Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Precipitate derivative concepts and opines from my interviews with a proud Negro and decades of debate with a lethal crew of graying gunslingers.

Top of the morning gents,

God Damn! I love rainy mornings. No bugs, no stray
dogs and no roving gangs of native youth harassing our
morning village rush hour. These kids wander aimlessly
'round town in search of shit to steal, old folks to
intimidate and drunks to shake down for lunch money.

Lunch money my ass, these kids are merely jiving down
every dirt road and short cut scanning their Inupiaq
ghetto domain in the most obvious mode of predation.

To quote a really funny phrase from me bunnik's bent
brother Bobby, "Nice thing about the rain, there's no
seagulls and no niggers." He was merely rephrasing a
tidbit of soggy Seattle banter he'd heard while
working as a chef aboard merchant marine vessels.

One noteworthy distinction between Pike Place Market,
the Central District and Capitol Hill of Seattle
versus the mean streets of Kotzebue: the rain didn't
drive away the indigent, the homeless and the roving
gangs of wasted native youth of Kikiktagruk spit.

I ain't shitting, despite down pouring rain cleansing
the air, street and spilt unnuk aside my neighboring
grovels, me and bun heard loud wanna-be negro native
thugs talking shit awakening neighborhood dogs. I
watched in amusement as Leonard Sage's gang, the fat
Sumo chick gang and Donald Tucker's gaggle of shredded
rectums meander by pitching ghetto hand signs,
declarations of ignorance and poverty all while
flashing inane gang hand signals with filthy, stinking
brown hands. Not black, just brown but equally
destitute and so unwashed and greasy the rain fails to
disburse the scavenging miscreants lacking guns and
enlightenment beyond feline or canine dumpster diving.

Amidst all this chaotic posturing and posing I
discerned only two words: help me.

How fucking depressing, we got racially and chemically
divided gangs of the most darkest descent shooting the
piss out of each other in Anchorage with smaller and
dumber gangs of Negroidally derivative turds migrating
all night all over a truly ancient village and
directly below my bedroom window. I'm betting there
are some ancestors and grandparents rolling over in
their graves cursing in self-deprecation it's
'nobody's fault but mine' (Plant/Page).

This newest generation of future inmates, substance
abuse and alcohol addiction clients are the resulting
product of drunken parenthood and grandparenthood. The
bars of Kotzebue may have been a steady paycheck
vaporizer for the Mrs. generation and her parental
units, but the vacancy in groceries, clean clothes and
child rearing affection has yielded a town filled with
a hunnert punks believing they'd last a New York
minute in a New York mafia gun battle. Sad shit eh?

The majority of kids listening to hip hop music, rap
videos and TV shows depicting fictional black on black
violence ain't blacks, the target audiences are kids
with much lighter skin hues.

According to Al Sanders, the former announcer at KOTZ,
his UW classmate employed at Tower Records gave a
graduate JB (journalism and broadcasting) presentation
of customer preferences and customer demographics
shopping at the record store he managed.

The more dark, depressing and black the artist, theme
and music genre, the blacker the bottom line and the
whiter, redder and yellowier the cash paying customer.
He went on to conclude that very few hip hop or rap
genre media was ever sold to customers of truly
Negroid descent and that these musical genres were the
largest revenue drivers in the whole record store
chain's revenue structure.

Bet ye didn't know that did ye? Most nauseating ghetto
music is purchased and embraced by Asians, Europeans
and Native Americans.

I think I'm gonna puke again.

We've spent billions on capital projects, new schools
and health services yet we have most of our native
youth chewing, spitting and smoking anything that'll
burn, drinking anything too thin to chew and huffing
everything more volatile than a cunt fart under Akka's
rocking chair.

The new native youth gang war paint ought include a
rusty rings 'round their mouths from a gas can, or a
brown chunky ring 'round their face from huffing
alcoholic fanny farts: hence Al Sanders referring to
Kotzebue's punk youth as 'suck ass nigger lovers.'
This entire dollop of “elephant talk” (King Crimson
diatribe) coming from a black man educated pert near
to the level of Dr. William Cosby or Dr. Morgan

Good ol' Albert Sanders is now assistant director to
Dave Ross at KIRO 710 radio in Seattle and heavily
involved in the Sno-King (Snohomish and King counties)
Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.

When I asked him why he doesn't return to Kotzebue to
do the same wonderful works of philanthropy, he
replied that he only tills fertile soil: the cradle to
grave coddling of our retarded native youth will never
improve until we eliminate the social and healthcare
services that prevent drug addicts and alcoholics from
what he phrased as "hitting bottom."

Ain't that a slap in the face.

