Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our ancestries are obsolete and must be shed like a snake's skin.

Top of the morning gents,

We're such dumbshits.

We don't listen to our own best friend's advice.

Nasruk warned me against moving to Barrow.
*Real estate collapse.
*Dirty cops.
*Dirtier borough government.
*Shitty Eskimos mostly hateful of their own kind.

Best friends are SUPPOSED to say "I told ya so, you
dumbass." It's your turn Nasruk, you told me so.

Stick with me; I'll make sense in a bit.

I'm all behind Westlake's advocacy of installing a
Toshiba nuke heated steam engine generator in Galena.

After reaching critical mass and harvesting massive
amounts of electrons and heat to warm water like a
steam engine to twist generators or alternator
turbines, Galena will at last yield pert near free

25% of all the electricity generated in America is
produced from nukes, 50% from coal, the remaining 25%
is from hydroelectric dams and diesel generators we
see all over rural Alaska.

The reaction we're guaranteed to hear is loud and
inevitably shrill monkey screeches of the primate fear
of basic chemical reactions: be they endothermic or
exothermic. Simple sciences are so far beyond
superstition and magic, hence why the least civilized
peoples of the Earth never contribute anything
scientifically significant to the rest of the world.

Scandinavia was once backwards and aboriginally
retarded: worst niggers on the planet. Once we chucked
our aboriginal and backward cultures into the shitter
and embraced Christianity, industrially revolutionary
and culturally reformative advances from our smarter
yet darker white folks down south in post Dark Age
Renaissance Europe, we took off and now lead the world
in telecommunications and computing advancements.

It was our aboriginal culture that held us back.
Getting a clue?

No other aboriginal culture has achieved this level of
advancement: technological and scientific. After
shaking free the shackles of aboriginal slavery that
binds and retards all aboriginal cultures, Vikings are
now showing the world how to create highly advanced
civilizations on the ashes of stupid and inanely
backwards ancient, aboriginal and cultural practices.

Vikings used to be the plague of humanity, now we're
your saviors. We dumped all that pagan ritualistic
crap I'm suffocating in here on Eskimo Territory, for
the prayer that it's the individual genius that
advances cultures, not the whole crowd of retards and
slack master niggers.

Genius is risky and NEVER a product of 'groupthink.'

As long as Native Americans cling to their dumbass and
filthy obsolete ancient ways, they'll forever be a
drag on the advancement of modern man. I'm still
waiting for an Edison, Einstein, or even a Sibelius to
arise from my darker yet dumber Eskimo brethren.

I pray an Eskimo or Athabascan will develop faster
computers, more powerful cell phones, or matter to
energy to matter replicators allowing the rest of us
humans the possibility of traveling beyond our solar
system. But I doubt it, natives are condemned to
grovel in dirt, not dance in space on the dark side of
the moon.

Math is the language of physics, chemistry and
astrophysics. I won't hold my breath waiting for
another Sam Colt or Henry Ford to arise from the
welfare system we call Native culture.

By publicly announcing their complete ignorance of
physics and the nature of subatomic particles, we can
deduce how overwhelmingly uneducated modern Alaskans
are. More radioactive radiation is emitted during the
lifespan of a single coal incineration power plant
than the entire human history of nuclear power and

Trust me, when overcrowded by simple Alaskans, I'm
forced to live a solitary life here at the wrong end
of the North American continent.

Another stupid and fickle example of ignorant Alaskans
fucking over the darker and the dumber, is mine and
Octuck's prediction Fairbanks would sell out Galena
worse than a goddamned Judas goat. Galena sat there
like a shitting duck with head locked in a milking
stall, teats washed and balmed, ass gaped and
bleeding. Shoot, I treat my goats better than white
nigger Alaskans treat their dimmer and darker

The musical base closure rape game left a dear friend
of mine battling losing odds, getting his teeth kicked
in, yet still enjoying my research and analysis,
camaraderie and muktuk. I owe him: shooting lessons,
stories, and great deeds of beating the piss outa
violent drunken Eskimo child rapists.

Galena natives simply aren't as important as Shitbanks
white trash niggers who also wouldn't last a second in
any Scandinavian university. Which is where Westlake
should truly be studying, not surrounded by
embarrassing clansmen smelling like awful Evansville

It's time we fix this by setting an example: show the
rest of the Indun nations suffering appalling poverty
that free electricity will leave their household
budgets fatter for the better things in life: like an
education or soap.

As always, it's a lone dude battling the whole fucking
retarded world around him. High fives for Sarin Gas,
Westlake and Octuck: goddamned learned Earthlings, now
advanced far beyond their caveman monkey fucking
ancestries battling to improve prevailing thought in
their own backyards.

Super cheap natural gas and electricity prices here in
Barrow provides all arctic lunatics north of 70 lat a
fat margin of disposable income. My utility bills are
less than half of yours, yet our wages are the highest
in the state and incongruent with our cost of living.

Here's the tax accounting part that may mystify you
graying gunslingers: our duplex loses 6% in value
every year in direct correlation with declining
borough income (revenue), and I'm happy shit.

I call it the 20/100 rule in tax accounting.

Ya see, capital GAINS (profits) are taxed at 20% but I
can deduct 100% of my expenses and capital LOSSES from
our adjusted gross income. So don't fret any downturns
in your real estate ventures or investment schemes.

