Sunday, February 06, 2005

Native Children + Booze = Abuse

Top of the morning gents,

I'm declining from any election reverie, I can't
engage in simplistic or subtle racism, overt abuse of
any color o' scummer is my familiar yet refreshing
style. In this election you'll have to decide which
asshole will fuck ya least. See, ya gotta make the
choice of the evil of two lessers.

*Two articles that'll surely piss you off: An Alaskan
boy fucks and croaks his cruel stepmom (you go dude)
and the simmering European issue of spanking children,
which is weird, I spanked lots of fully grown European
women, no British children though.

Reminds me of a quote, "Never base your decisions on
extreme examples."

Or rather, "The exception proves the rule." Sure we
can spew upsetting examples of extreme behavior, but
the phenomenal outliers provide little explanatory or
predictive power.

I'm intrigued by these two news clippings because I see
one as the chicken, the other the egg. Simpler, I see
cause and effect.

In my last chats with the 6Killer and Octuck, they
said something rather illuminating. Instead of
following ICWA (Indun Chitlen Welfare Act) we can
sidestep this brown skin clap trap and simply take the
kids until the parents sober up, which statistically;
ain't happening.

Since the parents have to pay for air travel, lodging,
and food during their mandatory AA meetings, in-house
treatment, and outhouse treatments (like that?) while
in Fairbanks attending child custody meetings.
Practical outcome; the kids are permanently goner

You think precivilization alcoholic indigents will
make all their appointments, meetings, and testing and
evaluations in Fairbanks with legal beer (piva), wine
(vino), and champagne (champenskoya) flowing and
bubbling? Me too. Doubt it.

A few may succeed against overwhelming odds, hence why
the exception proves the rule. But most won't,
leaving roughly 1000 new kids every year needing cruel
white trash foster parenting and it's associated

Ya see? I sling racist shit on all color o' niggers,
white trash divorced dike cunts are my favorite
target; goddamned pear shaped loser bitches. Sure
hate to have them as my bosses. My hat is off to Dean
and Patrick, tough jobs, shitty coworkers, fuck.

In a previous essay I quoted a faulty statistic from
the Anchorage Daily News Moron (or was that the
Fairbanks Daily News Minus?) stating that roughly 5000
native kidlets are in foster care with the hopes of
adoption nil. The results of ICWA are simple,
permanent shit foster care, not permanent loving
families. At the rate of 1000 kids added to these
prison farms, we're in for a shit load more crime.

We can incarcerate little darkies, but we can't adopt
'em out. What kind of fix does this provide for?

I won't suggest any solutions, cuz their ain't any.

I wish I could sober up our indigenous brethren and
stop the beatings and fucking of Alaskan boys and
girls but I've got 10,000 years of momentum pushing my
intellectual discourse towards doubt, disbelief, and
painful acceptance of an inescapable truth. As long
as Siberian descendants lack the properly equipped
livers, booze will be our plague.

Don't feel bad, cocaine put more black folks in prison
than the total number of natives in the entire
country. But I still chuckle at the wisdom of my
Eskimo Mrs. "Darkies and drinks shall never mix."

If all these issues, problems and disasters would go
away if natives ceased all alcohol consumption, we'd
be cool. If you think that's gonna happen, yer ass
will be soon fuller of sperm than you're comfortable

So, I have to accept some basic facts, native sobriety
ain't happening, so the foster care industry and the
huge state office of OCS thugs and goons will forever
be employed. I guess that's acceptable, if I didn't
truly love the obsolete culture I married into.

Tears a man apart, but I ain't from this territory,
and I'll likely not die here either.

The Mrs. wizens me with kind words like "Aboriginal
cultures are ill suited for the next step in history."

"With space flight, Nano-tech micro machines that
remove daily build up of artery plaque and smoke soot
from your lungs, and our inevitable meeting with other
life forms that could care less how we masticate,
eliminate, or fornicate."

Village style dudes, bring the kids in.

You boys in blue fully understand and appreciate
what's meant by our dearly departed Jan Shackle's
Emergency Room humor, my Grandfather's lynch mob humor
(also called Gallows Humor). Grim, rough, and only
appreciated by those possessing tougher hearts, due to
the unbreakable yet elastic qualities of scar tissue.

Mind yer manners, listen to your parents, and I won't
have to fly out there and whoop yer chubby uniformed


You coppers have a good day.

Go vote and whisper a prayer of thanks all our village
communities were purchased by the United States.

If you want to see what Alaska would be like under
continued Russian rule, climb out of yer shithole
village and visit the poor Eskimos across the Bering

No electricity, no fuel oil, nothing. And that's for
the larger communities in the Russian Far East. Nice
places to visit. Very Inupiaq, very dismal and poor.

Been there, done crimes. Almost died.

Live there?

Fuck you,



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