Friday, February 04, 2005

Skin Color and IQ

Top of the morning gents,

One big Ouch! Lots of issues and drama this weekend.
Pay attention, or I'll likely lose you amongst the
intentionally foul language.

India recently had a tumultuous election. On Friday
evening, the newly elected president promised larger
farm subsidies and expanded social programs. This may
seem trivial, but it kept me up well past my bedtime,
glued to CNBC Europe and dumbfounded at the massive
collapses rippling throughout all the EU Bourses
(European stock markets).

A few hours after the markets opened, we saw the
Indian Stock Markets take a nosedive, worst in 125
years. See what happens when folks that never
attended an econ lecture (sober or baked) get elected
to office? Economics is the study of humans making
hard choices, according to need, want, and relative

Politicians pray you never learn concepts such as:
Minimum wages remove competition from the bottom third
of our income earners, and that any effort to cheat
the laws of scarcity results in far worse shortages.
Concepts such as market pricing power, where the
intersection between available materials and how much
we're willing to pay, is the actual market price.
Some libQueers insist on ignoring basic laws of
physics, economics, and healthcare. Here's a doozy:
All natives receive free medical/dental/vision
healthcare, yet who is the most diseased bunch of
folks? As the Jack Daniel's label says to us in bush
Alaska, "All goods worth price charged." Free means
no value.

Too far beyond scope? Between cross-hairs and
cunt-hairs there's an intellectual world that excludes
cops and soldiers. Don't be that guy, or a
MassOfTwoShits Senator not recognizing that same-sex
marriages are as wrong as 2 boys fucking.

Just to rub our arrogantly hetro noses in shit, some
states are negating the necessity for both genders to
be involved in the healthy upbringing of human
children. Sorry mates, the smell of a cat box don't
give me a boner, and I only eat my own sperm. As
stated before, AIDS is an image problem only for men
who put it in men.

Humans unknowingly make the right choices, despite the
externalities heretofore. We can't fix any single
social problem without causing larger problems
elsewhere, water seeks it's own level, and we're
exactly where we choose, in a shitty Eskimo village.

A hindu advised me, that our world is absolutely
perfect exactly as it is, some heaven on earth
malarkey. I'm starting to understand. All humans
possess genes comprising of half dictator, half slave.
We've earned this existence. Karmic dick spanking.
Make sense?

Rising power costs: I like cheap electricity, so I
like lots of dams at the expense of salmon; to the
benefit of livestock, fruit groves, alfalfa, and
grains and vegetable production. Oops, you Alaskan
bastards are ignorant of irrigation and water rights
battles currently simmering. You oughta visit me at
the family ranch and sawmill, at an undisclosed place
in Idaho. Bring your automatics, both rifle and
pistol, and beer. All I have to do is mention the
word 'Idaho'; scares shit outa me too.

The rest of America also likes cheap power, so besides
dams, the bulk, 52% of our electricity comes from high
sulfur, old school coal fired plants. One half of one
percent of all our power comes from green, or
alternative sources, close to Nader's election and
popularity polling results.

Colored folks are celebrating the Brown vs. Board of
Ed. court case. Afro Americans are also celebrating,
don't be so presumptuous. As a little Eskimo kid
advised me at the library this weekend, "Nigger is as
a nigger does." You know something? I didn't really
comprehend all the ramifications that phrase punched,
but I continued my afternoon computer tutorials.

The Mrs. commands that I perform these duties at my
expense, but public native benefit. She's of the
opinion I ought to share the wisdoms I absorbed from
all you murderous bastards with hundreds of little
kids. Ya see, I come from the school of thinking that
wisdom is best shoved down the throats of ignorant
kids of any color.

Despite my off color humor, I also believe that there
is zero correlation between skin color and IQ. I
firmly believe that IQ is a product of culture. This
morning, I ain't gonna pussy foot around, there's a
reason my Eskimo inlaws peg out at 80 IQ; FAS and 'who
gives a shit about school, we don't want to be white.'

I take your silence as apprehensive agreement.

As stated before, skin color is the easiest human
attribute to manipulate. Race isn't the correct card
to play in the IQ game, it's parenting finesse and
healthy mental development, as in upbringing. You see
why I'm choosing my words carefully? Again, I'm not
playing the race card, I'm talking about culture you
mongoloids. Some cultures are also races, some not.
Palestinians and Jews are identical genes and races,
but very different cultures.

IQ is absolutely dependent on prenatal and postnatal
(-9 months to the age of 7) care, feeding, and
interaction. Some cultures historically deprive their
children of these IQ developing tools. Can you detect
the direction I heading? Watch the PBS Frontline:
Brown Vs Board episode. Real catch 22 wrestling match
over black culture, black entertainment, black
students, and well, like the Eskimo kid stumped me at
the library said, "Nigger is as a nigger does."

None of you met my nemesis, lab partner, and single
competitor at UAF, Mr. Chermaine Fullinck. Black
gentlemen, smarter than I, and NOT afro-American. He
made me guess his nationality, and after failing
hundreds of times, I conceded by titling him, my
"Nigerian Candidate." His retort was to greet me
with, "Karl! My favorite nigger!" Which happened
every day for half a decade in the computer lab we
built, maintained, and used for all sorts of illegal
uses. You boys will never meet such a chap, he's
enroute to claiming a seat on the United Stated
Supreme Court Justice bench. Didn't I tell you
failure is acceptable, cultural low aim is the crime.

