Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Don't drink, don't smoke. What do ye do?" (Adam Ant). And now a discouraging word from our sponsor.

Top of the morning gents,

Booze is an equivalent disaster to Siberian folks as
hard drugs is to our kin. After a detailed briefing
about Machine Gun Tony's mishap with the law, I say
take everything.

Good philosophy when going after unjust enrichment and
ill-gotten gains fattening our village and reservation
drug kingpins.

Here's the irony: few bush planes can fly from
Anchoragua to Kotzebue, so by simple deductive
reasoning my dear Dr. Watson, yer inventory supply
chain of meth, coke and weed is arriving via Alaska
Airlines, Frontier, NAC and a few other air carriers.

Hey, don't I have an eye for the obvious?

Barrow requested special funding from the United
States Postal Service for a Special Investigator
solely tasked with tossing all mail packages.

No shit: ALL mailed packages be they parcel post,
priority mail AND bypass mail pallets the gooks,
slopes and dinks make use of in their bootlegging
missions. After the Bethel bacon bit piglets tore up a
pallet of gook eatery supply pallets of bypass liquor
and Karl Main's crew's snagged a shit load of illegal
cigarettes, smarter communities started kicking some

This special investigator also has a dog for rapid
searches of large numbers of parcels but also has one
of those TSA mass spectrum analyzers to detect trace
particulates left on the exterior of packages by the
tainted and soiled hands of the smugglers. The results
of this tough hombre’s good work were detailed in
recent editions of the Arctic Sounder: Postal
contraband interceptions are the new pipeline to

Is that kewl or twat?

Before me and bunnik left Barrow, we attended the
North Slope Summit on Meth. Yup, them Ukpeagvik
motherfuckers are serious as shit.

In my years of smuggling I found a few ways around the
jack booted thugs at Statewide Drug Enforcement.

*Inserting sheets of acid inside my dog kennel's
pillow or canine blanket

*Carefully opening the BOTTOM of powdered laundry soap
boxes, pouring out some product, inserting yer drugs,
then silicone sealing the bottom with the tear off
opening at the top still intact.

*The Capone’s mastered the paint bucket, mud bucket
and VCR covert smuggling trick

The most recent and effective smuggling technique is
the multi-layered package taped to yer abdomen trick.

Village smugglers are smart so they wear latex gloves
and put perfumed powders between each layers and then
tape this odiferous feminine plastic pillow full of
drugs to the stomach of fat tundra maggots willing to
mule meth, weed and cocaine out to the villages.

As of recent, smuggling booze has become a bitch so my
pals merely sign up multiple folks for legal purchases
handed over to bootleggers.

This war on drugs is also a sneaky war on the rights
of Americans too ignorant and fearful to realize this.
We've expanded this war on drugs into a war on the
right to carry firearms, privacy and search and
seizure as well.

If ye got a pouch of chron, and a pistol: yer fucked.
If ye got a roach, doobie or pipe, and a pistol:
again, yer fucked. But if we objectify and dehumanize
our prey, these 'crooks' become less than citizenry
and subhuman, hence putting away millions of
minorities. Fun, fun: black is beautiful when pulled

"If you see more than 2 people in a car, they're doing
drugs" (J. Mack).

The sanctity of the car is weaker than a wet paper
bag. But if a bunch of rich kids are toking up or
snorting down piles of nose candy inside their gated
community homes out in Suburbia, America: all deals
are off. Hence the attitude adjustment breaks all us
rich white kids enjoyed in the rumpus rooms and hot
tubs of our parents’ big houses down yonder.

Passing a hooter around between new cars in the
parking lots of Shoreline College or UW isn't very
smart, but still private property and patrolled by
campus security.

Retching plumes of pine chron in campus dorms ain't
nearly as safe as clouding up a whole floor of a
fraternity or sorority neither, but few of you rushed
a frat and gained friendship from sworn brothers
within the Greek Row system.

Rich kid scholarships and tribal memberships are based
on criteria other than brown skin, diluted obsolete
DNA and traditionally deprived entities.

They’re based upon ass kicking academic achievement
and productivity we offer to the economy and
workforce: hence the notion of 'meritocracy', merit
for hard work and smart choices. Sorry, but it’s a
myth to think that nepotism works for rich kids
furiously studying for their engineering, law or
business degrees.

I've been chatting incessantly about America, not my
motherland populated by recently civilized Vikings and
Norsemen. Verso with all my blessed native brethren, I
feel more at ease and comfortable when surrounded by
Northern Europeans too.

Sorry, but we're NOT all alike. Ethnocentric,
xenophobic and fearful racism persist here in Alaska,
but far less down yonder in the lesser 48. Hence the
blindfold over the eyes and scales balanced in the
pursuit of justice.

