Wednesday, September 28, 2005

McCarthy. Home of true Alaskan Child Porno. Pilgrim Porno Dudes. Wait, have any of you seen Mike Wilson?

Top of the morning gents,

I recall an old school hip/hop song, "Things that make
ye go hmmm..."

No shit. This McCarthy, Alaska Pilgrim Child Porno gig
is too weird.

Families that pray together, pray they ain't gorped by
paps so yer ass don't taste like dad's dick. Incest is
best, as long as ya don't gotta be the bucket. Too
funny, cuz we're all Alaskans.

Childhood war cry after yer first orgasm in a McCarthy
Alaska outhouse, "Ease up dad, yer crushing my

I'm cackling, busting a gut, and hacking loogies too.
Fuck this is funny shit.

"This is an emergency. This is an emergency. We have a
bloody emergency going on." (Red Dwarf-BBC)

All I need to complete this rural Alaskan reality
porno cartoon is to see Mashburn and Ramoth fly in to
serve the arrest warrant, both shitfaced baked and
swaggering their best John Wayne after drinking 2
bottles of TV whiskey.

"No more showering with yer kinfolk fully clothed
there Pilgrim."

"Ya best wash off yer mud flaps and saddle up, I'm
bringing ya in."

"If ya high tail it, I'll riddle ya with bullets then
perform the rural Alaskan ritual; Death By

If you don't know what Death by Bunga-Bunga is, drink
a bottle of rum and then go ask Percy Sheldon. He'll
tap that biscuit whilst handcuffed to a drunken VPSO.
According to Captain Wallace.

Or so the story goes. Larry and Roy Fields weren't shy
about arresting out of town VPSO's on a drunk. Larry
also lectured my shit for intoxicating these
aforementioned village cops beyond all repair.

I've carried Marvin Ramoth down flights of stairs and
into dumpsters, cleaned up Inupiaq heavage all over a
passed out Horace Fields, pants down on my toilet
sleeping and hatching Knickipaq sileage for my

On a mission? Don't pop in for a few belts of bourbon
and bong rips at Karl and Bunny's. Leap in, limp out?
Shit no, crawl out.

Billy and Riley Knox picked up a sled full of
distilled spirits, started drinking in preparation for
a bootleg mish from house #420 all the way to Selawik
by snogo. Meaning I overheated the ice maker and
rewashed a dozen glasses, and emptied 4 bottles of
'the good stuff.'

Nice to down most of my booze, after these mukes just
ditched their PFD checks for it.

Billy fell off the sled half way home. Hiked to a
cabin, drank a fuel cell and napped in a subzero ice
free grotto for 3 fucking days.

I'm gonna shut up. The indictments are real, yikes.

Crank yer speakers and pass the jug, these hillbillies
are a hoot. I'm not sure if I can take them seriously.

Long hair hides a red neck.



Papa pilgrim faces multiple charges
Monday, September 26, 2005 - by Dan Fiorucci and Jason

Anchorage, Alaska - Rape, incest and kidnapping. Those
are the charges facing 64-year-old Robert Hale, the
man known as Papa Pilgrim.

Hale, who gained attention during a land dispute with
the National Park Service near McCarthy, now faces 30
felony charges in all. And the victim is one of Hale’s
own children.

“I'm a pilgrim, a stranger, in that sense. That's what
the scriptures say we are and it just seemed so
beautiful that I was a pilgrim,” Hale said in June

Hale has called his property outside McCarthy
hillbilly heaven. It’s a place where, along with his
wife and 15 children, he would play music. But
according to troopers, for at least one of Hale's
children, hillbilly heaven may have been hell.

“We're looking at 30 felony counts and one count of
kidnapping but most of these are sexual assault,
incest, coercion and then there’s also physical
assault, first, second and third degrees,” said Greg
Wilkinson of the Alaska State Troopers.

A sweeping indictment unsealed today, with state
troopers charging Hale with kidnapping, rape and
incest against one of his own children. Troopers say
the sexual assault dated back to 1998.

“We received information over the Labor Day weekend
from a couple different sources that they had become
aware of the situation,” said Wilkinson.

The indictment came from the grand jury Friday.
Troopers hoped to arrest Hale this weekend but they
believe he may have left the McCarthy area.

Since 2003 Hale has been the focus of an intense
dispute with the National Park Service over access to
his property within Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.
The family appeared happy starting a horseback tour
business. When one of the daughters was asked if she
ever thought about leaving the family, this is what
she had to say.

“In this world, everybody's trying everybody on like a
new pair of blue jeans and it's not the way we do it.
My favorite thing in life to do is work and help and
cook and serve my brothers and sisters and play music.
And one of our most favorite things to do is get
together and share and I don't know how I could be any
happier. I really ain't looking for anything,” said
one of the Hale children.

Troopers are not saying which child is the victim and
as of today, Hale is considered a fugitive.

“The statistics in Alaska is very high. It's three
time the national average on child sexual abuse and
incest,” said Terry Gamage, Standing Together Against

Gamage says that unfortunately Alaska has very high
rates of child abuse and incest. This may be in part
due to the relative isolation in many areas of the

State troopers say Hale is believed to be driving a
Dodge camper van. Hale’s van is said to be navy blue.
The license number is EPN 405. Anyone with information
is asked to contact Alaska State Troopers.

People KTUU spoke to in McCarthy today say the family
had a falling out this summer and some of the older
children left. Some are now staying with a family
outside of the McCarthy area. KTUU contacted that
family late today and they said the children who are
there are supportive of the law enforcement efforts.

Troopers are not sure if Hale could still be in the
McCarthy area. Greg Wilkinson says they went out there
this weekend in the hopes of arresting him. They could
not find him. And now say he could be anywhere in the
state, which is why they're hoping the information on
the navy blue van could pay off in helping to track
him down.

Now to be absolutely clear, Hale has been convicted of
nothing. Tonight Hale's wife tells KTUU-TV only that
she would like people's prayers for her family and
that she and her children are OK.


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