Ya see, Chermaine will whip the black off your ass if
you call him Afro-anything, "Dutch West Indies, you
pink and gray piece of rural ignorant shit." God I
love his insults. We referred to our 2 man team as an
interracial marriage, we had all the same classes so
we held hands between lectures. Zebra crew was likely
the most offensive to the anally erect pansies we
tutored. Smart chaps tend to cling together, as did
Capt Jay Gardner.

Jay was the first member of my morning am newsletter,
in 1998 he gave me permission to abuse his military
ass, verbally, intellectually, and beerfully. He was
worried that hanging around a campus packed with
liberal same sex fecus eaters would make him soft, so
I was elected Abuser and Academic Challenger #1. You
fuckers really need to go back to school, you'll find
yourself scooped up and running faster than any of
your relatives. Trust me, I'll be with you at all
times, serving as your campus asshole drill sergeant
and study/beer session facilitator.

Humans are interesting. Murderous folks blindly find
each other, sort of like fags knowing each other, I
can surely spot a cop, soldier, and spook a mile away.
Chermaine Fullinck and Capt Jay Gardner were both
military. In my old age, they were the only humans on
the UAF campus that muttered the highly respectful,
yet now obsolete phrase, "Yes sir." Ya see gents, you
all come from a culture of soldiers. God's children,
all of you.

Thesis dissertation and dissection; PBS Frontline
echoed this theory of culture-and-IQ, not the dumbass
skin color-IQ theory. Hold your anally correct
notions, most cultures are predominantly a
one-color-one-race structure, thus the examples
supporting race related humor.

Seems that intellectual development is dependent on
parents having educations, parents interacting with
their children, parents engaging in music, sports,
hobbies, and art, with their children, and most
important of all, parents involved with schoolwork.

Average black kid watches 6 hours of TV a day,
matching white kids performing at the same dumb level.
As grades climb, TV culture exposure disappears.

Takes a village to produce a sexual predator and drug
addict. The bush school program system poops out
sufficient volumes to support my assertions and
arguments, that is, for you boy's in this think tank.
Involved and caring parents are only necessary for
healthy kids, if you desire any.

Looking back at my Sara Magnum's development, I
dismiss my contributions. I am indebted to my own
parents. They raised that little Eskimo girl far
better than the Mrs. and I. As you likely detected
from the speech and manners of the author, Fred and
Lorraine are involved parents. 10 years they raised
that kid, thus eliminating all traces of her ancestry
from her behavior and speech. At second grade, she
tested 2 years behind Seattle brainkidlets, her other
skills were far worse.

Sylvan Learning Centers, private tutoring, private
music lessons, horseback riding lessons, all
contributing to dissolving the cultural retardation we
pump ice nigger kids full of up here north of 70 lat.
In the context of "nigger is as nigger does" we now
can see why health, wealth, and beauty are mutually

Did you know that public schools in millionaire
neighborhoods are equal to private schools in other
neighborhoods? Not so in poorer sectors. Something
odd about rich people, they value education. I was
simply dirt until I finished my MBA, mind you, I have
2 doctors for brothers, remaining highly educated sibs
are likely smarter than the author.

I wish I was born an Eskimo, then I would've said,
"Thanks God, now I don't have to go to college for 8
years!" Fucking hard work going to school, but not as
hard as being an involved parent, now that's the bitch
of the bunch. Far funner to go campus partying.

Now that our kids are either dead, pregnant or in
Texas, the Mrs. and I have been thinking about some
new challenges. Last chat with the Peace Corps
recruiter was flattering. Didn't know I was so
valuable, overseas and out of Alaska. I'll keep you
boys posted, to a point. Where I'm going, you can't

I'm feeling like I deserve another third world
assignment, but not as horrible than my last
unmentionable gig. The Peace Corps offered choices
all over the world, but only miserable shitholes.
Fuck, why leave Kotz and Barrow? They laughed at me
when I requested placement in Scandinavia.

We all desire to be involved in our own culture, I too
would like to return back to the pretty blond people
who appreciate intellectual prowess and cultural
mental health. Ya see, in Scandinavia, there aren't
any brown folk spitting on me, aren't any brown folks
at all. My wife will just have to suffer the
consequences of being loved by interested

Remember, Eskimos are only fascinating, far away from

I'm looking forward to trading this litter of FAS
Eskimo kidlets for truly needy people that appreciate
a whole and functioning brain. The issues here are
out of my control, it'll take some serious cultural
changes at the individual native level, and also at
the corrupt corporate native level. Say, another
10,000 years?

My wife jokes about all those "save the Native
white folks." "They're so stupid, this is exactly
where Eskimos want to be." No more hard work or
hunting, with lots of time to drink and kill.

Killing time ain't murder, it's suicide.

Keep reading, this attached article will piss you off,
but not as bad as the Westlake shooter. He's a true
believer that we can equalize academic test scores
across all of Alaska's children. As in elevating the
low performers. If we're really talking about
lowering the highest scorers, down to earth so to
speak, to the indigenous level, I ain't interested.

The Mrs. lectures that I'm also a Native, a Nordic
Native. Sammi and Makki folks are deeply involved
with their children's education, thus explains the
irritating, yet offensive thought triggering

I stink, therefore, I am.



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