This is Alaska, not Norway, Sweden nor Finland where
egalitarianism and absolute fair play is the rule of
thumb. All of our rural Alaskan village, regional and
state leaders are mean spirited, hateful and pig
headed men.

Ye get what ye vote for.

Weed possession in EU member nations is less expensive
than a minor traffic offense, but hard drugs like
cocaine, heroin and amphetamine based drugs like MDMA,
meth and ecstasy still punished harshly and felonious.

Finland has a woman president; Norway forbids all
discrimination on the basis of race, religion or
ethnic ancestry, Sweden too. NOT the Affirmative
Action and Political Correctness crap we eat on this
side of the Atlantic. Our new age racism and
discrimination is the stuff of comedic broadcasts
yielding laughter us Americans might not comprehend.

We should be appalled at the oppression and forced
downward treatment of women by aboriginal groups
flailing about in inept endeavors to return to their
roots. Nordic and Scandinavian folks will openly admit
their stupid ancient cruel treatment of all folks
darker than my gramp's dick; lest we no longer act
upon these compulsions.

Land of free ain't here in Europe Junior (USA), it's
yonder northward in "the land of the ice and snow and
the midnight sun and the arctic glow" (Immigrant

The culture of the past died for a reason, useless
obsolete and based upon hunter-gatherer societies.
Reclamation of ancient ways only serves to reinforce
mistreatment of modern women and girls.

"The best way to destroy notoriously cruel aboriginal
culture is to throw Christ and commerce at it"
(Ootoyuk). Like shackles and chains, addictions
reflect freedom felt by a culture's citizenry.

Hence why our reservations and villages are plagued
with alcohol and drug addictions that supercede free
will and freedom of choice of both bullets AND
ballots. Freedom comes from personal, financial and
healthcare responsibility: cradle to grave care simply
exemplifies captivity.

Most addicts hate their fiendish hungers. In the rest
of the world, hitting bottom is the turning point, not
in Alaska. We enable the shit out of our chronic
inebriates undermining recovery with codependent
twisted support, not strict adherence to sobriety. As
stated heretofore, 95% of all police work is alcohol
related, either directly or ancillary.

Relapse is a normal part of recovery, but if I see any
of ye giving handouts to your drunken and drug
addicted relatives, I’m gonna put a bullet in both of

All drug traffic and bootlegging commerce is demand
stimulated: our efforts to thwart such illegal biz are
futile until we understand the invisible hand of
economics. Demand destruction occurs two ways: the
price goes through the ceiling or preference for a
product collapses to zero. You choose. Coddling
drunkards merely lines the pockets of criminal
entities further.

Dual diagnosis, not double entendre: self-medication
illustrates boredom, pain and childhood nightmarish
and poor. The Band-Aid goes on the wound, not the
medicine bottle.

Imagine a village dealer with inventory he could NEVER
unload. Still with me?

I'll live to see this silly messing about set right,
doubtful any of you blood-spattered and wingless
angels will.



Helicopter pilot, two others arrested in pot smuggling

The Associated Press Published: May 12, 2006

LOOMIS, Wash. (AP) - A helicopter pilot was arrested
in Canada and two Washington state residents were also
in custody after authorities seized 325 pounds of
marijuana, Okanogan County Sheriff Frank T. Rogers

The arrests Tuesday are the latest in a series of
aerial pot smuggling attempts in recent months along
the north central Washington county's sparsely
populated 90-mile border with British Columbia.

"It's like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps coming
and coming," Rogers said Thursday.

He said a number of law enforcement agencies received
reports Tuesday that a helicopter crossed the border
illegally, left five hockey bags at Blue Lake, about
10 miles south of Loomis, and then took off again.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested the pilot and
seized the chopper after he landed in British
Columbia, and U.S. authorities seized the marijuana
and arrested two Henry P. Roman, 49, of Seattle, and
James N. Burglund, 64, of Centralia, after stopping
them in a pickup truck near the lake, Rogers said.

He said he did not have the name or other details on
the pilot.

Roman and Burglund were jailed in Spokane for
investigation of federal charges of possession of
marijuana with intent to deliver, the sheriff said.

The arrests marked at least the fifth time that
authorities have intercepted airborne pot shipments
since December. The previous four involved float
planes, and in three cases people were caught with
marijuana at or near remote lakes.

On a fourth occasion, after tribal police seized a
float plane March 14 after disabling it by hurling
rocks at the propeller on the Columbia River, the
pilot made it to the other side and eluded sheriff's
deputies. A man believed to be the pilot was later
spotted and arrested on the Colville reservation.


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