Thursday, April 21, 2005

5-Corners is in pert near everyone's wicked past. Yours too.

Top of the morning gents,

I received a query from one of our morning email
dudes, and the answer is "yes."

Pim and I blew up Rob Fry's house right near
5-corners. We placed a tasty pipe bomb on his window
sill right when he was crawling into bed to jerk off,
piss and shit. Sweet job, fucker had it coming.

He lived a few blocks down Bowdoin Street, just past
the facility (Smith-Wright Estates) where they store a
shit load gimpoid mini-limbers. You might also see a
green 66 Ford Econoline van there; swing shift mates.

The torched Caddie was Mark Arneson's and he wanted
to get out from under an EZ finance car loan. He'd
bought this junker with new paint from a dealer right
down the road from the Ballard Union-76 station where
he worked. The tranny was already missing Reverse and
Low, and the engine was a leaking oil bomb with mere
hours of life left in it.

Him, me and Franky Empfield drove it up to 7-lakes,
rallied the piss out of it, torched it, then booked
home in my white AMC Ambassador and Franky's Toyota
pick up.

We almost dumped it near Tobus and Callahan's cabins
on Hall's Lake, but we'd already caught shit for
dumping Patty's Datsun and a wrecked Toyota Corolla
wagon there.

A burnt Caddie would've surely pissed off Callahan
regardless of the bogus story Spanky and Arnie-girl
would've made up, so we headed a bit north of Everett,
ditching and torching the wreck there.

In the Mountlake Terrace Police Department archives
you'll find a bogus vehicle theft report signed by
Mark Arneson (Arnie-girl), Kevin Elsberg and "Fred
Garvin, male prostitute."

You can learn a lot from a dummy (on drugs).

Funny how fiction mirrors life.

"I didn't do it." "I was never there, and that's my
story and I'm stickin' to it."

I fear I might have shot, torched, or blown up a
relative of your's. Hope not.

I've got only 3 dead bodies in my closet, they don't
look like any of you, especially now.

If so, sorry to hear yer related to now dead assfucks.

Take my word for it. They had it coming.




Refering back to an old E-mail, yes you did make a
good catch when you picked out Bunnik. She is a cut
above the prime part of the meat of the culture.

As to NW Warshington, I used to live in Edmonds near
Five Corners. Was that the remains of your doings
with that blown up house?

My brother and I also found and pilfered a burned out
caddie convertible on a remote logging road a bit
north of Everett, west of the Smokey Point off-ramp.

Dirt road near Wenberg State Park?

I remember all the ruckus with the cops and the FBI at
that destroyed house. You've been a busy boy.

Back in Lynnwood, Edmonds, and Mountlake Terrace, you
Ewings are notorious for fucking shit up. I don't
recall any of the other names you mentioned, but I now
remember some of those incidents you've written about.

I never tied you to any of these 'events' until now.

Reading your lectures is rewarding, and fun.

Lots of fun.

ptl bd


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