Saturday, August 20, 2005

Suicide is the permanent solution to childhood trauma. Aboriginal = raped and abused children? I don't buy it.

Top of the morning gents,

I don't know what strikes a nerve more painfully,
native suicide or the pre/post-natal trauma that
causes so much self induced misery and death.

We all have buried souls barred from Heaven. Any sorry
bastard that kills himself is cursed to roam his
shitty village forever.

The big question is WHY?

My theory? I firmly believe every person that commits
suicide experienced unspeakable trauma as a child.

In a culture banned from free intellectual speech and
sharing agony of an ethno-specific origin, the choices
are dismal: alcoholism, chronic drug abuse, pistol
eating and neck stretching and snapping.

Over the years, we all have cut down numerous hangers
and CPR'd the living shit outa family members to no
avail. I've watched Garoutte spit and gargle, washing
dead man drainage outa his mouth after performing his
French-Indian version of mouth-to-mouth oral sex with

I still believe the underlying trauma causing our
blight of self-snuffing Native youth is child rape.

Not child sex where the offender and victim enjoy
simultaneous orgasms, we're talking the violent kind
of assault carried out by older native men with a lust
for punked and distended sphincters of both sexual and
anal function protruding from the bottoms of their own
kin, siblings, and cousins.

What? You think the agent of causality is something
more ambiguous, yet less tangible? Yer wrong.

In my limited experience on Earth, I've been the first
responder to over a dozen suicides: none revived, all
buried or burned.

One consistent aspect throughout every poop-backed
self-lynchee or ballistic overbite is the vein of
mental illness. Mental illness that arises when a
child is treated like a grown native woman; drunk
piece of ass nobody ever cared about.

The easy solution would be to eliminate child sex from
our Native cultures all over the North American
Continent. Sure.

Reggie Joule (our erected orifice) once testified in
court that child rape is a cultural archetype passed
down through the generations. I don't buy it.

He may be accurate though.

Like the Star Trek rule of thumb: The Prime Directive,
we shant upset the apple cart. We must not interfere
with aspects of aboriginal behavior we find
distasteful or frightening: on this planet nor rural
dumpsites inhabited by darkies with sore butts.

As my blessed Siberian wife once phrased, "All those
'save the native' white folks are wasting their time,
we'll be raping and killing each other for another
10,000 years."

This notion has also been asserted by David and Rachel
Craig, and Tess Sheldon also. The aspect of fucking
yer children and siblings is an iron clad part of
Inupiaq culture and will continue forever.

Rachel confided with me that she was blessed, she like
my Mrs., was shipped out to BIA boarding schools, thus
saving her from the rape that occurs daily on Native
Territory back home.

Ya see, the rape stops once we ship the kids away from
their buttfucking uncles and padres.

ICWA (indun child welfare act) actually secured child
butt pussy for sick and ugly elder natives for another
100 years. We can't take babies from horny parents any
longer, and Molly Hooch insured good and tight baby
butt sex from K-12.

Prime Directive mates. Hands off.

I'll continue to hit sensitive nerves in all you
chaps. Not as a form of abuse, just another way to
examine a cultural archetype that normally is too sick
and painful to look at, hence my sick humor or
unblinking gore emitted from this arctic computing and
research station North of 70 lat.

Asian cultures have always offered children for sex as
a retail industry, fragmented Asians (inupiaq) will
need another millenium to shed this exotic and
delightful form of entertainment.

Poor parents will always sell their poor children into
the sex trades, or fuck them themselves.

What else are poor kids good for?

If a whole culture is in denial about the disasters
resulting from their ancient aboriginal child-sex
practices, who are we to object?

Heck it may be what makes Amerindians unique.

My hat is off you lads. Most of you are cops, the rest
in public service and child advocacy. Why we're such a
tight team decades after serving together is a mystery
best left unexplained, but I'm proud of all of you.

My advice? Keep doing your good deeds, and take time
to compliment (or buy a round of drinks) your comrades
in uniform.

As I've been doing for a hunnert years now, I'll keep
pounding away at the issues near and dear to our

Enclosed are 2 articles related to native suffering.
The first is from a master word smith we all remember
living directly behind the old OTZ office, now the
grotto of residence inhabited by his successor.

Jeanie Greene would surely earn my respect if she dug
deeper into child-rape and suicide; we'll see.



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