Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Playfields, school yards and basketball courts make the best open drug markets. Our village market demand for drugs is the prize worth dying for.

Top of the morning gents,

More aptly this missive should start off with "My dear
blessed graying gunslingers and uniformed felons."
6Killer always recommends ye "bring the battle to
them, and if ye can't kill their will to fight, ye
best simply kill them all and let God sort them out."

The news of Alaska reflects old news from the Killing
Fields of the Pacific Northwest: plus or minus 25
years. This is too weird, drug gangster punks chasing
kids away from playfields just like the playgrounds of
Seattle’s Central District better known in ghetto
slang as ‘the CD.’

Playgrounds and playfields are the best places to sell
little bindles and plastic pouches of heroin, crack
cocaine and meth because of the unofficial cone of
silence hanging over every little Anchorage kid like a
terrifying sword of Damocles. Kids never tell their
mommies and daddies for fear of brutality at the very
ball fields naïve parents are sending their very own
kids to play and get their asses kicked by angry
coaches, angry parents or cool drug dealers. Besides
kids make the best long term loyal customers, just
look around Alaska, the best cigarette and alcohol
customers ain’t even teenagers yet: some you even

I remember this kind of 'random victim' violence. It
sucks; the local Mountlake Terrace police authorities
always overlooked the underlying rationale, gun
battles always occurred when I didn't have a fucking
gun at my disposal.

Who brings their gun to the ball field or basketball
courts? Just the niggers and the best I could do is
dive behind cars or lay REALLY low. My scars indicate
way more pistol and rifle butt markings and knife
wounds, but regardless, I still picked up a couple
stray bullets, some not so stray.

The rampant drug business in Anchorage and the Mat-Su
valley is primarily aimed at Alaska's outlying native
villages. My friendships with Sick Rick and Thomas
Clark proved to be golden opportunities in Bethel,
butlost opportunities to drug dealers in here in
Kotzebue, because you graying gunslingers are on the
job. Had not been for you uniformed felons blocking
incoming volleys of shitty cocaine, frozen bud and
bypass mail smelling like whiskey, this town would be
even more retarded with FAS ice nigger monkey fuckers
running the place. Oops, fait a compli.

It's no secret that brown ‘tard aboriginals on welfare
are more than happy to pay more for their bootleg
booze and shitty cut down drugs than anybody else in
the world. These rural Alaskan illegal drug pipelines
are fat cash conduits worthy of a fight to the death,
especially since all the customers, indigenous dealers
and mules are darker than my fucking dick.

To quote White Mike Baker, “I got a million dead ice
niggers in my wake.” “Them fucking mongoloids either
choke and puke or fall out of their fucking boats, but
either way ye get a blue monkey.” “Just get yer booze
to Selawik and yer a rich man.”

Who cares? Just a bunch of darky motherfuckers barely
worth three fifths of a vote never exercised at a
ballot box anyway.

The current turf war is a battle over the distribution
channels and wholesale networks infesting South
Central Alaska with the ultimate consumers residing
miserably in Barrow, Kotzebue, Bethel, Dutch Harbor
and all points in between. All these spray and pray
gun battles between the wiggers, niggers and nostril
tribals are all over the drug trade pipelines and
conduit channels serving drug addicts and grabby abby
alcoholics right here in all of our own villages.

Put simply, all the native welfare money we pay to
local village porch monkeys flies straight out of town
back into the pockets of these Samoan, Nazi and
Negroidal drug-dealing gangsters. It's okay to use
racist terminology when referring to the business I've
enjoyed unjust enrichment from. Civil rights aren’t
intended for minorities that can’t behave in a civil

A creative tool of demand destruction utilized by the
King Cove, Cold Bay, Naknek, Dillingham and Unalaska
slime lines and crab butcher factories is the legal
enactment of frequent and random drug testing for all
them out of town workers and out of town fishermen.

No shit, the workers are mostly non-Alaskan imports
shipped in from the lesser 48 to do the hard work
Alaskans really ought to be doing. But few Alaskans
qualify to earn honest fish/crab money, our urine is
so hot, it'll melt glass Allvest beakers and lab ware
in mere seconds.

