Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gone Missing is an Alaskan coloquialistic hint of our own inherent murderous tendencies. Okay, just mine.

Top of the morning gents,

Serial monogamy? Fair enough.

Under close examination through the looking glass of
microscopy, I see you lads functioning well enough
expressing yer sense of humor penile and modus
operandi with much sexual guile.

Serial killer and hobby craft rapist?

Nup, none of ye fall into these genres. I've watched
y'all closely these last hunnert fucking years, ain't
no glimmer in yer eyes, save excess drink, fine skirt
in yer mind and palm able ass cheeks in yer hands.

Seeing you boys load the meat wagon or chip bits of
cheese and red shit offa roads, walls and bed sheet,
ya'll NEVER sprouted no boners, sported shit eating
grins nor got psyched up to yer dicks in wet werks.

All of ye have passed my sick intellectual tests.

None of ye are beyond me and my phantom pals in
lusting butchery AND spooge spray whilst
simultaneously shooting game and stowing subsistence
foods neither.

"This is a good thing" (M. Stewart)

Wait quit staring at me. I never touched another
fellow human nor a single firearm. The unsolved
murders I tend to wax incessantly about are those that
I believe to have known the killers.

For the record.

I was busy smuggling sheets of acid and growing chron
in Kotzebue when Sophie Serge was snuffed at UAF in
the 6th floor shitter of Bartlett Hall. But I knew the
last man that fucked her.

I was working for the Mat-Su Narcotics Task Force when
a whole pile of faggots were found dead in a UAF dorm:
all their heads were bashed and their asses agape. But
I fear I also knew the man that enjoyed so much sex in
his violence.

Sure it's funner'n shit to snuff doo-doo droolers and
touch off rifle rounds in the general direction of
child poachers and baby gomers. None of us got the
nads to take a claw hammer to a whole room of men that
put it in men: even on our best day with Ramona
Nichols past out and cuffed and Sandy Russell chomping
at the drill bit to help.

My suspicions were towards a fellow murderer that
enjoyed fucking any gendered humans then killing them:
including the pile of dead faggots in the off campus
dorms, the Yak Estates. My duties were to frame a
dumpster diver: homeless and mindless miscreant.

My phantom partner liked using his own hands, hammer
and penis in his crimes. Only used a gun if deflective
culpability was needed to complete his corpse ridden
masterpiece paintings and serial homicide canvas
sketch works.

I also have a really bad fucking feeling my mentor and
partner in crime also shot and buried Joe Vogler again
framing a dumpster diving retard. The fall guy in that
creative crime scene masterpiece dubiously was also a
hungry mystical street bum happily guaranteed 20 years
3 hots and cot.

In our agreement I was to snuff (by accident) the SOM
Dean whilst my pal was running guns to villagers in
South America, then kill my target of choice when I
was training under the tutelage of Chechen rebels,
Estonian isotope brokers and Finnish smugglers.

Language cryptic intentional.

To think I was this close to swapping murders with
this mad genius. I'm such a fucking rank amateur. Too
bad about that guy, Karl Main and I are gonna miss

Alas, my imaginary partner in too many unsolved
murders is now serving real time for merely killing
scant brain cells inupiaq and doing business with a
dirty double crosser: your friendly local contract
agent and author on drugs.

Svobodny is the best in the business, but a far cry
from true artistic genius. In the solution of unsolved
cold cases and multiple murders for hard-ons there
ain't a soul on this Earth that can match my evil

Just cuz I know who did these crimes, don't make me
guilty fer shit.

Wonderful aspect about abusing the literary
protections granted to fictional authors, the factual
aspects truthful fractions of these tales can be
shrugged off and dismissed as bull crap.

You can learn a lot from a dummy, but gain valuable
insight into humainly attrocious behavior when ye
partner up with angry Chechens, mad doctors and sane

"The only difference between myself and a crazy man is
that I'm not crazy" (Salvadore Dali).

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In this dope show, yer all stars.


*This first 2 articled are regarding (bun's uncle)
Abraham Kuwonna's boy, Rex Rexford.

If any of ye hung around Barrow, he's the dude always
standing out front of AC. He ALWAYS hit me up for
smokes as me, Sako, Phil and Rob lugged freight from
the airport onto the store loading dock.

He was a bit retarded and loud, but a good enough dude
to take a smoke break and share pulls off a jug with.

I'm such a mushy fuck, I seldom miss folks that God
protects: lunatics and inebriates.

Like you lads, I'm too busy fretting, worrying and
stressing about the well-being of my armed backup,
sniper support and generous bartenders: you lot.

If Rex Rexford were here today, he'd have a drink on
me. Smoke too.


Article Published: Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Body found in river likely Rexford

Staff Writer

A body pulled from the Chena River last week is likely
that of a missing Barrow man, Rex Rexford, Fairbanks
police and relatives said.

The body is the same height as Rexford, has the same
scars, wore the same type of clothing Rexford was last
seen wearing and had documentation in his pocket
bearing the name Rex Rexford. Final verification will
come via fingerprinting later this week.

The cause of death is hypothermia, and police have
found no evidence of foul play, said Detective Dave

"He could have died on the riverbank and the water
rose," Elzey said. "He probably fell in the water,
would be my guess."

The family is planning a memorial service, and
relatives said they were relieved to know what
happened to Rexford, who disappeared last fall after
walking away from the South Fairbanks group home where
he lived.

