Friday, December 16, 2005

Philanthropy or Constabulary Duties.

Shoot Lem, them jungle drums is beating out an angry

Folks I assumed to be illiterate are finally reading
some of our daily diatribal muke pitching via (After 20 years of your
honest copwerks and my silly narc foibles)

Seems your author on drugs has pissed off some grabby
abbies and got thousands of pairs of unholy soiled
village underwear in a bunch.

You boys are my intelligence network, if you continue
to hear hostile opines and resentfully elevated Ire,
let me know and I'll shutdown our weblog site.

Unless yer enjoying the controversy, then we'll let
piss simmer and shit steam.

One thing about any creative endeavor be it music,
artwerks or literature, you'll always have detractors
throwing rocks at yer shit from the bleachers and

Funny, the only folks angry with our course discourse
are nana negroes. Folks outside and overseas dig my
shit. Pity.

Y'all keep me posted, your my colorful characters in
this daily am cop talk and gossip du jour. If ye gotta
take shit, we'll shut the whole fucker down in a NY

Imagine, us lot the center of attention. Kinda gives
me boner-and a smile on my face.

I'm in Anchorage for the short run, with a likely Kotz
hurl and dump mish. A volunteer org wants to ship me
and me bunnik out to Nunam Iqua (sheldon pt) for a
year of suicide prevention after school programs.

More requests for volunteer work since the free
elderly tax prep last season. Instead of looking for
refunds, I'll be looking for rope burns, rusty gas can
rings on native youth mouths etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Bet I'm called to cut a few down too. Sounds a bit
like VPSO duties: downriver triangle, Selawik,
Noorvik, Kiana. Didn't one of you graying gunslingers
tell me to stay far away from a uniform for as long as
I live?

I'm worried Paul's gonna bitch slap me or the sgt will
love-tap me with his magic wand or smoke me with his
firebreathing dragon of 45-70 displacement.

I don't wanna look like Edward Wayne Henry, Kevin
Zabrisky, Tilmer Black or WienerKey. Them floaters and
leakers best stay in their respective dumpsters.

I also don't wanna be found hanging in a conex
container with my hands bound behind my dumbass.
Hooah! Good job there mates.

Yup, another deed of overwhelming philanthropy. Me
gramps woulda just let all them diseased Induns hang
themseffs. I wish I could express in no uncertain
terms my existential conflict: exterminate or educate
them darling little brown people.

This generation of murderous Viking puts me as the
only white dude in my whole fam damily.

The Natives outvote me 4 to 1

(bun,magnum,gwendo,tayleentikiq vs. Scandinegro1).

I always lose, hence why Squish always scolded me, "Shit
Ewing!" "Two words; Loser!"


Yer unfriendly and foul author on drugs.



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