Thursday, September 07, 2006

In a world filled with dictators, kings and queens, it pays to be poor and black. Okay brown too.

Top of the morning gents,

Recess is over. Time to stop jerking off to my gun

Plug your nose and cover your children's ears. If ye
enjoy watching cunning runts and running cunts throw a
fecal seizure and shit fit, leave this email open on
your home or office computer: let 'em read my arrogant
ivory tower snobby shit.

Besides, I promised the Sgt, the Lt. and the Chief I'd
unleash my mad hands and sane brain on this keyboard

As stated in the Subject line, the more dismally poor
and dependent a class of people paint themselves, the
more sympathy reaped. Sympathy is found in the
Dictionary between Shit and Syphillus, just pages away
from the bunk virtues of Socialism.

Venezuela's King, Monarch and Dictator Chavez is
cashing in on this pathetic syndrome by Handing Out
Free Oil to our poorest shits and simultaneously
jabbing a stink finger in the eye of our capitalist
system. Venezuela's Ruling Class Nationalized their
oil fields, basically stealing it unfairly and
squarely in accordance to socialistic fare. CITGO owns
this leftist communist fuck and is buying Democratic
votes from America's shittiest poor folks for the 'tax
and spend' party of poverty and limousine liberals.

One of the aims of Europe's makeover and revamp of
it's outdated feudal lord system is to capture and
harness humanity's drive to care and feed it's family
above and beyond our ancestoral and poverty stricken
past. Contrary to old Europe and Russia, America
guarantees due process, not due product. Get educated
towards the light and away from the darkness and
despair of poverty, earn your merit and raise
enlightened children in kind.

The free movement of labor and capital is America's
way: find what's needed or wanted, then produce it.
Projects spring up where scarcity dictates: necessity
is the mother of invention and we throw the whole
wealth building equation for the greatest yield for
the most citizens.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

This European Union USA mirrored EU rebranding is mere
mimicry of America's extraordinarily efficient
economy. If ye can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Since our rebound from the tech bubble burst which
occurred during the Clinton Administration in March
2000, Bush's rewriting federal tax laws to benefit
wealthy Americans like all of us (households like all
of ours earning over $75,000 annually) we all have
enjoyed rather tasty IRS tax refunds, lower capital
gains taxes on our investment portfolios (Mutual
Funds, E-Trade, Scott-Trade IRA's and Roth IRA's,
PERS, SBS pension funds etc).

The resulting prize we've all reaped? Our household
spending on durable goods like washers, dryers,
appliances, cars, trucks, mortgages, utilities and
home repair tools has actually boosted our entire
economy by 20%. When you reward economically boosting
and productive investment minded spending, we also
boost the wealth of all our wealthy peers.

Here's the gem you may have overlooked. This 20%
increase in our overall economy is larger than all of
Europe and larger than China's ENTIRE economy. Los
Angeles is the fifth largest economy in the world and
California's economy is larger than all the economies
of the European Union combined.

A phenomena not broadcasted yet significant: for the
first time in our planet's history, America's poor
consume more calories daily than all the other richer
classes of citizenry. Indicative of their eating
habits, we still need to educate our poorest about
basic nutrition, vitamins and the BMI. Obesity is
killing our poor and diabetes is cutting off their
feet and shortening end-stage life expectancies of
their internal organs. Being phat and having balloon
nigger booty (junk in their trunk) implies younger
corpses and much larger coffins.

Another phenomena unheralded heretofore is the fact
that minority home ownership: per capita and
statistically overall, is at it's highest in our
country's history. All traditionally disadvantaged
classes of humans: blacks, women, native americans and
gays own more of their own homes, own more rental
residential and commercially leased properties than in
recorded history. I'm kidding about gays, they're
already abunduntly affluent, yet engage in pretty damn
awful, foul and offensive methods of man on man sexual

Contrary to popular suburban myth, our economy has got
serious biceps and flexing some big gonads. To spew
neurotic and negative news to the contrary merely
indicates to the learned and wealthy that you voted
for George McGovern for president.

One of elementary aspects of advanced economic theory
is labor multipliers, or by more common nomenclature:
economic multipliers.

How this works is simple. When Boeing Aerospace lays
off a single worker, it's a known fact amongst
quantitatively blessed analysts and educated folks not
suffering from public school induced math impairment
that the surrounding economy will suffer an overall
loss of 3.2 jobs. Every income earner spends money on
gasoline, new suits and drycleaning, car repairs, and
fast food, liquor and restaurant expenses. All of
these outflows of cash expenditures recharge ancillary
wages, hence the economies all around us. So in
Seattle, every family wage job supports 3.2 other
American workers.

In my MBA program, we did an analysis of Alaska's
rural economy and calculated the economic (labor)
multiplier to be pert near fucking 8.5! Ain't that a
bitch, for every job quit, failure to appear or mere
poverty as a state of mind we lose 8.5 ancillary jobs
and further burden each village's overall economy with
more welfare.

As defined: an externality is an unforeseen negative
outcome beyond the comprehension of the illiterate.
Poor is a state of mind and another vote for an
obsolete class system favored by pre-Christian
cultures yielding 9 out of 10 citizens bound into
slavery. The third worlds like Nigeria and Venezuela
prefer the old system of royalty owning the poor.

