Saturday, August 20, 2005

Crime doesn't pay, south of the Arctic Circle.

Top of the morning gents,

Call me a dumb ass. Cuz I am.

I enjoy watching the froth and foam generated in
Alaskan industries when the enforcement of regulations
change the opportunities.

Last year we heard quite a ruckus from freight only
air carriers who'd lost their lucrative postal
contracts if they didn't upgrade their planes,
licenses, and insurance to carry passengers.

Carrying passengers is expensive. Carrying only
freight is akin to plucking the tastiest low hanging
fruit or skimming the cream off a gallon jar of fresh
squeezed goats milk. This kind of picking and choosing
left some communities with sparse and inordinately
expensive air fare tickets in and out of town.

Uncle Ted finally sprouted some gonadular structures
and put all these freight only carriers on notice to
live up to the regulations ignored. Meaning: if a
carrier wants a piece of the big monies paid out to
fly pri-mail, bulk mail, and bypass mail to Alaska's
remote villages, they have to fly human cargo also.

Few carriers were ever licensed or capable of hauling
passengers, but were granted waivers and allowed to
abscond some serious dineros until they capitalized
the cost of passenger service.

Well, the waiver time allotment ran out and Grampa Ted
and FAA put their foot down, enforced the existing
regs and put a couple dozen small outfits out of
business including Speesak's Servant Air Service on
the East Ramp of Shitbanks Int'l Airport.

To further cut costs, the US Postal Service is
trucking bypass mail from Anchoragua through
Squarebanks on to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, thus
shifting a ton of freight business from Alaska
Airlines and the other larger jet outfits to smaller
and cheaper outfits located up here north of 70 lat.

We're talking big money dudes.

Remember when I quoted the Barrow AC store mgr Burt
Teigen on the revenue structure of our local store?

Dissecting his cost structure reveals high utility
bills and a monthly rent of $51,500 paid to UIC, but
market prevailing wages that are low, but include free
housing to almost 20 employees.

Dissecting his revenue structure reveals his primary
revenue drivers as cigarettes, pop, and candy totaling
$20,000 cash into the til every day. Pretty impressive
for a town less than twice the size of Bethel
(butthole) or Kotzebue.

Do the math, at $20K per day X 365 we get a yearly
revenue stream of over $7,300,000 for non-nutritional,
yet desperately needed chemical sustenance.

Jesus fuck that's a lot of lost teeth and aqualung.

In the scam to separate a fool from his money, we all
get a piece of the action. Natives love cigs pop and
candy; so do dentists, physicians, morticians,
lawyers, air carriers, and grocery stores.

The entity that benefits most is the tax collector, be
they municipal, borough, state or fed.

No single dietary supplement kills more grabby abbies
(aboriginals) than any other. Moreover, I see a
sequence of cultural, dietary and lifestyle events
that develops the predictable social ills I see at
every reservation. Pop and candy for infants, cigs for
everyone, finally bootleg booze to secure the
extermination I see all around me.

It ain't murder, it's market and bureaucratic assisted

Did you know that our respective borough mayors have
no clothes?

Crime doesn't pay, south of the Arctic Circle.



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