Beauty eh? It comes from education and a big fucking
Viking brain quite fond of the only genius Eskimo
woman searching for me all over.

We liquidated our position in the Mat-Su real estate
market with a 25% gain but rolled over everything into
retirement and the purchase of this quarter million
dollar duplex.

As we ease into retirement we can choose to rent out
our apartments for a tasty grand a month profit, or
sell it at a staggering loss averaging this fat write
off over 1, 3 or 5 years.

See how I reap gains from every twist and turn our
failing Alaskan private sectors yield my direction?

I lean a little towards keeping the building for a few
years, leaving our side completely furnished, heated,
up and running.

Alas, I'm just like my parents. They keep grandma's
house and their big house on Puget Sound uninhabited
and full of generations of Ewing/Veinman heirlooms and
antiques. My joke is that they don't need to use over
a million dollars worth of real estate as storage

My mom believes the houses are occupied with Viking
ghosts, and that less non-Scandic humans will only
fuck up their castles. So many homeless shit poor
humans, and my parents use their prime view properties
as safe houses and expensive goody storage sheds.

Me paps prefers to live on the farm along the
Snohomish River feeding chickens and ducks, horses and
livestock. Vikings are banned from heaven, so we do
our chores until we die, awakening in our work boots
or out on the ice shelf where I look for Carlos and
Nay. I'll still look for them, even on my 52-acre lot,
stream and sawmill in Idaho.

They weren't Viking killers, rapists, nor cannibals,
so it's a good bet 2 of our own won't be coming back
repeatedly, simply to do their chores for eternity
alongside a pretty Eskimo gal married to your author
on drugs.

In previous lives, this Eskimo gal was my cellmate and
confidant despite living on the other side of the
world and in the wrong century. She also soothed and
calmed me before and after my interrogations, beatings
and tortures.

I never thought I would suffer far worse than her
typical Inupiaq childhood, but she still loves my
mutilated body and really old soul regardless.

She ain't no ordinary wolf and knows Vikings are
forever sent back for more chores saving battered
children and grandchildren. I was also sent back to
continue writing to tormented cops and medics: you
lads, despite my repeated deaths.

Some shit I spew won't make sense for a few days after
you read it. Some of my shit will take a few lifetimes
to make any sense.

Smarter fuckers produce ideas like viruses shattering
tribal stupidity and typical Alaskan complacency. It
takes a village to retard whole cultures. It takes a
lone genius to bring the word of enlightenment,
salvation and inevitable indigenous crucifixion, to
tell you your tribal chief he has no clothes, nor

Like Jews, natives will always lynch their brightest
and best. Smart folks unknowingly embarrass their
masses of illiterate monkey fuckers they call kin and

If I was a dumbshit, you wouldn't be checking your
inbox every morning at around 11:00 am arctic time.

Every fucking morning.

It's the private sector that'll enriches us all, not
niggerlicious state, borough or city public sector
operations. Those merely hire the inept and force your
own brilliant brothers and sisters to flee or commit
suicide. Genius is always at odds with the collective.

See how backwards cultures kill off your most advanced
and able members? Embrace the genius, even if he's
related to you and brown as a turd.

A sickly Inupiaq Mozart or a crazy Athabascan Edgar
Allen Poe will be killed at birth or banished before
they could radically improve living standards for all
the rest of us Earth inhabitants. The Eskimo culture
owes the world it's best and brightest, so quit
ostracizing them via bullying and retarding them via

Ghetto bullies are parasitic, thrive in native
cultures, and rob us all of any chance to put our best
and brightest forward to compete worldwide
academically. Perchance depriving the rest of us of
your only genius geek.

Public schooling is a terrible thing to do to your
best and brightest, but perfectly fine for your dumber
wives and kids.

Genius geeks are lousy hunters and gatherers, hence
why they'll never survive in aboriginal cultures hell
bent on being hell bound, instead of the other ways

Brighter lights need special tutoring and one on one
teaching and encouragement. Ain't happening in your
Alaskan public school system the pays our dismally
dumb and simple teachers wages lagging national

I make exceptions for exceptional people. Like all you
lads, the exception PROVES the rule.

"Nigger is, as a nigger does" is a quote stolen from
an unknowingly brilliant Eskimo kid from Unalakleet:
aka Super Dad.

He's unaware how bright he is, cuz natives hate smart
fuckers, but I don't. He's the last and final native
customer that can sit at my Viking bar here North of
70 lat as an honored guest.

I've seen this lad weep profusely cuz he wished he
weren't native and could move away with me. I believe
he was crying cuz he's inordinately brighter than most
ice niggers, yet cursed with the brown skin and all
the stereotypical assumptions we make.

The part that breaks my heart is the fact he's forever
stranded here, unable to break free and show the world
there's at least one brilliant aboriginal that could
quite possibly make technical contributions forever
improving the quality of life for all humans.

Despite a vicious and retarded culture, you all have
arisen from ancient garbage and shine ever so brightly
in my writing, my stories, and my heart.

Don't make me say, "I told you so."

If you put your self in my place, you'll need bigger
shoes and bigger pants, prettier hair and more
expensive conditioner. I sing for you lonesome
geniuses hiding in rural Alaska, shy and proud.

Blonder than I, yet braver than us.



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