Fact: Any American boy or girl who wakes up early to
do his paper route earns more than half the rest of
the world.

By handing out free heating oil to our poorest classes
and races of people, we are merely furthering their
poverty and locking them in the caste the poor despise
thus undermining the American system of meritocracy
that has freed so many from indentured servitude and
unlocks the poor so effectively. Welfare isn't an
externality because we're all quite well aware of the
disasterous effects each non-working household full of
recipients has on their very own economy.

Socialism is what our handsome ancestors fled from.
It's a wonderful system if you're the King or Queen.
But alas, a dictator is still a dick head by any other
name. This epistomology of enlightened self-interest
is blatantly amiss in substandard public schools. I
doubt I'll see any of your children in post-graduate
lecture halls.

Poor is a state of mind. An illusion sold to the
ignorant as a means to win elections for monarchies
thus furthering and deepening generations of serfdom
and indentured servitude. Why else would Southern
Democrats (Dixie-crats) unanimously vote against JFK's
Civil Rights Act of 1964, including Al Gores father
and Tennessee State Senator. Abraham Lincoln knew that
freeing the slaves would never pass through a Congress
packed with his party nemesis early Democrats who
favored leaving mutlibillion dollar industry of
slavery in place. So Lincoln pulled a George Bush: an
executive order called the Emancipation Proclamation.
You'll never find an atheist in a foxhole and you'll
never see an educated man in shackles and begging for

I've been called to serve. So have all of you. Don't
compromise, don't cave in. And most of all, aim all of
your earning towards the betterment of your progeny.
We'll all gain accordingly, and we'll thank ye.

Ain't enlightened self interest great?

* I found an article that ought to piss you off.
Royalty, Socialism and Monarchies have no borders and
creep into the dependant minds of our most needy
brethren much like a disabling virus.

Energy is supposed to be expensive, if you can't
afford it: suffer darkness of ignorance or enjoy the
free movement of your own labor and capital and
relocate to a place you can make bank and afford

Don't forget this is America, not the former Soviet
Union. According to my brilliant Siberian wife, remote
Alaskan villages are only intended for dwelling of the
most efficient Eskimo subsistence hunters whilst the
inept Inupiaqs continued migrating to where the eats
is good. Or died.

Fuck me in the goat ass. You think your job is a
bitch: I'm tasked with employing or relocating the
NANA region's poorest. They stuck me with Selawik.



Venezuela helps Alaska
National oil company will buy heating fuel for Native

Published: September 6, 2006
Last Modified: September 6, 2006 at 06:27 AM

The irony of it.

Alaska, an oil-rich state with more than $34 billion
in its Permanent Fund, more than $2 billion in its
budget reserve fund, a budget surplus the past two
years -- and thousands of villagers fearing another
winter of costly heating oil bills.

All that is ironic enough -- residents going cold in a
land with so much oil and money. But it gets worse, or
more embarrassing, depending on your perspective.

Several thousand Alaska villagers will benefit this
winter from a new government-funded energy assistance
program. Not the Alaska government, not the U.S.
government, but the government of Venezuela.

Yes, that South American nation led by President Hugo
Chavez, friend of Cuba's Fidel Castro and fierce
critic of President Bush. Venezuela, which provides
cheap oil to Haiti and other developing nations, is
adding Alaska to its gift list.

CITGO Petroleum Corp., a Houston-based refiner and
distributor of petroleum products, will help pay for
heating oil for rural Alaskans, just as it did last
winter for 200,000 low-income families in U.S. East
Coast states. Venezuela's national oil company,
through a subsidiary, owns 100 percent of CITGO (it
took over the company in 1990).

President Chavez, seemingly always looking for
opportunities to one-up Bush, announced with great
fanfare last winter CITGO's discounted heating oil
program for residents of Boston, New York City and
elsewhere along the Eastern Seaboard. The program
delivered 40 million gallons of heating oil at 40
percent off the wholesale price. The glossy brochures
and press releases called it, "From the Venezuelan
heart to the U.S. hearths."

OK, it was brash politics from a guy who likes to call
anyone who disagrees with him "a lackey of U.S.

That probably will not matter much to the Alaska
villagers who get free fuel this winter. The plan is
for CITGO to contract with Alaska Native nonprofit
corporations, with the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council
coordinating the program. Since CITGO doesn't have any
nearby refineries to deliver its own fuel, it will
donate money to the nonprofits to purchase 1.2 million
gallons of fuel from Alaska distributors.

The company also is talking about extending to Alaska
a separate program to provide fuel to community

It's part of CITGO's program to assist Native
Americans. The nationwide target is to provide 5
million to 10 million gallons of heating fuel for
Native Americans this winter. The company is also
talking with tribes in Washington and Idaho and may
add the Southwest to the program too.

Alaska has a similar program funded entirely with
federal dollars. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Program distributes funds to needy Alaskans to help
pay the high cost of heating oil. But federal funding
is at the same level today as it was 20 years ago,
which means it's far short of what is needed. Gov.
Frank Murkowski this year asked legislators to
appropriate $8.8 million in state cash to supplement
the program, but lawmakers gave the governor -- and
low-income Alaskans -- the cold shoulder and rejected
the request.

Good thing for those Alaskans that another country is
coming to help.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're cold and can't afford fuel oil,
who cares about the political motives of the giver?


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