I can't imagine anyone pulling a whole summer of
gutting salmon and whiffing rotten green crab guts 12
hours at a time without a personal lifeline (priority
care packages) of CRB (cancer research bud) from
Mountlake Terrace.

Just read John Steinbeck's Cannery Row, drug free
alcoholism drives a mortal crazy; hence my shock turn
amusement watching so many knife fights inside and out
front of Carl's Elbow Room. Seeing such horrible
beatings and stabbings is best viewed through beer
goggles, not industrial glass bongs.

All my cannery slimer pals aren't with us any longer:
most die early due to chronic alcoholism, chronic
living so that they can die quickly and easy like all
Alaskans. I befriended quite a few folks much like the
Burnors, Bakers and big fucking Induns like my closest
pal and body guard I named "Chief" a tall son of a
bitch Native hombre that covered my 6.

No shit, there’s lots of cruel knife wielding sick
fucks from the Philippines, Pacific Islands, and
Washington all mixed up in rotating shifts with only
liquor and tobacco as the legal stress relievers. Not
necessarily a recipe for success. Unlimited diversity
brings unlimited possibilities: good and bad.

Come to think of it, he watched my back almost as well
as you lot: my blessed graying gunslingers. Now that's
weird, I just realized I prefer the company of men far
more violent than I. When we see Barrow’s meth problem
arrive here in Kotzebue simultaneously as Asian and
Samoan gooks, slopes and dinks armed with powders and
liquors you’ll hear only one favor. “Give me back my

White owned marijuana grow-ops, Mexican cocaine
importers, Asian and Samoan meth mulers: all serving
the needs of bush Alaska. From Wasilla, Willow and
Palmer to Kotzebue, Bethel and Barrow: all this drug
and race related violence is all for the benefit of
your local sloppy raping drunken native in-laws and
baked and chinked native punk kids next door. Don’t
that just piss ye off?

According to my monitoring of back channel narc
chatter, in a few weeks you lads will have the whole
gang here again: your very own star chamber. To
activate this crew, ye just gotta ask.

You boys keep up the good fight. The life you save me
be your own kids. Leave the dubious suicides,
accidental gun deaths and unsolved murders to those
angels of Death. God works in mysterious way. Amen?



Gunman opens fire at Anchorage flag football game

The Associated Press

Published: July 10, 2006
Last Modified: July 10, 2006 at 07:06 AM

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - At least one person was
injured when a man with an "Uzi-style" weapon fired
numerous shots at a crowded flag football field in
Anchorage then fled.

Witnesses said as many as 50 shots were fired across
the Anchorage Football Field near Sullivan Arena about
7:45 p.m. Sunday during a pickup game of flag

A 22-year-old man was shot and there were reports of
possibly more victims, according to police. Police did
not identify the victim, who was taken to Alaska
Regional Hospital. One witness said the man was shot
in the shoulder and below his left eye.

Police said it was too early in their investigation to
speculate about possible motives.

Zach Ziemer, 18, told the Anchorage Daily News he was
standing on top of the grandstand watching the game
when he heard one shot, followed by three, then dozens
more. Ziemer described the gunman as a black male with

After the first shot, players dropped to the turf,
then scattered for cover in all directions, Ziemer

Milt Pagano said he heard about 50 shots, then saw two
SUVs take off.

Police Lt. Paul Honeman said a dark-colored SUV sped
south on Gambell Street. Witnesses said many vehicles
took off from the scene before police arrived.

"It was Fourth of July all over again," said Nick
Mincks, a witness. "Everyone was running for cover. I
was ducking behind the wall."

Hundreds of people were gathered in the area Sunday
afternoon, enjoying the sunny July weather. Two adult
baseball league games at nearby Kosinski Fields and
the championship game of an American Legion Baseball
tournament at Mulcahy Stadium were in progress when
the shots were fired.

Donna Fox, a nurse who was watching one of the
baseball games, said she rushed to the football field
after hearing a man had been shot. Along the way, she
saw two men climb over the western fence of the field.

"They ran into the woods with blood dripping from
their shirts," she said.

All games were canceled.


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