Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Read 'em and weep.

Top of the morning gents,

Ever been to Mountain View?

Jesus fuck that's one dismal black and tan village:
lots of drunken niggers and natives meandering about
with untended crying kids all over.

No shit. Last night we popped into the RuralCrap
Apartments of Compounding Poverty to visit Gladys
Kagoona. What we came upon was a drunken Marvin
Kagoona in a 'low income' (low IQ) dump, passed out,
surrounded by a shitload of nana negro chitlens.

In the brief time we were there another dullard
village chick (Mary Ann Mendenhall/Touksak) walked in
with another half dozen kids asking where she could
find weed.

Here's the clincher. She simply dumped her 6 panty
lumps (vaginal discharges) on us and headed out on the
town to go party and 'git some'.

Ya see, when junky abby mommas fly into Anchoragua,
they use any welfare crack house as daycare, cuz
infants and children are lower on the totem pole than
drinking and whoring.

This is a syndrome. Me and bunnik see hundreds of
native and black kids crying and wanting their mommies
cuz we mostly only hang out with fellow village darky
ghetto spooks.

So what did we do? We honored their culture and left
all dozen babies and toddlers to feel the wrath
Marvins Kagoona's sexual appetite for beating elders
and porking chitlens. His generation of young native
men get more baby pussy than they deserve. A foreign
delicacy I fear trying.

Walking back to our car I was so upset my throat was
jacking and my eyes were seepy. It's hard to simply
walk away from inevitable diaper bleeding and sperm
fortified poop. Yup, I can walk away from impending
child rape without feeling too much guilt.

I'm lying.

In my last chat with Squish, he speculated that child
neglect and sexual abuse in rural Alaska is rapidly
increasing. Agent Octuck confirms this, but I'll chat
with Six Killer for his experiential genius and

You tell me: why do I get so upset? Am I out of line
to have such a emotional reaction to this emerging
culture of Inupiaq and African reservational and
inhumanly incapable quarantine zones of poverty and
misery? I'm clueless ain't I?

Bunnik also had some eye leakage whilst transforming
back into that mean vicious killer that I find so
handy in my weekly fisticuffs and semi-annual contract
narc jobs. Needless to say, the woman can shoot, cut
and kick unlike any of the Chinese descendants we

She's like all native girls: mean as shit from a life
of funny uncles and darky brothers raping her. I'm
attracted to PTSD victims of torture. Birds of feather
fuck together.

We drove back home in silence. No need to cry for
those children, they already know their plight in
life: we just had a moment of no hope understanding
this indigenous reality. My duties are to continue to
raise my own grandkids free of any Eskimo cultural

I have no grounds for judgement, my only concern is
for the Eskimo children under my wing, not the kennel
runts not worthy of their parents love, affection and

Don't get me wrong, I've scrawged a few hundred
scraling, Finn and Russian life support systems for
cunts, but I'm still looking for any offspring as
tall, blonde and handsome as I. Gonadular structures
and obsolete sperm from Scandinavia simply won't take
inside a runt cunt. Besides, some soldiers never heal
from electrocution.

I don't know why I'm bitching so much this morning.
I'm used to seeing kids left out in the snow to cry
and freeze, even witnessed 2 Russian policemen club a
young lad to death only to see other street kids pick
his pockets as he froze to the sidewalk.

Only you boys can attest that some pain can never be
cried away.

For my anonymous readers on the North Slope and the
NANA region: pull yer head outa yer kids ass. This
shit is epidemic. Shoot, we might as well move all
them shit poor black folks left homeless in
Mississippi and Louisiana to rural Alaska. Nobody
would know the difference; save the temps and smell,
but not the neglect.

Fair is fair. All native Americans have free health
insurance, I firmly believe all Aficans should also be
covered under the BIA Health Care System.

"There is darkness all around you." (Theme: Dog Bounty
Hunter) But in the lives of my family: far too much
brightness. God don't fairly distribute brains and
cruelly spoils my vessel form in the shape of this
painfully bright and obnoxious human motherfucker of
inordinate arrogance.

Should we also insure European descendants along with
Asian and Africans too? That debate is up to you lads,
but I'll get truly hacked if my wealthy doctor
brothers (3) got free health coverage on top of the
third to a half mil they each pull down every year.

According to Lord Greenspan, if all the world's wealth
were redistributed evenly, we'd be right back to this
dismal poverty in 10 years. I ain't the money, it's
the thinking and decisions that reflect zero education
in my rural brethren.

Maybe my expectations exceed my browner brother's
capabilities, but I doubt it. If we schooled all
Alaskans equally and privately, we may see an Eskimo
working at NASA or Boeing. I'll buy the round and
bring the cubano cigars to party with y'all that day.

Ya see, health, wealth and wisdom is cultural, just
the reverse of the hellish existence I've witnessed
and now reporting loudly and brightly into the night.

"Okay Karl, take a breath and ease up." (D. Craig)

My rage and sorrow is waning, leaving a void of
depressional agony. I shouldn't witness such horrors,
but like Sore Throat once stated, "it's our lot in
life." Poor bastard has likely witnessed as much pain
and suffering as all you uniformed killers and graying

Too bad he's forced to wear a gag and handcuffs cuz
the media can also serve as a repair and healing tool.

Provided his constituency would look straight into the
mirror and not blink.

That's me, the shitty mirror of nightmare reflections.

Don't blink or look away, look away, look away.

This ain't the land of Dixie and this shit ain't my
duty to repair.

If you gotta a uniform in your closet, it's yours.

May God bless you soldiers. Those poor kids too.



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