"I am glad they found the body so we can put him to
rest," said Rexford's mother, Rosabelle Rexford of
Barrow. "We've got a lot of community members who are
helping with food and comforting and prayers."

Two men in a raft found the body the morning of April
26. The body was face down and mostly submerged at a
shallow spot about 50 yards west of the Peger Road
Bridge, according to police.

The man was clothed in a sweat shirt and sweat pants.
He wore no shoes and appeared to have been in the
water throughout the winter, authorities said.

Rexford, 42, was reported missing in early October,
four months after he arrived in Fairbanks for
treatment for a brain injury, his mother said.

He moved into the Paul Williams House on 23rd Avenue
and sought treatment at the Chief Andrew Isaac Health
Center, according to Fairbanks police.

Rexford's sister, Miranda Rexford-Brown, spent three
weeks last fall papering the town with fliers asking
if anyone had seen Rex. She said relatives wonder how
he wound up in the water.

"We don't know what to think," said Rexford-Brown. "He
was a church-going sober guy."

Rexford belonged to Alcoholics Anonymous, his sister

Rosabelle Rexford said her son was homesick the last
time she saw him alive, which was July.


Article Last Updated: 05/04/2006

Officials ID man pulled from Chena river
Associated Press

Officials in Fairbanks say they have identified a man
pulled from the Chena River last week. Fairbanks
police say papers found in his pocket identify him as
a missing Barrow man, Rex Rexford. They plan final
verification with fingerprinting later this week.

Detective Dave Elzey says the cause of death is
hypothermia, and police have found no evidence of foul

Relatives say they're relieved to know what happened
to Rexford, who disappeared last fall after walking
away from his South Fairbanks group home.

Family members say the 42-year-old was in Fairbanks
for treatment for a brain injury he suffered as a

Oddly, his injury mirrors his death. As a child he'd
fallen through the ice, suffering hypothermia and
drowning. He was revived by Barrow EMS.


Article Published: Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unsolved cases focus of community rally

A remembrance of missing persons and victims of
unsolved murders is planned for Wednesday, the 13th
anniversary of the rape and murder of Sophie Sergie, a
20-year-old Pitkas Point woman killed during a trip to
Fairbanks for a dental appointment.

Community activist Shirley Demientieff is organizing
the event, which starts at noon in front of the First
Family Statue in the Golden Heart Plaza.

"This is to acknowledge families' pain," said
Demientieff, who is continuing the annual rally
despite her battle with lung cancer.

The Rev. Scott Fisher will officiate, though
participants will be allowed to say a few words,
Demientieff said. A march across the William R. Wood
Centennial Bridge will follow with participants
encouraged to throw flowers into the Chena River.
Refreshments will be served at Doyon Ltd., Demientieff

The event is for Demientieff as much as for relatives
of missing persons and murder victims.

When Demientieff worked as a dispatcher at Yellow Cab
Co. years ago, Barry McNulty would walk by her office
and she came to respect him for his work ethic and
love of family, she said.

McNulty was gunned down during a convenience store
robbery in 1994, and his murder remains unsolved.

"Barry was a very special man," Demientieff said.

Also remembered will be Fela Avery, 30, whose body was
found near the Fairbanks Athletic Club in 2003; Durga
Owens, an 8-year-old boy who was found shot in the
woods near 53 Mile Steese Highway in 1999; and Robert
Jewett, 81, who was stabbed to death in the pawn shop
he operated out of his Lakeview Terrace home in 1987.

Additionally remembered will be Gene Graham, 52, who
was shot and killed at a Nenana boat dock in 1992.

Two high-profile murders from 1976 remain unsolved.
Fairbanks Teamsters Jack Paul "Red" Martin, 45, and
Harold G. Pettus, 47, were among the top four in
command of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline supply center
in Fairbanks when they were killed.

There's also the lesser-known murder of Mary
Covington, a 33-year-old waitress whose body was found
17 miles south of Fairbanks on the Parks Highway on
April 29, 1978. She had been strangled.

More recently, Eric Trinidad, 20, was killed in
January 2005 from gunshot wounds sustained in an
apartment building on Gillam Way. Marshall Padgett,
44, was found dead in a 19th Avenue apartment after he
moved to Fairbanks from Florida in 2004.

The following people are among the area's missing:

* Rex Rexford, 42, of Barrow remains missing since
walking away from a 23rd Avenue assisted living home
in October.

* Marion Gonangnan, a 34-year-old mother of five,
walked out of her south Fairbanks residence on March
30, 2003, and hasn't been seen since. Foul play is
suspected in her disappearance.

* Maryellen McMillin, a 44-year-old physician's
assistant, was last seen at her Steele Creek Road home
Nov. 21, 1998. Also missing is her 1994 Subaru Loyale
station wagon.

* Cynthia Jo St. John, 46, has been missing since Feb.
27, 1995. The circumstances of her disappearance are

* Leonard Lane, 83, was last seen at a July 4 parade
in downtown Fairbanks in 1995. He is a wounded World
War II veteran who walks with a limp.

* Marjorie Maldonado, 49, was last seen on Sept. 16,
1993, in downtown Fairbanks. Her camel-colored 1974
Ford van was found behind a bar.

* Jackie Larry Letney, 53, was reported missing in
1986. His last known location was Fairbanks.


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