Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nazi Nightmares

Top of the morning gents,

Lesson: Don't stay awake late at night and watch the PBS Broadcast "Inside the Nazi Machine."

Trust me, even hardened coppers like you chaps will have shit ass nightmares, including this tall felon.

No shit, the emotional impact ain't the same as warfare, police state tactics, or even gun battles with felonious bank robbers. Harmless Jewish moms, dads, and children don't and never will pose a threat to this Finn. Stomping on a defenseless foe don't sit right with me.

I have the same feelings with our War on Drugs; a war against fellow Americans, including our dude, Willie Nelson.

Most of the PBS documentary program consisted of old black and white footage of rounding up and transporting Jews from most of Europe. France, Italy, Spain, and maybe a few others assisted the Nazis in the identification, extraction, and transport of their respective Hebrew citizenry.

Don't that suck.

I don't need to beat up on these complicit governments, I'm pretty sure they're plenty aware and painfully wincing at their poorly camouflaged assistance.

I will give a high five and a loud 'hooah!' for Denmark, and her sister countries of Scandinavia though. They all covertly acted as points of destination for fleeing and smuggled Jews, and also safe harbors.

Weird huh?

I still don't understand why the cook at the old KPD Jail, Ralston called me a 'Scandinavian Jew'. His justifications are likely due to zero education, zero IQ, and lust for truly awful smelling pussy.

See the vastly differing views dumb asses have of me?

Here's the part that tore me a new asshole; the intentional targeting, separation, and experimentation on Jewish children.

Egads, I didn't feel so tough anymore.

You've all put up with my varied techniques of stressing, testing, and upsetting all you lads, but the issue that I refuse to quit stomping all over is our state's rural and horrid treatment of babies.

From recently de-classified (super secret) documents and film footage from Russian archives, I watched Nazis forcibly pull babies from their horrified mothers and then swing these infants by their legs bashing their skulls against the edge of the lorries and skips (trucks and dumpsters) they were loading.

You know that feeling you're a blubbering pussy? Me too. I fucking ain't that tough and sure wanted to wake the Mrs. but she'd only weep along side me.

The worst segment of this Nazi documentary was the intentional infection and injury of twin infants. One child is the control subject, the other is the test subject; as in tested and mutilated.

When the test subject dies of its viral/bacterial and injurious experiments, the healthy twin is killed and both are autopsied simultaneously. Sick fucks huh? The documentary quickly pointed out that Joseph Mengele was only one of a whole team of researchers. Some we snatched and hired here on American soil.

After the Allied Invasion, all Nazi research (and researchers) was quickly snatched up by both Russians and Americans. This research became the stepping-stones for our modern germ warfare, nuclear weaponry, and our current jet engines. The German ME 262 is identical to the engines you see out the window on yer Alaska Airlines jets. Weird huh?

All my drinking and inherently violent pals are pumping out babies. Every one of my neighbors are spewing out parasites possessing similar, yet recombinant De-Oxy Ribo-Nucleic Acid molecules.

Welfare reproduction at it's best, humanity at its worse.

Some versions of child exploitation I see in old archival footage, some forms I see up and down my street. Other versions previously existed throughout Southeast Asia, which was the magnet for my former partner in crime, Logan. No shit, he had a real hard on for little girl, and little boy butt pussy.

To quote a handsome Buddhist Monk, "Thank God for Tsunamis." Make sense?

Tell me to shut up. I'm rambling and flailing about, again.

Exploitation of children has many forms.

Don't believe me?

Just ask Westlake or Octuck, those blessed angels are far tougher than the rest of you pussies.

Me too.

Sorry for the incoherent, yet miscellaneous ramblings.

Nightmares will do this to you.



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