In the analysis of cause and effect, I see the
vaporization of disposable (and in-disposable) income
out of the wallets of our blessed rural communities
directly from the purchases and devastation of
alcoholic beverages. Opportunistic natives purchase
bulk orders from Anchorage yet the loss of work,
cooking and cleaning and overall availability of
affectionate and responsible child rearing is still a
glaring externality (unintended consequence of
commerce) nobody can afford.

Those dysfunctional alcoholics I see wandering 'round
stealing and scamming any dollar for bootleg bottles
are the most visible cost to our shit hole society
here on the edge of spit.

Barrow, Bethel, and Kotzebue are the last big nig
villages that legally allow the purchase of alcohol.
One problem, the majority of the populace in each of
these respective villages can't assimilate, digest and
assimilate liquor. Not even close.

Those that can drink responsibly, and I mean this in
the sense that a responsible drinker has ZERO alcohol
related offenses on their criminal records: DWI, DV
and DO (driving while Inupiaq, domestic violence, and
disorderly conduct) still contribute to the dullard
petty criminal rosters the Sgt, Columbo and Squish
gotta indict, try and incarcerate while thinking
they’re part of the solution instead of contributing
to the problem. I’ll refrain from mentioning the
obvious disasters Agent Octuck and 6Killer have
endeavored to FORD: fix or repair daily in their
capacities at OCS and CPS.

Sad to report gents, I can't cut the mustard neither.
I put a couple bottles of spendy VSOP Cognac and Jim
Beam Rye in my luggage enroute to Barrow. The TSO
gonad busters snagged the booze and I received a
summons in the mail. The rule that's being enforced
ever so vigorously on ALL of Alaska Airlines flights
is ONE fifth per passenger, "no ifs, ands, or buts."
Keep this in mind when you travel

I paid a nominal fine, 6 months probation and the SIS
(suspended imposition of sentencing) bonus allowing me
to deny ever being convicted of a misdemeanor.

So as I preach loud and proud, I'm also cast into the
masses of sinners and would happily forego my Viking
indulgence in spirits if my domicile went absolutely

What a cheap price to pay? When I closed down Lem's
Mortuary and Crack House in Mountlake Terrace, albeit
at the stern urging of Investigator Beuler a shit load
of money wasting scumbag addicts went hungry for
crystal vapors and snot drainage. When I shut down my
Scandi-negro bar in Barrow a shit load of money
wasting ice nigger alcoholics went thirsty and were
forced to buy groceries and diapers instead of waking
up hung over as shit, hungry and surrounded by browner
babies crying and soaked in their own creamy baby butt

I'm excitedly imagining how much our frozen ghetto
Kotzebue would improve in odor, congenital IQ and
populace the day we cease all liquor purchases. Sorry
gents, but no means no, and there ain’t a single
Native American equipped to enjoy, then destroy the
ethane molecule and I ain’t waiting 5,000 years for
aboriginal genomes to mutate and adapt.

The chronic alcoholics that can't go years without
liquor will follow the native garbage disposal
pipeline and move to Los Anchorage where we see former
neighbors of all colors sleeping in shelters and
eating rank foods at Bean's Cafe. Virtue is its own
reward as wickedness is its own punishment; the folks
that can't exist in sobriety will eventually slide
down the slippery slope getting permanently marooned
in Alaska's aboriginal dumpsites and urban

Ignoring my Viking's thirst for Jim Beam is a small
price to pay. I returned to Kotzebue because
everything good that ever blessed me happened here on
Spit Kikiktagruk. I owe this cursed village in a big
way. My wife, daughter and grandchildren, my education
and all the best friends a man could ask for, you lot:
my blessed graying gunslingers.

In my old age and questionable wisdom, I now count my
blessings: present company included. Now it's payback
time and I intend to honor my debt to this perversely
backwards and congenitally and chemically retarded

As my blessed Siberian Mrs. declares, "Let God take
care of it", I now understand why we were all placed
on Earth and why we all collided with each other
yielding compassion and thorough understanding of our
own divinity here on Earth.

One of the first rules of civilization is to recognize
our duty and obligation to our fellow man and that we
must treat others, as we would like to be treated
ourselves. These rules hurt like a motherfucker with
the explication (explicit vs. implicit) that I have to
treat everybody here in my community including all the
wanna-be niggers, stink Induns and spics like a
well-educated and enlightened gentleman: despite the
thick inbred hatred of taller aliens with blond hair
and blue eyes.

This Christian shit is hard shit: fuck me in the goat
ass. Virtue ain't inborn, it's beaten in to us.

I owe you lethal fuckers my life. I hope you don't
mind my paying this debt not to you, but to your
community and families.



