomers and baby poachers get their hands
and dicks on them.

No fear my blessed graying gunslingers, despite no
more well dressed and well groomed heterosexual public
school teachers, there is a God. Sometimes He works
through ruthless Indian killing soldiers with gray
eyes, Viking motherfuckers lacking conscience or
Nordic and Germanic tribal assassins in uniform. All
performing divine works despite tarnished halos and
burnt smoking wings, yet armed with blazing fast quick
draw firearms and scarred knuckles from doling out the
perfect storm of blinding whoop ass.

Pity. No more horse meat, no more village justice for
ghetto sniggers whilst away from home and village.

No worries mates, there's a new sheriff in town. Looks
like righting wrongs has fallen on the Herculean
shoulders of all of ye.

If God can love all of you ruthless pugilists, quick
draw pistoleros and Spetsnatz punching machines, I
oughta be able to also.

It's just that yer all so fucking ugly. Bite my dick.



House votes to ban horse slaughter for food

By Charles Abbott
Thursday, September 7, 2006; 4:20 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Moved by appeals to protect the
noble horse, the U.S. House (of Representatives) voted
on Thursday to ban the slaughter of horses for food,
potentially saving 90,000 animals a year from being
served as a delicacy to diners overseas.

"Horses have never been part of the food chain. Horses
are not like cattle," said Kentucky Democrat Ed
Whitfield, a prominent backer of the bill, which now
goes to the Senate.

Miguel de Leon of Georgetown University adjusted his
privacy settings after a class in online security.
(Michael Robinson Chavez -- The Washington Post)

Lawmakers passed the bill 263-146 over the opposition
of farm and meat industry groups as well as the U.S.
Agriculture Department. Foes said the bill was a
soft-headed idea that ignored the realities of dealing
with unwanted horses.

"This is a piece of legislation that is long overdue,"
said sponsor John Sweeney, New York Democrat, tracing
efforts back to 1979. He decried horses being killed
so their meat can be sold "as a delicacy, not a

Three foreign-owned packing plants -- two in Texas and
one in Illinois -- butcher horses for meat exported
for food in Europe. "The concept is repugnant to most
Americans," said West Virginia Democrat Nick Rahall,
who challenged his colleagues, "Explain this to your

Congress cut off funding last year for USDA inspection
of horse slaughter but the plants stayed in business
by paying for federal inspectors to come to work. Bill
backers said the Senate may consider the bill this

Proponents likened horses to house pets and said
horses, which hold an exalted place in American lore
as intelligent companions and long-lived workmates,
should not risk gruesome death in a slaughterhouse.
About 90,000 horses a year are sent to packing plants.

The Humane Society of the United States said horse
slaughter "is simply indefensible and polls show the
vast majority of Americans agree."

"They (proponents) are arguing about what happens to
the meat" but not assuring horse welfare, said House
Agriculture Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Virginia

If owners cannot sell unwanted horses, said Goodlatte,
they will be abandoned or "put down" in a pasture or
behind a barn, possibly by haphazard methods. It would
cost more than $50 million a year if the government
took care of them, said the Congressional Budget

Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton, Texas
Republican, said the bill was "an outright attack on
animal agriculture."

The cattle group R-CALF USA said the bill interfered
with the rights of horse owners. "We don't need
another layer of federal bureaucracy to intrude on our
daily business decisions," said R-CALF President Chuck

Lobbyists for horsepackers said the bill would set a
precedent for meddling in veal calf, hog and poultry
barn and poultry slaughter operations.


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