Friday, December 16, 2005

Snorting whiskey, drinking cocaine.

--- Special Agent Octuck wrote:

> Hiya Karl,
> Did you all move out of Barrow already? How are
> things
> going?
> Did you take an APD Metro narc contract?


Howdy there Patchuck and crew,

Yup, Bunnik's last day was October 21. Flew down here
to Anchoragua: Boniface and Camelot, few blocks from
the Glenn. Shoulda brought a fucking pistol with me.

Much adoo with chef and personal bartender
indulgences. Steady diet of Alka-holic-Seltzer might
be a tell.

I'm still in impudent denial about the good Doctor
Carroll's advice about eliminating alcohol to further
improve my fat to moron ratio. 44 year old mountain
bike riders cut a finer physique if they simply drop
the billion calorie malt, mash, and grape pipeline to
their Nordic snouts.

"Moderation is for monks. Life was meant for
indulgences." 1700's Author Unknown.

We cleaned out our side of the duplex like a fully
furnished bed and breakfast, with phone, tv/cable,
broadband cable modem docking station, all the
ammenities just the way a lad prefers his remote safe

I've put a rotating lodging offer on the table for
Arctic Sounder bread boffers and intelligent yet
stinky cheese loaf predators. (Imagine Jim Paulin on
top of you gettin' ready to cum.)

It appears I haven't lost my touch eh?

If ANI, Alaska Newspapers Inc -AKA- "Sphincter ANI"
doesn't require a turn-key gig, I'll leave the place
prepped but vacant.

Hey, wake up fucks. That means we're doing another
Willow hideout gig, just way north of 70 lat.

If any of ye need to eat a few disappearing pills and
vanish to Barrow parts unknown send me an email, our
tenants already expect shady motherfuckers, they have
keys and airport pickup service awaiting my marching
orders and your commands. Sir!

Just thought I'd run that by ye.

Keep it in mind.

You never know when a pukebag like any of us mignt get
invited to butcher whales or perform community
service. Got Wood?

As far as the Mrs. and I, we're just rallying around
Los Anchorage in a cool little 4-by SUV in deep shit
snow playing grandpa and grandma but in a slightly
more Arctic slant: impaired. "appa kye and gwam-ma"
from 1 and 3 year old infant-tyrants and

Ain't that shit cute? Fuck ye, they only eat to fill
diapers and muke all over my drinking slacks and
smoking jackets. Sara's 2 little angels are blessings
indeed, the doodoo, drool and spittle-chew kisses is
the bonus package.

The insane driving merely stimulates the diaper
inflation and potent baby butt paint window blow out.

My Bessie Ootoyuk is thinking a few months in Kotzebue
next, visit with our goldern girls.

keep you posted.


ye bastards. it's dark in Barrow until Jan 23.

Spring whaling starts up shortly thereafter.

Bring all yer black bag equipment, Barrow drug dealers
are thick as thieves in Bagdad and much easier to flush
out than a gypsy out of a funeral pyre or cutting souveniers.

After a lynching.

Only graying gunslingers, uniformed felons, and spies,
spooks and shooters need apply.



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