PS. In the battle to restore funding to Alaska's
remote village public safety and basic Community
Healthcare Providers I'm still torn on the issue of
opening Pandora’s box (liquor cabinet). The pursuit of
tax revenues derived from the legalized sale of
alcohol to an entire race of people least equipped
(stomach, liver enzymes) to tolerate city operated
liquor stores may prove to be just even more
disastrous. I doubt many of you have ever partied on
the rez with stink Induns drinking legally purchased
booze: it’s all shit.

Compromises such as selling only beer and wine, but
not hard liquor may work. But as we all know, Induns
prefer firewater and Eskimos prefer R&R rot gut
whiskey. Mad euphoria in the form of dopamine rushes
is a high far more difficult to achieve when yer
sucking down sacrament grape juice and foamy grain
beverages instead of chugging down jet fuel.

Time will tell, albeit ever so painfully and at the
expense of their blessed aboriginal children of a
lesser God.


Nulato votes on liquor today
YUKON: The village-owned store would raise funds for

Anchorage Daily News

Published: July 11, 2006
Last Modified: July 11, 2006 at 03:42 PM

Nulato voters head to the polls today to decide
whether their city should become the fifth in Alaska
to run a liquor store.

A city-owned liquor store would pay for police and
other services in addition to supplying drinkers with
booze. But the measure is controversial in Nulato, as
it has been in other villages that have considered
city liquor stores, because of the problems that have
followed alcohol into Bush towns.

Nulato is currently a "wet" village -- possessing
alcohol is legal there, though it's not easy to get.
Villagers who buy liquor now must travel about 15
miles up the Yukon River to the Last Chance liquor
store or get booze at high prices from bootleggers in
the village.

Opponents say the Athabascan village's drinking
problem will grow if the measure passes, as cost and
distance will no longer dissuade drinking.

Supporters say a hometown store will make the village
safer because residents won't risk their lives
traveling upriver for a drink in subzero or stormy

There hasn't been a death of that sort in a few years,
but several travelers on liquor runs in the past have
died of exposure or drowned after falling overboard,
said Mayor Glenn Demoski.

A liquor store could be a breadwinner for the city
government in the riverside village of 310, he added,
paying for police and youth programs, including some
that combat alcoholism.

Nulato has no police or safety officer, he said.

Demoski was appointed mayor six weeks ago after Royse
Purinton, a co-sponsor of the initiative, stepped down
for health reasons, Demoski said.

Purinton could not be reached for comment. Neither
could the owners of the Last Chance liquor store, who
have said they oppose the measure.

The Last Chance is the last place where travelers
headed downriver can legally buy alcohol. After the
Last Chance, Yukon River villages for hundreds of
miles have banned alcohol.

The City of Nulato hasn't calculated how much the
store might bring in or how it will operate because it
can't take a position on the measure, said city
treasurer Rebecca Agnes. The city, in part because of
high fuel prices, is barely making ends meet, she

Polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the teen
recreation center.

If the measure passes, Nulato will be the first
village in 13 years to open a city-run liquor store.
Klawock in Southeast Alaska was the most recent.

Fort Yukon and Tanana in the Interior and Kake in
Southeast also operate city-run liquor stores. The
stores regulate sales and raise tens of thousands of
dollars a year, supporting police, youth programs and
cultural activities.

City-run liquor stores can make a village safer if
they limit individual purchases and refuse trouble
drinkers, said Bill Roche, head of enforcement for the
state's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

But many villages don't see it that way because
alcohol has devastated generations of Natives, he
said. Booze is blamed for disproportionately high
assaults, deaths and domestic violence in rural

Many villages will have nothing to do with alcohol, he
said. About 80 have banned possession; 20 have banned

Area trooper Anne Sears, based in Galena, said every
complaint that brings her to Nulato is

As a rule, more alcohol means more serious crime, she
said. But if the village liquor store carefully
regulates sales, crime may fall, she said.

That seems to be the case in the upriver Yukon River
village of Ruby -- with about 185 residents -- where a
privately owned liquor store controls purchases, she

"I don't have near the complaints (there) that I do in
Nulato," she said.

Many elders in Nulato oppose the measure because
they've watched alcohol destroy lives, said resident
Dee Stickman.

The retired elementary school teacher said children of
alcoholics suffer most. She's seen them drag into
class bleary-eyed for want of sleep or hungry because
their parents bought liquor instead of food.

Teenagers in the village drink more than they used to,
and a nearby liquor store will fuel the problem, she
said. The city needs to find other ways to pay bills,
she added.

"Not at the cost of lives and children," she said.


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